[eBook] Expanding your Patient Base without Breaking the Bank

By Swapnil Minz on Mar 27, 2020 6:11:09 PM

According to “National Health Expenditure”, spending growth of hospitals is projected to accelerate to 5.7% per year on average over 2020-27 due to increase in spending growth of all payers (and medicare in particular). Also contributing to faster growth over 2020-27 is somewhat higher price growth arising from expected increases in wage growth and tighter labour markets for healthcare professionals.

Topics: Healthcare
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Why Ruby on Rails is a Preferred Choice for Software Development?

By Archna Oberoi on Mar 25, 2020 4:49:23 PM

In the fast-paced and extremely demanding software development world, frameworks are like a magic bullet for the developers. They help in improving developer’s efficiency, reduce time-to-market, and improve application scalability. One such proficient framework is Rails, based on Ruby.

Topics: Open Source
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The Rise of Telemedicine Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

By Archna Oberoi on Mar 24, 2020 6:30:00 PM

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases spikes, several countries have found lockdown as a solution to control this pandemic. As hundreds and thousands of people stay at home following this emergency protocol to prevent COVID-19 spread, they are avoiding visits to medical clinics or in-person physician consultation for acute illness.

Topics: Healthcare
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7 Industries most Affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19)

By Archna Oberoi on Mar 18, 2020 5:44:29 PM

The coronavirus outbreak, which originated in China, has infected tens of thousands of people globally. With over 153,648 confirmed cases across 146 countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) has officially declared it a pandemic. (Source)

Topics: Healthcare
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How to Avoid Duplicate API Requests?

By Team Daffodil on Mar 17, 2020 5:43:00 PM

Duplicate API requests are common and if dealt wisely,  can help developers in creating a seamless user experience. In a scalable application, duplicate API requests can be problematic to the resources on a server, can affect the cost, and can interrupt performance.

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Why Nodejs is the Right Choice for Enterprise Organizations?

By Archna Oberoi on Mar 11, 2020 6:11:39 PM

Scalability, security, flexibility, and speed are some of the catchwords for enterprises today. When we specifically talk about application development, javascript has proven to be the most versatile technology. Tools, frameworks, and libraries built on this technology are gaining ground amongst the developers  for several reasons.

Topics: Open Source
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Understanding Machine Learning (ML) Models and their Training Methods

By Archna Oberoi on Mar 4, 2020 4:50:27 PM

Learning is an extensive process, involving several aspects to it. Development of cognitive skills, acquisition of new declarative knowledge, discovering new facts & theories from experimentation are some of the common and significant aspects of learning.

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7 Application Areas of Python Programming Language

By Archna Oberoi on Feb 26, 2020 6:30:46 PM

Python is the most versatile programming language amongst developers today. Since Python is reliable and easy to maintain, it becomes the go-to language for software engineers, data scientists, automation engineers, game developers, etc.

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5 Ways AI can Transform Fintech Industry

By Archna Oberoi on Feb 25, 2020 6:16:00 PM

Fintech is one of the fastest-growing industries, owing to the rising penetration of internet users. There is a paradigm shift to mobile devices for performing financial transactions and related actions. 

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5 Technology Trends Transforming the Public Sector

By Archna Oberoi on Feb 19, 2020 5:36:06 PM

Technology is the key component to optimize and transform public services today. Government & public sector CIOs are using modern technologies to digitally transform the way public goods and services are rendered, maintained, and improved.

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Top 10 Applications Built using Python

By Archna Oberoi on Feb 18, 2020 2:36:04 PM

Python has evolved as one of the most versatile programming languages. Introduced in the year 1991, it has become one of the favourite programming languages for developers, startups, and some of the giant  tech brands for several reasons. There are thousands of applications built using this server-side programming language.

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5 Reasons to Choose Flutter for Mobile App Development

By Archna Oberoi on Feb 11, 2020 6:30:00 PM

The mobile app development world is fast-paced, competitive, and time-driven. The developers’ community is on a constant lookout for new tools, frameworks, and libraries that can help them keep up with ever-growing, agile business requirements.

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Top 10 Python IDEs for Software Development

By Archna Oberoi on Feb 5, 2020 6:49:07 PM

Python is one of the most wanted programming languages by developers worldwide. The popularity of this high-level programming language can be estimated from the fact that over 155,543 websites online are built using Python, with 89,952 unique domains. | Similar Tech

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Intelligent Automation in Healthcare: Applications and Benefits

By Archna Oberoi on Feb 5, 2020 4:22:49 PM

The healthcare industry has a great partnership with modern-age technologies to work around some of the common yet the biggest challenges of the care delivery system. Optimizing the supply chain, managing massive volumes of patient-related data, enhancing patient experience, ensuring data security, managing system integration, communication, & data sharing, etc. are a few of them.
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How to Materialize your App Idea?

By Archna Oberoi on Jan 29, 2020 6:38:18 PM

There are currently over 2.7 billion smartphone users globally, and 90% of mobile time is spent on apps.  Amongst the 4+ million apps that are already uploaded on the app store and play store, there are only a few that receive exceptional downloads, have a great user retention and engagement rate. 

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Why should your Healthcare Organization have a Patient Engagement Software?

By Archna Oberoi on Jan 29, 2020 6:37:46 PM

7% of Google’s daily searches are health-related, equivalent to 70,000 searches every minute. People are asking us questions about conditions, medication, symptoms, and insurance, confirms David Feinberg (VP, Google Health). 

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Frontend Monitoring: Why it is an Inevitable Part of Software Development?

By Archna Oberoi on Jan 22, 2020 6:40:54 PM

Constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation by a surgeon. -Dag Hammarskjold 

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Accessibility Design: 4 Principles to Design Mobile Apps for the Visually Impaired

By Archna Oberoi on Jan 15, 2020 6:28:46 PM

We usually come across websites and apps that have a poor usability quotient. This is acknowledged through gaps in the UI/UX, such as font size, improper navigation, lightening or color contrast issues, incompatibility with a certain user agent, etc.

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Daffodil Software Debuts as an Emerging - Niche Player in Zinnov Zones ER&D 2019 Ratings

By Archna Oberoi on Jan 8, 2020 5:14:50 PM

Gurgaon, 8th January 2020: Daffodil Software, a leading software services company, today announced that they have been positioned as an ‘Emerging Niche Player’ in the Zinnov Zones for ER&D 2019 ratings. 

Topics: Newsroom
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5 Reasons for Patients No-Show and How to Avoid It?

By Archna Oberoi on Jan 6, 2020 5:10:00 PM

Patients with scheduled clinical appointments, who do not show-up, harms the clinical workflow, patient care system, and cost-effective care delivery. Studies suggest that 1 out of every 5 appointments are a no-show.

Topics: Healthcare
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Agile Project Management: How to Write Epic User Stories?

By Archna Oberoi on Jan 1, 2020 8:52:28 AM

Planning is an indispensable part of any project management. When following the Agile methodology to manage a project, there are a number of approaches that can help a team to plan the development cycle and ‘User Stories’ are one of them.

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Top 10 Agile and DevOps Thought Leaders to Follow

By Archna Oberoi on Dec 25, 2019 5:47:25 PM

The market demand for custom application development has grown five times faster than the internal IT organization’s capacity to deliver them. There is a continuous struggle to stay proactive against competitive pressure, resulting in a development cycle that is more tactical than strategic.

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MVP vs Prototype Vs PoC: What’s the Best Approach to Measure Product/Market Fit?

By Archna Oberoi on Dec 24, 2019 5:41:00 PM

The number one problem that I’ve seen for startups is that they don’t have product/market fit when they think they have.” Alex Schultz, VP Growth| Facebook

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10 Books Every Tech Leader Should Read

By Archna Oberoi on Dec 18, 2019 6:29:27 PM

Books and their inexhaustible wisdom is no more limited to startups, students, or newbies in the industry. Bill Gates reportedly reads 50 books a year. Mark Zuckerberg reads a new book every two weeks and has a book club named ‘A Year of Books’

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Vision AI: What is it and Why does it Matter?

By Archna Oberoi on Dec 17, 2019 6:28:00 PM

Vision AI (also known as Computer Vision) is a field of computer science that trains computers to replicate the human vision system. This enables digital devices (like face detectors, QR Code Scanners) to identify and process objects in images and videos, just like humans do. 

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What is Application Portfolio Rationalization?

By Archna Oberoi on Dec 11, 2019 5:54:07 PM

Enterprise software takes up a large part of IT budgets. With organizations aggressively investing in digital initiatives, there is a wide range of dissimilar and disconnected applications that have become a part of their portfolio. In response, CIOs are putting in continuous efforts to rebalance their technology portfolio, prioritizing their investments in the most efficient and much-needed software applications. 

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Best Practices to Streamline eCommerce Store for Holiday Shopping Season

By Archna Oberoi on Dec 10, 2019 6:00:00 PM

The holiday season is around the corner and e-retailers, like every year, are geared up for more customers and conversions. While deals and discounts have been the most influencing reasons behind holiday purchases, they are not enough to convince the customers anymore. 

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Digital Transformation Trends Shaping 2020

By Archna Oberoi on Dec 4, 2019 8:30:18 AM

Digital transformation is the watchword for CIOs aiming to reimage their business in the digital world. It uses the best of technology to resolve business challenges and deliver to market requirements. That is why IT decision-makers keep themselves abreast of the latest technologies that can give a boost to their business processes, irrespective of the industry. 

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Best Practices for Cloud Cost Optimization

By Archna Oberoi on Nov 27, 2019 5:19:14 PM

Cloud infrastructure is one of the sought after approaches for managing CapEx and OpEx costs for businesses at the initial stage. But, as the business expands, the cloud services inflates in number as well. More the services, the more would be the cost to the provider. Amidst this, how can companies ensure that their cloud infrastructure proves cost-effective along with performance-oriented? The answer is by optimizing the cloud infrastructure for cost. 

Topics: DevOps
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3 Critical Approaches To Software Modernization

By Archna Oberoi on Nov 26, 2019 9:26:00 AM

When legacy systems hold back the business growth, IT teams race to modernize the existing solutions, thereby creating new business value out of them. The process involves technical or functional improvements, which may range anywhere between rewriting code, migration to a different platform, changing the architecture, or even replacing the entire system with a newer one.

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RPA Journey : 4 Stages to Successful RPA Implementation

By Kartik Kakar on Nov 20, 2019 6:17:43 PM

Quite similar to the software development cycle, robotic process automation (RPA) is a strategic approach to automation. It requires thorough planning, defining timelines, managing resources, understanding compliances, and a lot more. That is why, RPA is considered as a journey, which comprises of 4 major steps for its successful implementation. 

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Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) vs DevOps: What’s the Difference?

By Archna Oberoi on Nov 19, 2019 6:30:00 PM

Software Reliability Engineering and DevOps are two sought after disciplines, trying to maintain a balance between the software engineering and operations team. Since both approaches seem to sort similar problems, there is confusion if they are similar or can be used interchangeably. 

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The Rise of Voice User Interface (VUI)

By Archna Oberoi on Nov 13, 2019 5:46:52 PM

“Okay, Google! Book me a taxi from my place to Oxford street.” “Alexa, Order a large Veg Exotica from Nick’s Pizza.”

In the voice-first era, performing a web search, ordering food, playing music, setting alarms, getting real-time traffic updates doesn’t require tapping the screen. Thanks to the Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) that are offering intuitive modes to set human-machine communication. 

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Understanding Software Containers and their Orchestration

By Archna Oberoi on Nov 6, 2019 6:16:25 PM

The modern approach to software development needs more focus on application than infrastructure. This has lead to the introduction of new technologies and platforms that can help in the auto-management of infrastructure. One of the popular approaches that has gained grounds in this concern is software containers. 

Topics: DevOps
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How Retailers Can Improve Customer Engagement and Conversions with Beacons?

By Kartik Kakar on Nov 5, 2019 5:30:00 PM

Location is the next big thing on mobile. Walmart, McDonald’s, Macy, Red Bull, Eat, Urban Outfitters, and many other successful brands are realizing the opportunities that location-based marketing brings in and are cash in on it.

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The History and Evolution of Chatbots

By Archna Oberoi on Oct 30, 2019 6:09:23 PM

Growing up, sci-fi movies always fascinated me. Remember the distress message from Princess Leia, in the form of a 3D hologram in Star Wars. Or the video calling scene from the movie Thunderbirds. By far one of my favourites is the character, J.A.R.V.I.S. an AI (Artificial Intelligence) from Iron Man, which also resembles the innovation of chatbots in today's time. Sci-fi has been the inspiration behind many such innovations.

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4 Interesting Ways Digital Transformation can Impact Businesses

By Archna Oberoi on Oct 23, 2019 6:39:52 PM

It is not the strongest of the businesses that survive, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Believing in this theory of evolution, businesses are leveraging digitization, transforming the way legacy systems and operations are managed. 

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The Importance of Choosing a Good Software Architecture

By Archna Oberoi on Oct 22, 2019 5:30:00 PM

Building a software application is a complex process, comprising of a number of elements of which coding is just a small part. In general, a software engineering cycle looks something like this: 

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How Insurance Companies are Simplifying Claim Processing Using RPA

By Archna Oberoi on Oct 15, 2019 6:00:00 PM

The insurance industry is overwhelmed with tedious clerical tasks that adversely impact routine operations, such as claim processing, underwriting, policy servicing, etc. As a result, there are delays, inaccuracies, and backlog, which needs to be settled timely, without violating the business regulations. 

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SAFe vs LeSS vs DaD: Comparing the Three Frameworks to Scale Agile

By Archna Oberoi on Oct 9, 2019 6:16:00 PM

Software development methodologies have come a long way. From Spiral to Waterfall to Agile, there is a significant shift in team roles, ceremonies, planning, and delivery activities. 

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Hybrid vs Multi-Cloud: Which one does your Business Need?

By Daffodil Software on Oct 8, 2019 5:15:00 PM

With cloud becoming the buzzword of the IT industry, a number of strategies are being introduced to help businesses make the most of it. Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud are two cloud architectures that offer flexibility to avail benefits of cloud computing. 

Topics: DevOps
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Wi-Fi vs RFID vs GPS vs Beacon: Which Location-Based Service to Choose?

By Archna Oberoi on Oct 2, 2019 1:07:38 PM

Virtual reality devices, AI assistants, multi-lingual translators, wearables, location-based services. A decade back, these technologies were something out of a sci-fi movie. But today, they are a reality and businesses are making the most of it to offer exceptional experiences to customers. 

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Whatsapp Chatbot: 5 Ways it is Transforming Business Communication

By Archna Oberoi on Sep 25, 2019 6:36:16 PM

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging platforms with 1.6 billion active users monthly. Extending its real-time communication services to the next level, Whatsapp is enabling businesses to have seamless, secure interaction with customers.

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How to Optimize an eCommerce Store for Peak Usage?

By Kartik Kakar on Sep 24, 2019 5:27:00 PM

Amazon, IKEA, AliExpress, Wish, Walmart, Letgo, Groupon. These eCommerce platforms might differ by their product type but they all have something in common- the challenges in developing and then maintaining a scalable platform. 

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Chatbot Development: 5 Essential Elements of a Business Chatbot

By Archna Oberoi on Sep 18, 2019 6:05:16 PM

Chatbots are one of the most versatile tools that businesses (irrespective of the industry) are using. They are enhancing customer support & services, process transactions, place orders, recommend new products, provide price alerts, share insightful information, book appointments, and more. 

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Data Lake vs Data Warehouse: Fundamental Differences

By Archna Oberoi on Sep 17, 2019 6:30:00 PM

In the age of digitization, data has become the real driver of businesses. The data, collected from different sources is turned into information and further into an insight that helps businesses to thrive. But, as the data flows through multiple sources, it is difficult for the traditional, relational database to handle it. 

Topics: DevOps
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10 Evolving Trends in Software Development

By Archna Oberoi on Sep 11, 2019 6:14:40 PM

GrubHub, AirBnB, Uber, Spotify, Zillow, Doordash. These are a few examples of successful businesses that have one thing in common- a creative software application. Today, it is hard to think of a business that goes without a software application. That is why, software development is a billion-dollar market, projected to reach $507B by 2020. 

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eCommerce360: Disruptive Tech Solutions for eCommerce Business to Thrive

By Kartik Kakar on Sep 10, 2019 5:47:00 PM

Running an eCommerce store is difficult. With new products, apps, and websites launching now & then, it is challenging for business owners to keep up with the market competition. Amidst, what can help to stay ahead of the others is a customer with brand loyalty. But winning such a customer is the real pain of marketers.

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Benefits of Using Cloud with DevOps Services

By Archna Oberoi on Sep 4, 2019 6:41:15 PM

Digital transformation is the catchword these days. Amid the rising competition and market demand, it is critical for businesses to maintain agility. Thus, there is a shift from on-premises infrastructure to cloud for optimizing operational cost, build scalable solutions, improve disaster recovery & high availability, follow compliances, and more. 

Topics: DevOps
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Micro Frontends: The Microservices Approach to Web App Development

By Archna Oberoi on Sep 3, 2019 5:04:00 PM

The microservices architecture is gaining traction for breaking down the limitations of monolithic backends. Fault isolation, technology independence, continuous development & deployment, easy scaling are some of the significant benefits that microservices brings in. 

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What is Edge Computing? Understanding its Benefits and Challenges

By Kartik Kakar on Aug 28, 2019 6:42:15 PM

The total installed base of the Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices is over 6 billion in the year 2019. With so many connected devices existing already, it's becoming a challenge to process an enormous amount of data generated by these devices. 

Topics: DevOps
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Robotic Process Automation: 5 Use Cases for the Healthcare Industry

By Archna Oberoi on Aug 27, 2019 6:50:00 PM

The healthcare industry is adopting technology for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are some of the technologies that are making waves in the health-IT sector, enabling stakeholders to refine the quality of health.

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Understanding CI/CD Pipeline in DevOps

By Kartik Kakar on Aug 21, 2019 5:29:08 PM

DevOps is a buzzword in the software development industry. There is increased adoption of DevOps culture for simplifying and automating the SDLC cycle. 

While DevOps practices are applicable at each stage of software development, continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) are considered as the crux of it. These practices enable the development and operations team to coordinate, ensuring that frequent product releases and changes are committed to the production.

Topics: DevOps
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Multilingual Chat: Overcome Language Barriers for a Hassle Free Customer Support

By Archna Oberoi on Aug 20, 2019 5:41:00 PM

We see our customers as invited guests to the party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” - Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

Whether a startup or a fortune 500 company like Amazon, businesses understand that customers and their satisfaction is the prime contributors to their success. That is why, businesses are investing in customer service that’s quick, interactive, and responsive.

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Benefits of Software Development with Serverless Architecture

By Kartik Kakar on Aug 13, 2019 5:01:00 PM

Modern software development involves a lot of complexities. Thus, programmers are burdened with performance, security, user privacy, scalability concerns and are in need of an approach that can help them focus on applications than infrastructure. 

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SaaS vs PaaS vs IaaS: Overview and Comparison

By Kartik Kakar on Aug 7, 2019 6:48:18 PM

In 2019, the public cloud services market was expected to reach around 214.3 billion U.S. dollars in size and by 2022 market revenue was forecast to exceed 331.2 billion U.S. dollars. | Statista

Public cloud services are gaining a lot of traction. Startups, SMEs, and enterprises are recognizing the benefits of cloud and thus, are migrating to the most relevant service provider to improve ROI, efficiency, and time-to-market.

Topics: DevOps
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Why Does Your Business Need to Adopt Multi-Cloud Strategy?

By Archna Oberoi on Aug 6, 2019 4:00:00 PM

In a survey conducted by 451 Research, 69% of the respondents said that they are planning to have a multi-cloud environment by 2019; highlighting that multi-cloud and hybrid is the future of IT.

“A multi-cloud strategy involves the use of two or more cloud computing services, such as AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. On the other hand, a multi-cloud deployment refers to the implementation of multiple SaaS or PaaS offerings for an application, offered by different cloud computing service.”

Topics: DevOps
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Technical Debt: How to make your Digital Business Free from it?

By Archna Oberoi on Jul 31, 2019 5:42:19 PM

Requirement gathering, design, development, testing, deployment, maintainenece. While an ideal software development process looks something like this, it is not the same in the real world. A development team encounters a number of roadblocks and technical debt is one amongst them. 

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Legacy System Modernization: Getting Ready to Embrace the Digital Future [eBook]

By Kartik Kakar on Jul 30, 2019 12:27:18 PM

At times, legacy systems can become a burden than a benefit for businesses. With the advent of new technologies and methodologies, legacy systems are narrowing the road to digital transformation.  

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Top 5 HealthIT Catalysts: Healthcare Industry Trends to Watch in 2019

By Archna Oberoi on Jul 24, 2019 5:19:44 PM

The digital health market is expected to reach 206 billion U.S. dollars by 2020, driven particularly by the mobile and wireless health market. | Statista

The digital care platforms are taking over the healthcare sector and the investments in it manifest its growth rate. Moreover, consumers are embracing digital health systems, giving better opportunities to providers for care delivery.

Topics: Healthcare
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Understanding AIOps and its Benefits for IT Operations

By Archna Oberoi on Jul 17, 2019 5:20:40 PM

The IT Operations team capture, analyze, and act upon large volumes of data. To prevent, identify, and resolve the high-severity outages associated with this data, businesses these days are turning to Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps). 

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What is Headless Content Management System (CMS)?

By Archna Oberoi on Jul 16, 2019 11:08:45 PM

The ever-growing array of digital channels has made it imperative for businesses to create omnichannel experiences for their customers. To reach out to a larger customer base, delivering content across multiple channels, such as a web page, mobile app, IoT devices, and even AR, VR devices has become critical. 

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3 Must- Haves in a Successful Software Developer

By Archna Oberoi on Jul 10, 2019 6:48:50 PM

Software is a great combination of artistry and engineering. Thus, when hiring a software developer, it is important to look for traits that are a blend of technical proficiency and creativity. 

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How Internet of Things (IoT) can make your Business Thrive

By Archna Oberoi on Jul 10, 2019 2:15:56 PM

Digital twins, activity trackers, connected contact lenses, smart locks, home automation, smart grids. Every then and now, we hear about innovative applications of the Internet of Things. The technology, which uses the internet to connect digital devices and send/receive data between them is making waves in every industry for the commendable potential it has.

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Robotic Process Automation: 5 Parameters to Choose the Right Process to Automate

By Kartik Kakar on Jul 3, 2019 6:43:45 PM

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is making waves for introducing significant improvements in tasks, operations, and processes. While RPA technology brings tons of benefits for the businesses to improve efficiency and ROI, it is important to realize its best use cases to make the most out of it. For example, RPA can be used to automate a number of business operations but which activity to start with and how to proceed is critical when defining RPA roadmap. 

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5 DevOps Trends that you can Count On in 2019 and Beyond

By Archna Oberoi on Jul 2, 2019 5:45:00 PM

The DevOps culture is gaining ground in the software development industry. The global DevOps market is projected to reach $9.41 billion by 2023, registering a CAGR of 18.7% from 2017 to 2023. | Allied Market Research

Topics: DevOps
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Libra Cryptocurrency by Facebook: Just a Hype or a New Hope

By Archna Oberoi on Jun 26, 2019 6:36:31 PM

“A typical cross-border payment takes three-four days to complete.”

“On average, it costs 7% to send money internationally.” 

“85% of global transactions use cash and U.S. retail businesses lose about $40 billion annually due to the theft of cash.”

Topics: Blockchain
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Shoppable Videos: Turn Your Video Content into Point-of-Sale [Webinar]

By Archna Oberoi on Jun 25, 2019 5:08:00 PM

Online shoppers who view demo videos are 2x more likely to purchase a product. Videos are certainly one of the most sellable contents online and marketers are making the most of it. 

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How Voice-Enabled Solutions are Amplifying the Customer Experience

By Archna Oberoi on Jun 19, 2019 5:38:21 PM

The digital voice assistant market is projected to experience continued expansion in the coming years, with the number of voice assistants in use increasing from 3.25 billion in 2019 to around 8 billion by 2023.

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Chatbots in Healthcare: Disrupting the Care Delivery System

By Archna Oberoi on Jun 17, 2019 4:52:10 PM

Chatbots have been the most followed trend. These mini software programs that mimic human conversation are appreciated for sorting a number of tasks for businesses and as well as their customers. That is why it is predicted that by 2020, 25% of the customer service operations will be managed by virtual customer assistants, such as chatbots.

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Tips to Create an Efficient Content Marketing Strategy for eCommerce

By Kunwar Jolly on Jun 12, 2019 6:09:35 PM

Running an e-commerce store means competing with hundreds of existing online marketplaces out there. No matter how great your product is, getting traffic, leads, and conversion is tough initially.

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Custom Software Development: Why Businesses Should Build Their Own Solution?

By Archna Oberoi on Jun 10, 2019 10:45:33 AM

In the age of digitization, there is hardly a business that goes without having a software application. Be it for supply chain management, handling operations, administration, analytics, or customer satisfaction- there is software for almost every chore within a business.

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Robotic Process Automation: Introduction, Benefits, and Applications

By Archna Oberoi on Jun 5, 2019 6:23:49 PM

Robotic Process Automation market is expected to have a revenue of $1.5 billion worldwide in 2019. Forecasts predict continued growth in the coming years with the market value set to reach three billion by 2022. - Statista

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Offshore Outsourcing for Software Development: 3 ODC Models for Maximum ROI

By Kartik Kakar on Jun 4, 2019 6:31:00 PM

Businesses swear by the benefits of outsourcing. While the idea of hiring talent, borrowing skills, and improving efficiency has been there for long, businesses can now utilize the concept for maximum productivity and ROI. Thanks to the innovative ODC models that exist!

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Rapid Mobile App Development using Reusable, Component-Based Architecture

By Archna Oberoi on May 29, 2019 6:11:03 PM

By 2021, the market demand for app development will grow at least 5 times faster than IT capacity to deliver it, predicts Gartner. In the first quarter of 2019, app stores host around 3+ million mobile apps. This number continues to rise and consequently, programming communities look out for new modes to cope up with the mushrooming requirement to build mobile apps.

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On-Premise to AWS Migration: Know Why and How to do it?

By Archna Oberoi on May 28, 2019 7:30:00 PM

Cloud is rapidly overtaking the traditional IT infrastructure. For scalability, security, and cost-effective solutions, enterprises swear by cloud computing and are opting for cloud migration to avail the endless benefits that it brings in. In fact, studies suggest that the global cloud migration market is expected to grow from $1961.44 million in 2016 to USD 8678.73 million by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 23.67%.

Topics: DevOps
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[Whitepaper] The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up an Offshore Development Center with a Stellar ROI

By Kunwar Jolly on May 22, 2019 5:38:14 PM

In 2018, the global market size of outsourcing information technology accounted for $85.6 billion. It is generally engaged in offering software development and IT solutions. However, the services may vary depending upon the dynamic business requirements. - according to Statista

Topics: Outsourcing
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How IoT can Improve Transportation and Logistics Industry

By Archna Oberoi on May 21, 2019 3:50:00 PM

Smart homes, wearables, driverless cars, drones, smart shelves, air casting - IoT use cases are smart and futuristic. With so many possibilities and opportunities that IoT bring along, businesses, irrespective of their industry are making the most of this versatile technology. Transportation & logistics is one of them.

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The Phygital Wave in Retail: Benefits and Challenges Involved

By Kunwar Jolly on May 15, 2019 6:39:01 PM

Amazon Books is a chain of retail bookstores, owned by Amazon. In 2018, Amazon Books had a total of 17 stores, with plans to expand to more locations. The eCommerce giant has a strong presence online but it has its physical presence for books. The one in NYC is 4,000 square feet with 3000 books on the shelves. Seems like Amazon wants to have the best of both worlds- physical and digital.

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Introducing DevOps Monitoring and its 6 Significant Components

By Archna Oberoi on May 14, 2019 7:12:00 PM

In a time-to-market oriented business, DevOps with its open and Agile attitude help organizations to deliver business value quicker, adapt to change easier and overcome IT complexity with collaboration and automation.

Topics: DevOps
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Why your Enterprise Needs an Asset Management Software?

By Archna Oberoi on May 8, 2019 5:33:01 PM

Retail stores, pharmacies, warehouse & distribution centers, hospitals, mobile & IT asset management companies spare no effort in managing their assets. Tracking physical assets and updating their details manually into the database can be tedious. To deal with this asset management trouble, organizations are opting for Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) solutions.

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3 Ways an eCommerce Chatbot can Improve Sales and Customer Service

By Archna Oberoi on May 1, 2019 6:02:29 PM

Just like a watch, which is powered by numerous gears working together to show time, such is the success behind an eCommerce platform. Various vital services such as customer care, payments, tech support, logistics, marketing, etc. working simultaneously in sync builds up to the success of that eCommerce platform. 

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What is Serverless Microservices ?

By Kartik Kakar on Apr 30, 2019 5:59:00 PM

Microservices and Serverless architecture has been gaining a lot of traction in the recent past. While Microservices ensure fault isolation, continuous development & deployment, and manages codebase seamlessly; Serverless architecture takes care of infra, server, and cost optimization.

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7 Effective Approaches to Legacy Software Modernization

By Archna Oberoi on Apr 24, 2019 4:58:00 PM

Despite Windows XP being the most stable Operating System, 49.9% of all PCs running Windows have Win 10 today. And the fact is, current computers are more capable and user-friendly, as compared to those running on decade old legacy OS by Microsoft.

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7 Interesting Use Cases of Voice Assistants in Healthcare

By Archna Oberoi on Apr 22, 2019 1:30:53 PM

The smart speaker market continues to grow, with global shipments tripling from 3.9 million units. These speakers, integrated with virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana is enabling users to perform tasks like checking the weather, asking to turn off the lights or play favorite music, set reminders, and a lot more with voice instructions.

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What is Regression Testing and How to Automate it?

By Archna Oberoi on Apr 17, 2019 5:26:18 PM

You take your car to a mechanic to get the air conditioning fixed and when you get it back, the air conditioning is fixed but the gas tank sensor no longer works.

Something similar can happen to a software in the making. A new feature or update in the code can make the software return to a former or unwanted state, making it affect the rest of the functionalities. This bug in software is a regression.

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The Ultimate Guide to Infrastructure Optimization on Cloud

By Archna Oberoi on Apr 16, 2019 4:13:13 PM

Infrastructure services consume a large part of IT budgets. It is therefore imperative for organizations to focus on cost and productivity of infra services to best utilize them.

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How to Set up an Offshore Development Center in India?

By Archna Oberoi on Apr 10, 2019 5:12:19 PM

Businesses worldwide are embracing the idea of IT Outsourcing. Cost optimization, skill crunch management, improved efficiency in product delivery are some of the initial-level benefits tagged with outsourcing.

According to Statista, software application development and maintenance are two of the most outsourced IT functions, globally. Businesses want to ramp up their development cycle, launch application faster-to-market, reduce overhead cost, manage technical skill-crunch and more by outsourcing software development.

Topics: Outsourcing
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4 Ways Blockchain Technology can Change the Face of Retail

By Archna Oberoi on Apr 3, 2019 6:08:34 PM

The worldwide spending on Blockchain solutions is expected to grow from 1.5 billion in 2018 to an estimated 11.7 billion by 2022.- According to Statista

Blockchain, which originated as the underlying technology of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is becoming multifarious. It’s disrupting a number of industries, other than finance and businesses are turning it potential to their advantage.

Topics: Blockchain
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[Ebook] Alexa for Hotels: A New Personal Assistant to Wow Your Hotel Guests

By Monisha Singh Gurwani on Mar 28, 2019 10:30:00 AM

In this digital age, voice assistant technologies are constantly evolving at an exponential rate across the world. According to research by IDC, the worldwide market of voice-enabled devices is expected to grow at a 12% CAGR from 2018-2022.

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What is Low Code Development?

By Archna Oberoi on Mar 27, 2019 5:39:51 PM


By 2021, the market demand for app development will grow at least 5 times faster than IT capacity to delivery it, predicts Gartner.

Amid cut-throat competition and skill-set crunch, it is difficult for traditional development approaches to keep up with the fast pace of business requirements. This is where low code development approach has become the pole star of the night sky.

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AWS V/s Azure: An Enterprise Perspective

By M. Anas on Mar 26, 2019 3:51:00 PM

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are the top 2 cloud service providers with a combined market share of more than 50% of the total cloud market. If there aren’t financial constraints, these two are the obvious choices when opting for cloud services. However, choosing one of them can be tricky.

Topics: DevOps
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[Ebook] 4 Tech Innovations that will Enhance your Shopper’s Experience

By Archna Oberoi on Mar 20, 2019 4:28:31 PM

Technological developments are constantly evolving and trendsetting many ecommerce business processes, to enhance the overall customer experience. The impact of the latest technologies on ecommerce has been faster than ever, considering it the largest industry in the global economy with “e-retail revenues projected to grow to 4.88 trillion US dollars in 2021”.

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RPA and AI: Bringing Process Automation to the Next Level

By Monisha Singh Gurwani on Mar 19, 2019 10:08:20 AM

According to Deloitte, “RPA continues to meet and exceed expectations across multiple dimensions including improved compliance (92%), improved quality/accuracy (90%), improved productivity (86%) and cost reduction (59%).” RPA is being used in many ways across multiple business sectors such as banking, retail, transportation, government and so on. RPA has advanced considerably in the last couple of years and is expected to manage customer-oriented processes along with internal processes, in the coming years.

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How BlaBlaCar works: Business Model and Revenue Streams

By Archna Oberoi on Mar 13, 2019 5:27:08 PM

How much does it cost to build a carpooling app like BlaBlCar? What are the must-have features and functionalities in an on-demand ride-sharing app? Which technology is best suited for developing a carpool app like BlaBlaCar?

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Infrastructure as Code: The Key Offering of AWS DevOps

By M. Anas on Mar 8, 2019 8:43:04 PM

AWS was the first to offer Infrastructure as Code (IaC) via AWS CloudFormation as a part of AWS DevOps. It enables developers and systems administrators to easily create and manage a collection of related AWS resources. They can provision and update them in an orderly and predictable way. Developers can use AWS CloudFormation’s sample templates or create their own templates. The concept of IaC is as old as the practice of DevOps. There are many experts who argue that DevOps wouldn’t be possible without the use of IaC.

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5 Myths About Robotic Process Automation- Debunked

By Monisha Singh Gurwani on Mar 6, 2019 5:29:52 PM

According to Gartner, “The Robotic Process Automation software market will grow by 41% year over year to 2020”. The big tech companies like Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are investing heavily into machine learning and RPA. Thus, for the last couple of years, robotic process automation has been deployed extensively across many industries such as retail, utilities, finance, government etc. Despite of this growth, RPA is still shrouded with many myths around its potential and working. But before busting these myths, let’s first understand-

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Is Security Token Offering Going to Replace Other Fund Raising Methods?

By M. Anas on Mar 5, 2019 9:14:52 AM

Before the concept of crowdfunding, the only way for the early stage startups and founders with new ideas was to approach angel investors to get seed funding or go for VC (Venture Capital). On the other hand, established businesses opt for IPO (Initial Public Offering) to raise a huge amount of capital.

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3 Ways in which Blockchain can Help Education Industry

By M. Anas on Feb 27, 2019 7:26:16 PM

It is not long when Blockchain was a buzz word and every business out there was rushing to hire resources for Ethereum development (Ethereum being one of the most popular Blockchains). But with time, the people and industry have matured, and now businesses emphasis on getting comprehensive Blockchain consulting services first before deciding to invest in the solution development.

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5 Amazing Ways Voice Assistants can Benefit the Hospitality Industry

By Monisha Singh Gurwani on Feb 26, 2019 4:41:23 PM

The rapid development and growth of Artificial Intelligence, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning has empowered voice technology. With voice assistants entering our everyday lives at a blistering speed, they are making major waves in the hospitality landscape. Tech leaders such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft have upgraded their amazing and interactive voice assistants in a way to enhance guest experiences.

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Why Connecting with Your Guests via Chatbots is a Good Idea?

By M. Anas on Feb 20, 2019 2:17:22 PM

Hospitality industry relies heavily on the front line service delivery staff. And that’s why it is more prone to human errors. A small mistake in placing a zero in the customer’s bill, miscommunication in noting down the customer preferences, etc. can lead to loss of money as well as customer satisfaction.  

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5 Software Development Trends to Watch Out in 2019

By Monisha Singh Gurwani on Feb 19, 2019 11:09:43 AM

Taking a look back in 2018, there have been significant technological advances in the IT industry. Software technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, AI etc. have remained a hot topic in the past couple of years. However, these technologies are still evolving with much better use cases in 2019. According to a report by Gartner, the software industry is forecasted to experience an 8.3 percent growth in 2019.

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Shoppable Videos:  The New Trend in eCommerce Content Marketing?

By Archna Oberoi on Feb 13, 2019 6:31:43 PM

Today, brands cannot go without videos in their content marketing strategy. It is one of the quintessential approaches to engage customers and improve conversion rate. In fact, 90% of customers say videos help them make buying decisions.

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Chatbots VS Apps: What’s the Future?

By Archna Oberoi on Feb 6, 2019 6:38:04 PM

By 2019, 20% of brands will abandon their mobile apps and invest to build a presence in customer messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger and WeChat, to reach customers where they spend a high percentage of their time. - Predicts Gartner

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Cloud-Native Applications: Why it is the Next Big Thing in Software Development?

By Archna Oberoi on Feb 5, 2019 7:19:00 PM


The cloud-native approach to software development has brought a paradigm shift to how applications scale and self-manage themselves, as the demand surge.

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Off-the-Shelf or Custom Chatbot Development: What does your Business Need?

By Archna Oberoi on Jan 30, 2019 8:00:00 AM

As more customers engage in digital channels, businesses are implementing chatbots or virtual customer assistants (VCAs) for handling customer requests on websites, mobile apps, consumer messaging apps, and social networks.

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5 Areas where Implementing Blockchain Make Sense for Healthcare Businesses

By M. Anas on Jan 29, 2019 6:16:06 PM

In Healthcare Industry, a lot of information exchanges happen between hospitals, doctors, clinics, pathology labs, blood banks, equipment manufacturers, and patients. Since the nature of the information is very confidential and personal, ensuring security of the data is of top most priority. At the same time, the information can’t be locked away in silos since ease of accessing this information is crucial to the functioning of an establishment providing healthcare services.

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3 Key Areas Where IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) can Augment Healthcare Services

By M. Anas on Jan 29, 2019 5:45:25 PM

According to a 2017 report by the World Bank and WHO, almost half of the world population can’t access basic healthcare services. The report further highlights that there is an inconsistency in the availability and affordability of healthcare services even in the developed world. For example, in America, a study conducted at Harvard Medical School and Cambridge Health Alliance founded that uninsured, working-age Americans have a 40 percent higher risk of death.

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Monolithic vs Microservices: Which is the Better Architecture for eCommerce App Development

By Archna Oberoi on Jan 23, 2019 4:28:06 PM

The increasing business complexity and demand for highly scalable applications have brought a paradigm shift in how software applications are engineered. In the past few years, different software architectures are adopted by developers to reduce code complexity, improve fault isolation, and minimize time-to-market.

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5 Key Areas where Healthcare Companies can Implement A.I.

By M. Anas on Jan 17, 2019 2:57:08 PM

Human care and technology play a key role in the Healthcare Industry. While technology can’t replace the human touch and emotions, which is the soul of this industry, it can surely help in eliminating the limitations of human capabilities.

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How Postmates Work: Business Model and Revenue Streams

By Archna Oberoi on Jan 16, 2019 6:09:59 PM

Since its launch in 2011, Postmates has been a great success, with currently serving more than 100 cities in the USA. Major brands such as Apple, Starbucks, and Mcdonalds have collaborated with this unique business model of delivering goods through a network of couriers.

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Introducing Amazon Alexa Skills and its Use Cases

By Archna Oberoi on Jan 9, 2019 6:38:30 PM

The evolution of User Interfaces has been amazing. From Command Line Interface (CLI) to Graphical User Interface (GUI) to the new era of Voice-enabled User Interface, there is a paradigm shift in how users interact with a system (or vice versa).

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5 Unique Ways Chatbots can Refine Customer Experience

By Archna Oberoi on Jan 6, 2019 12:32:00 AM

“We see our customers as guests to the party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” - Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

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5 Grounds for Building A Robust Microservice Architecture

By Monisha Singh Gurwani on Jan 2, 2019 12:48:31 PM

As a result of growing customer demands to build large-scale and complex applications, microservices has become a buzzword. The number of businesses building or switching from monolithic to microservice architecture is growing at a rapid pace. Leading companies like Disney, Airbnb, Twitter etc. are adopting microservice architecture to support continuous delivery and scalability of applications.

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How Amazon Alexa Integration can Impact your Hotel KPIs

By Archna Oberoi on Dec 31, 2018 4:22:00 PM

Hospitality experiences that are personalized and memorable are at the heart of hotels. With the launch of Alexa for the hospitality industry, it is possible to create immersive experiences that can delight the guests and also improve operations & team productivity within the hotel.

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Native vs Cross-Platform Native vs HTML5 App Development: Fundamental Differences

By Monisha Singh Gurwani on Dec 26, 2018 6:40:49 PM

By the end of 2018 Q3, 25 billion have been downloaded from app stores. Considering the popularity and use cases, a mobile app has become an imperative part of a business’s tech-strategy.

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Amazon Alexa: The New Game Changer in Hospitality Industry

By Archna Oberoi on Dec 25, 2018 4:41:00 PM

In this digital age, businesses cannot do without technology. Almost every industry, including hospitality, is leveraging the best of technology to attract, engage, and retain customers.

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Top 5 Facial and Image Recognization APIs for App Development

By Archna Oberoi on Dec 19, 2018 6:31:43 PM

Face recognization is one of the widely adopted use cases of Artificial Intelligence (AI). From mobile biometrics to social media apps, face and image recognization are used for enhanced user experience.  

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5 Technology Trends Revolutionizing the Hospitality Industry

By Archna Oberoi on Dec 18, 2018 6:58:00 PM

In an Oracle hospitality survey, 2/3rd of U.S. guests said it is extremely important for hotels to continue investing in technology to enhance the guest experience.

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How Redfin Works: Business Models and Revenue Streams

By Archna Oberoi on Dec 12, 2018 6:35:36 PM

How much does it cost to build an online real estate brokerage app like Redfin? What are the must-have features and functionalities in a real estate listing app? Which technology is best suited for developing a real estate app like Redfin?

Topics: Real Estate
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4 Reasons Why Alexa Skills are Driving Great Customer Experiences

By Monisha Singh Gurwani on Dec 7, 2018 1:16:45 PM

According to Gartner, there will be 25 billion voice-enabled applications and other IoT devices by 2020. There has been a significant growth in the adoption of virtual assistants across industries. Artificial intelligence improvements and other technological advancements are driving this growth of virtual assistants.

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Benefits of Low Code Development with Reusable Components

By Monisha Singh Gurwani on Dec 5, 2018 6:43:50 PM

Back in 2014, Gartner coined the term “low-code” to recognize platforms that enable users to build custom mobile applications simply by dragging and dropping pre-built features. These tools or platforms does what traditional development approaches (programming languages, libraries, frameworks) do for building an application, but in a fraction of time than the latter. 

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Top 15 Tools and Frameworks for Frontend Development in 2019

By Archna Oberoi on Dec 4, 2018 6:31:00 PM

From static websites to dynamic SPAs, frontend of applications has come a long way. Likewise, developers no more have to write long lines of code repeatedly to create mobile apps for multiple platforms. And in this progression of frontend development, tools, libraries, and frameworks have been the game changer.

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Understanding Microservices Architecture and its Benefits

By Archna Oberoi on Nov 28, 2018 6:43:30 PM

Just think of an eCommerce website that you last visited. You must have used the search bar of the site to look for the product you’re interested in. There must be some product recommendations for you, based on your last purchase. You might have added the product into cart and made payment to buy it.

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Why Insurance Companies are Betting Big on AI-Powered Chatbots?

By Kunwar Jolly on Nov 27, 2018 6:42:00 PM

25% of customer service and support operations will integrate virtual customer assistant (VCA) or chatbot technology across engagement channels by 2020, according to Gartner.

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6 Types of Chatbots: Know Which One Works Best for your Business

By Monisha Singh Gurwani on Nov 21, 2018 6:48:59 PM

The introduction of chatbots revolutionized customer and brand interaction. With the ability to mimic conversations and offer instant, digital connection, chatbots made their way into businesses like a wildfire. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2021, more than 50% of enterprises will spend more annually on bots and chatbot creation than traditional mobile app development.

Businesses, irrespective of the industry are making the most out of chatbots. While chatbots act as a 24x7 customer service agent for one business, it may help another by providing data points to predict user behaviour. Thus, a chatbot programming, technology, and type depend a lot upon the customer base it is going to serve. The latter segment discusses different types of chatbots that can be developed to simplify the way businesses interact with customers.

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7 AngularJS Frameworks to Simplify Web App Development

By Archna Oberoi on Nov 20, 2018 7:27:00 PM

AngularJS is one of the fastest growing technologies for frontend development. The Javascript framework overcomes the limitation of HTML to declare dynamic views in web applications. By enabling developers to extend the HTML syntax with new attributes, AngularJS makes it easy to create scalable and robust Single Page Applications.

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Nativescript VS React Native: Overview and Comparison

By Archna Oberoi on Nov 14, 2018 6:38:29 PM


With mobile apps becoming an integral part of users’ micro-moments, there is a spike in the number of apps downloaded from the app stores, daily. The rising demand for mobile apps has resulted into introduction of new tools, frameworks, and libraries that can help developers to pick up the pace of development. 

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AngularJS VS Ember: A Comparison between Javascript Web Frameworks

By Monisha Singh Gurwani on Nov 11, 2018 8:38:48 PM

The frontend development ecosystem has been constantly upgrading, especially, the Javascript libraries and frameworks. A number of JS frameworks are being introduced to simplify UI building for the modern web. ReactJS, VueJS, EmberJS, AngularJS, MeteorJS are to name a few.

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7 Reasons why ReactJS is Taking Over Frontend Development

By Archna Oberoi on Nov 6, 2018 11:58:40 AM

If there is one technology that the programming world can’t go without, then it would certainly be Javascript. The potential of this technology can be estimated from the fact that it is used by 94.9% of all the websites. | Source: W3Techs

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Laravel vs Symfony: How do these PHP Frameworks Compare?

By Monisha Singh Gurwani on Nov 2, 2018 9:45:10 AM

Despite a number of programming languages originating to support the modern, dynamic web requisites, PHP is still holding its ground. The popularity of this general-purpose, server-side programming language can be estimated from the fact that over 4 million live websites are using PHP. | Source: Builtwith.com

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Top 15 Magento Extensions & Plugins to scale up an eCommerce Store

By Monisha Singh Gurwani on Oct 26, 2018 5:37:56 PM

Magento is possibly the fastest growing platform in eCommerce space. According to Magento’s 2017 yearly report, there was a spike in number of websites powered by Magento. What’s more, major brands such as Burger King, Nike, Pepe Jeans and Samsung are choosing Magento to power their eCommerce websites.

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Microservices vs Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA): Fundamental Differences

By Archna Oberoi on Oct 25, 2018 6:10:00 PM

With increasing complexity and demand for highly scalable and robust applications, conventional monolithic architecture is no longer the best choice. After a certain threshold, monolithic architecture tends to hinder application performance and scalability. Moreover, with an enormous codebase, making changes to the tightly coupled, dependent processes in the monolithic architecture drastically increases the impact of single process failure.

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The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing Custom Software Development

By Archna Oberoi on Oct 24, 2018 7:03:41 AM

Software applications are managing almost every critical aspect of a business. They are transforming the business models, streamlining significant processes, and improving the way value is delivered to the customers. Hence, custom software- one that compliments the business and adheres to its requirements is a must have.

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.NET Core vs .NET Framework: Overview and Comparison

By Archna Oberoi on Oct 22, 2018 6:30:35 PM

Microsoft’s .NET is free, open-source developer platform for building server applications. The platform is entrusted for building web, mobile, desktop, gaming, and IoT applications using multiple languages (C#, F#, or Visual Basic), libraries, and editors.

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Top 10 Python Frameworks for Web Application Development

By Archna Oberoi on Oct 17, 2018 6:16:22 PM

Stack Overflow’s 2018 developer survey found Python as the most wanted programming language, surpassing C# and PHP. The growth of this high-level programming language can be estimated from the fact that over 122,864 websites online are built using Python, with 93,197 unique domains. | According to Similar Tech

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10 Amazing Apps Built Using Flutter Framework

By Monisha Singh Gurwani on Oct 14, 2018 9:15:56 PM

Cross-platform development toolkits are winning over the developers’ community. Reusable blocks of UI, reactive performance, code usability on multiple platforms are some of the reasons why these cross-platform app development frameworks are gaining grounds. One such sought-after framework for mobile app development is Flutter by Google.

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React Native VS Flutter: A Vis-a-Vis Comparison between the Titans

By Archna Oberoi on Oct 10, 2018 12:03:57 PM

By 2022, consumers are projected to download over 258.2 billion apps to their connected devices, worldwide. |  According to Statista

The smartphone market has a duopoly of Android and iOS devices. Thus, to reach out to a wider user-base through mobile apps, it is imperative for businesses to have their apps built for both the platforms. To respond to this app development requirement, cross platform app technologies are becoming more prominent.

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4 Biggest Challenges in Chatbot Development and How to Avoid them

By Monisha Singh Gurwani on Oct 9, 2018 10:15:25 AM

Chatbots have revolutionized the way customers interact with businesses. According to HubSpot, “47% of consumers are open to buying items through a chatbot”. Thus, majority of organisations have joined the race of augmenting or building these virtual agents on their websites. 

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Laravel vs Django: Which Framework to Choose for Web Application Development?

By Kartik Kakar on Oct 2, 2018 2:03:00 PM

Despite the rising demand for mobile apps, websites and web apps have an undeniable significance to businesses. Technologies such as Android Instant Apps, Progressive Web Apps, Accelerated Mobile Pages, Single Page Applications are changing the face of modern web. 

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Advantages of Developing Cloud Native Application on AWS

By Archna Oberoi on Sep 28, 2018 6:51:00 PM

Benefits of cloud are no more limited to shared infrastructure to host an application. Cloud-native, that leverages loosely-coupled components of cloud for application development is gaining grounds in the software industry due to its exponential scalability and increased robustness.

Topics: DevOps
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Shoppable Videos: A New Trend for Global Fashion Brands?

By Monisha Singh Gurwani on Sep 26, 2018 10:31:10 AM

The rapid digital developments in eCommerce sector has brought us to a new phase of online shopping experiences worldwide. By 2020, 80% of consumer traffic will derive from online videos, as revealed in a study conducted by Social Media Today. And it is of no surprise that we reflexively respond to videos faster than any other content.

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The Rise of On-Demand Virtual Visits in Healthcare

By Kunwar Jolly on Sep 25, 2018 7:09:00 PM

The healthcare industry is leaverging digitization and consumerization for connecting patients with relevant providers. Remote consultations, patient portals, appointment booking platforms, online pharmacy are some of the prominent modes for patients and providers to access and deliver care, respectively.

Topics: Healthcare
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AWS vs Google Cloud : Which Cloud Service Provider Should You Choose?

By Archna Oberoi on Sep 19, 2018 5:47:31 PM

73% of organizations have at least one application, or a portion of their computing infrastructure already in the cloud – 17% plan to do so within the next 12 months. - 2018 Cloud Computing Survey (IDG)

Topics: DevOps
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[eBook] 4 Emerging Business Models of Healthcare Software Companies

By Archna Oberoi on Sep 17, 2018 5:08:08 PM

The global trends in technology are shaking the industry architecture, resulting in disruptive non-conventional business models. Healthcare industry is no exception. Healthcare software companies are starting to innovate their business models in order to respond to new trends.

Topics: Healthcare
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Ionic vs React Native for Cross Platform Mobile App Development

By Kartik Kakar on Sep 13, 2018 6:32:00 AM

Reusable code, faster time-to-market, reduced cost, and native app like performance are some of the prominent reasons behind acceptance of cross-platform app development.

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Manual VS Automated Testing in Software Application Development

By Kartik Kakar on Sep 12, 2018 3:55:56 PM

The software development process has witnessed a paradigm shift over the past few years. From following Agile delivery approach to automating processes with DevOps, there is a continuous strive for efficient, faster, and comprehensive product delivery to client.  

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Magento vs Shopify for eCommerce Application Development

By Archna Oberoi on Sep 10, 2018 4:32:00 PM

40% of worldwide internet users have bought products or goods online via desktop, mobile, tablet or other online devices. This amounts to more than 1 billion online buyers and is projected to continuously grow. - Statista

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10 Best NodeJS Frameworks for Web Application Development

By Archna Oberoi on Sep 5, 2018 6:08:36 PM

NodeJS is one of the groundbreaking additions to the web development landscape. By offering a runtime application environment, NodeJS enables developers to write server-side scripts in Javascript. According to Stack Overflow survey results 2018, Node.js is the most preferred framework for building frontend and backend for web applications.  

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Kanban vs Scrum: How do these Agile Frameworks Differ?

By Archna Oberoi on Sep 4, 2018 6:31:00 PM


The idea of adopting an iterative development approach has been gaining grounds in the software industry. Agile methodology for project management, which was introduced back in 2001 has transformed the way software development companies deliver the product throughput.  The Kanban Vs Scrum tilt has been going on for quite a time now. Here are the key differentiators that hold them apart. 

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How to Choose the Right Mobile App Development Company?

By Archna Oberoi on Aug 29, 2018 6:47:56 PM

Businesses nowadays are taking advantage of new technologies and models that originate and develop in consumer space, rather than the enterprise IT sector. In effect to this impact, called consumerization, businesses are leveraging mobile apps to reach out to their potential customers and engage with them.

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5 Popular Javascript Frameworks for Mobile App Development

By Kartik Kakar on Aug 28, 2018 3:39:00 PM

According to Stack Overflow survey results 2018, Javascript is the most popular programming languages, with 71.5% professional developers placing their trust in it.

Javascript, which was originally the core technology behind dynamic websites on the web wide web is taking the mobile app development world by storm. With introduction of Javascript frameworks for building mobile apps, businesses and developers have found a sorted solution to build interactive UI, with less lines of code.

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React VS React Native: How do these App Development Technologies Compare?

By Archna Oberoi on Aug 22, 2018 6:20:28 PM

There are hundreds of javascript libraries out there, empowering developers to do more with less lines of code. And in this uber-competitive space of libraries and frameworks, React has managed to come out on top. In the React VS React Native tilt, list below are the key fundamental differences between the both.

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Attributes of Design Thinking [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Kunwar Jolly on Aug 21, 2018 3:30:14 PM

 Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. -Steve Jobs

If we go with the words of Steve Jobs, then certainly, developers are the real designers of a software product, as no one else but a developer knows how a product actually works.

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Daffodil Software Becomes a Certified Standard APN Consulting Partner

By Daffodil Software on Aug 20, 2018 1:15:31 PM

Daffodil Software, a global provider of software services attains accreditation from Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Standard APN Consulting Partner.

Topics: Newsroom
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Making Agile and Design Thinking Collaborate for Software Development

By Kartik Kakar on Aug 15, 2018 12:23:00 PM

With Agile methodology for software development, the battle of defining processes, structures, and plans for seamless product delivery has come to an end. Contrary to the traditional development models, Agile allowes organizations to respond faster to the functional, technical, and market changes.

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Hyperlocal Marketplaces: Redefining On-Demand Delivery Model

By Archna Oberoi on Aug 14, 2018 12:05:43 PM

Thanks to the proliferating on-demand economy, there is a convenience in how people hail a taxi, book a room, and even buy prescribed medicine. The idea of delivering essentials at the doorstep is gaining grounds and businesses are cash in on it.

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How Chatbots are Shaping the On-Demand Services

By Archna Oberoi on Aug 8, 2018 5:46:40 PM

Chatbots are renewing the way businesses interact with customers. By offering instant, on-demand assistance, chatbots are fostering engagement between brands and their customers.  

By 2019, 20 percent of brands will abandon their mobile apps. - Gartner | Click to Tweet

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Practice Management System: Streamlining Healthcare Services

By Kartik Kakar on Aug 6, 2018 6:56:00 PM

Digitization is reviving the healthcare system, at both patient and provider end. While options like patient portals, mhealth apps are simplifying care-access for patients; solutions like electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management System (PMS) are offering innovative modes to streamline care delivery and manage administrative operations for providers.

Topics: Healthcare
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How Zillow Works: Business Model and Revenue Streams

By Archna Oberoi on Aug 1, 2018 5:06:52 PM

How to develop a real estate marketplace like Zillow? How to build a real estate and rental database like that of Zillow? It’s free to browse properties in Zillow. How does the real estate search engine makes money?

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How to Scale your eCommerce Platform with System Integration

By Archna Oberoi on Jul 26, 2018 6:34:08 PM

eCommerce integration is synchronization of an eCommerce website with its backend systems such as an ERP or a POS. It helps in seamless, two-way flow of data and information, which increases efficiency in processes as data across connected interfaces gets updated automatically.

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How Spotify Works: Business Model and Revenue Streams

By Kartik Kakar on Jul 25, 2018 3:44:09 PM

How much does it cost to build a music streaming app like Spotify? What are the must have features and functionalities in an audio streaming app? Which technology is best suited for developing an audio and video streaming app like Spotify?

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The Rise of Medicine On-Demand Services

By Archna Oberoi on Jul 20, 2018 11:20:11 AM

The proliferating concept of on-demand healthcare is reviving the old-school care delivery models and online-pharmacies offering medicine on-demand is one of its crucial components.  

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Building an Intelligent Transport System for Smart Cities

By Archna Oberoi on Jul 18, 2018 6:17:52 PM

By 2035, 812.2 million people worldwide will live in urban areas with a population of 10 million or more. As the urban populace continue to grow, the city municipalities are striving to create a better living environment for its digital natives by leveraging technology.

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How Zocdoc Works: Business Model and Revenue Streams

By Archna Oberoi on Jul 17, 2018 10:03:00 PM

How much does it cost to build a healthcare marketplace like Zocdoc? What are the must- have features and functionalities to build an app like Zocdoc? Which technology is best suited for developing an appointment booking app like Zocdoc?

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How to Win International Market using App Localization [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Priyanka Desai on Jul 16, 2018 11:49:02 AM


The Android app store has 3.8 million apps followed by 2 million apps in the iOS store. Amid such neck stiff competition, how will you differentiate your app from the millions out there?

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Planning to Sell Online? Here are 5 Technical Aspects to Consider

By Kartik Kakar on Jul 13, 2018 12:21:59 PM

Online shopping is a thriving market. In 2021, over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online, up from 1.66 billion global digital buyers in 2016. As a result, the retailers are realizing the business benefits of selling their products and services online.

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How to make Software Outsourcing work with Agile Methodology?

By Archna Oberoi on Jul 11, 2018 6:19:20 PM

Despite the notion that Waterfall is a risk-free approach to software outsourcing, there is a continuous rise in adoption of Agile methodology for developing consumer-centric solutions. However, the collaboration of an 'iterative' development approach and offshore outsourcing has been a subject of debate for decades.

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How to Integrate Gamification in Healthcare Apps?

By Archna Oberoi on Jul 9, 2018 12:15:16 PM

From helping healthcare professionals in diagnosis to encouraging patients to adopt life-saving behaviour, gamification is changing the healthcare landscape in many fronts. This user engagement approach, which uses game elements and digital game design to deal with everyday problems is gaining grounds in health and fitness app industry.

Topics: Healthcare
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How to get a 5X Better Software Engineering Team?

By Archna Oberoi on Jul 5, 2018 9:16:00 PM

The IT ecosystem constantly proliferating with new tools and technologies. Accommodating the broad spectrum of programming languages, libraries, and frameworks in a software engineering team is certainly out-of-scope.

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7 Reasons Why Outsourcing Software Development Works

By Kartik Kakar on Jul 1, 2018 5:13:00 PM

In the current age of digitization, there is hardly a business that goes without having a software application. From automating internal processes to improving the customer experience, a software application (in one form or the another) is a major reliance and driver of businesses, irrespective of the industry.

Topics: Outsourcing
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Online Pharmacy:  Streamlining On-Demand Medicine Supply [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Kartik Kakar on Jun 30, 2018 1:25:02 PM

The healthcare industry is embracing digital transformation at a rapid pace. This shift, which is driven by the rise of internet and technology is projected to add more power to the way value-based care is delivered.

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Team Augmentation VS. Project Outsourcing for Software Development

By Archna Oberoi on Jun 27, 2018 6:17:49 PM

Software application development is the widely outsourced IT functions, globally. This broad segment includes outsourcing an arrangement for a range of application services, including software product engineering, maintenance of legacy systems, offshore programming, management of packaged applications, and team augmentation.

Topics: Outsourcing
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Building Demand-Based Health and Fitness Apps

By Archna Oberoi on Jun 22, 2018 12:41:04 PM

Obsession with fitness, combined with convenience, immediacy, and flexibility is fostering the demand for health and fitness platforms. The result of this supports the rise of technologies that tracks, informs, and manages the fitness routine, such as wearables and smart watches.

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How Gamification can Improve User Engagement in Healthcare Apps?

By Kartik Kakar on Jun 21, 2018 12:23:35 PM

For engaging user with an app, it is imperative to capture their attention and give them a medium and motivation to take an action. To foster this kind of engagement within mobile apps, gamification helps. 

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Bringing Agility to Software Product Engineering with DevOps

By Archna Oberoi on Jun 20, 2018 6:16:52 PM

Over the years, organizations have been implementing Agile methodologies to speed up the software development cycle. While Agile was initially embraced for development process, it has progressively expanded into other downstream areas, i.e. IT and Operations. It has helped team to streamline the development process, receive timely feedback for improvements, has ensured that the entire process picks a pace for on time product delivery.

Topics: DevOps
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The Rise of On-Demand Music Streaming Services

By Archna Oberoi on Jun 17, 2018 5:33:00 PM

Internet has been highly criticized for ruination of the music industry. Back in decade, when the industry failed to cope up with the piracy risk that the internet brought along, there was a major dip in the physical sales (through CDs and related sources), which was then the major source of revenue.

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The Rise of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for Crowdfunding [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Kartik Kakar on Jun 15, 2018 6:22:00 PM

Initial Coin Offering is one of the innovative use cases of Blockchain, enabling startups and naive companies to raise initial capital for their business ideas with potential. However, this now-famous mode for crowdfunding overcame a number of technical and functional ambuguity in the system, leading to inundating rise in its acceptance. 

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What Software Companies Need to Know About GDPR Compliance

By Kartik Kakar on Jun 13, 2018 4:00:00 PM

With data becoming the new currency, it’s no wonder that software applications are the top attack vector of the hackers. The recent past has witnessed some major data breaches; the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Equifax data breach are to name a few. With such data breaches putting user trust and interest in businesses at stake, it has become imperative for them to ensure that steadfast development practices for development are adopted.

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Proactive Monitoring: A New Paradigm for Improved User Experience

By Archna Oberoi on Jun 9, 2018 9:33:18 PM

In the uber-competitive business world, unplanned downtime and issues with production environment can be detrimental. It can put customer trust, revenue, and productivity to halt, which is un-affordable for businesses of any size.

Topics: DevOps
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Construction Management Software Poised to Disrupt the Real Estate Sector

By Archna Oberoi on Jun 6, 2018 6:17:41 PM

In 2020, the construction and real estate software market is predicted to have a worth of 7.9 billion U.S. dollars worldwide. - According to Statista

Recognizing the opportunities that this billion-dollar industry brings in, a slew of startups are focussing to develop technology-centric solutions that can streamline construction projects and enhance productivity.

Topics: Real Estate
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Online Radio Streaming Apps: Benefits and Opportunities

By Kartik Kakar on Jun 6, 2018 11:13:12 AM

With digital media gaining momentum, internet consumers have the privilege to enjoy their favorite music through streaming services. FM Radio, the technology introduced almost eight decades back is still one of the biggest source of infotainment with music proffered with news, sports, politics, and more.

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The New Wave of Innovation and Investment in Real Estate Tech

By Archna Oberoi on Jun 4, 2018 12:52:07 PM

Over the past few years, industries like healthcare, finance, entertainment, and transportation have been making headlines for leveraging tech in their businesses. Now, a new generation of internet entrepreneurs is focusing on better housing by embracing tech into the highly conservative, but competitive sector, the real estate.

Topics: Real Estate
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7 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

By Kartik Kakar on May 31, 2018 6:45:00 PM

The number of online shoppers have crossed a mark of 1.66 billion and this number is likely to shoot up. -Statista

Despite having a large share of shoppers, online retailers are trying hard to get the customers to the cart and complete the purchase. Studies suggest that an average cart abandonment rate is 68% (which is huge). The reasons may range anywhere from price tag of the product to issues in processing payment.

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On-Demand Services: Predicting Arrival Time (ETA) for Customers

By Archna Oberoi on May 30, 2018 6:20:56 PM


In the hyper-competitive on-demand landscape, there is a constant struggle to stay ahead in the game. With speed and convenience being the major drivers of on-demand economy, companies spare no effort to deliver their services, whenever and wherever the customer demands.

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5 Sectors that are Disrupted by On-Demand Economy

By Archna Oberoi on May 25, 2018 6:57:34 PM

Consumerization is shaping the business landscape, making enterprises take advantage of new technologies and models that originate and evolve in the consumer space. With mobile devices and apps becoming an inevitable part of consumers’ routine, they are transforming the way businesses reach out to their prospects.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Ethereum [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Archna Oberoi on May 23, 2018 9:13:00 AM

Building Blockchain applications requires prowess in cryptography, coding, mathematics, and significant resources. However, with Ethereum, such complex requisites for Blockchain application development can be turned down with tools that Ethereum brings along to build and deploy decentralized applications.

Topics: Blockchain
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Telehealth Services: The Burgeoning Healthcare Sector

By Archna Oberoi on May 22, 2018 6:58:00 PM

The multi-trillion dollar healthcare industry is adapting to modern ways of delivering care, amongst which telehealth is the one. The idea of distributing health-related services and information through telecommunication technologies is diminishing the gap between patients and providers. By allowing both ends to make a contact, share advice, monitor health; telehealth services bring a paradigm shift in how care is delivered and received.

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I/O 2018: Google Unveils What it has in Store for  Developers

By Kartik Kakar on May 15, 2018 12:49:53 PM

Google hosted its I/O Conference 2018 that brings together developers from around the globe annually for talks and have hands on learning with Google experts. CEO, Sundar Pichai along with his key executives took the stage and announced major add-ons to Google Assistant, Google Photos, Google Maps and other proprietary products.

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4 Major Practices in DevOps Cycle [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Archna Oberoi on May 10, 2018 7:00:00 PM

 DevOps represents a shift in IT culture. With adoption of agile and lean practices, the software development approach ensures rapid IT service delivery.

Topics: DevOps
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On Demand Home Services: Bringing Convenience at Doorstep

By Kunwar Jolly on May 9, 2018 7:00:00 PM

Entrepreneurs are vigorously capitalizing on the ‘Uber for X’ model. They are covering almost every vertical that holds the potential to reinvent the conventional way of doing things or simplify consumers lives.

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On-Demand Fleet Management Solutions: Empowering Logistics

By Kunwar Jolly on May 8, 2018 11:57:12 AM

The idea of matching consumer demand with relevant services, which started back in 2009 with a taxi-booking app called Uber is creating a ripple-effect now. The trend of creating an Uber for X is taking (almost) every industry by storm, and logistics is not behind.

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Google's Plus Codes: Simplifying Last Mile Delivery

By Kartik Kakar on May 6, 2018 7:30:00 PM

Around half of the world’s urban population lives on unnamed or unmarked streets and houses, most of which is from developing or underdeveloped countries. -estimates World Bank.

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On-Demand Ride Sharing: Marking the Growth of Shared Mobility

By Archna Oberoi on May 3, 2018 11:10:48 AM

 On-demand ride-sharing, wherein apps and digital services are used to organize a taxi or vehicle sharing is marking the growth of the connected mobility sector. By 2020, around 685 million people are predicted to use ridesharing services, worldwide (Statista).

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The Rise of On-Demand Transportation Services

By Kartik Kakar on Apr 27, 2018 6:43:42 PM

The global on-demand transportation market is expected to reach $290.3 billion by 2025. -Grand View Research, Inc.

Thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices and applications, there has been rising adoption of on-demand transportation, globally. Services such as e-hailing, car sharing, car rental, station-based mobility are offering a productive space for the transport industry to thrive.

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5 Technologies that will Rule 2018 [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Archna Oberoi on Apr 26, 2018 6:28:00 PM

Hundreds of technologies debut every year to transform the conventional way doing things. While some of them run down, there are some that hold the potential to cause disruption and become a trend.

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5 Sectors Blockchain is Disrupting without Cryptocurrency

By Kartik Kakar on Apr 25, 2018 4:00:00 PM

Ever since their introduction, Blockchain and cryptocurrency go hand-in-hand. The Blockchain concept is complex, and involves an ever-growing database of records, saved in blocks that are linked to each other and are cryptographically secured.

Topics: Blockchain
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In App Analytics: Let’s make your Mobile App Successful

By Gaurav Sharma on Apr 24, 2018 6:25:02 PM

“21% of users abandon an app after one use and the fact that 1 in 5 users won’t come back to an app after one session is alarming.”-Localytics

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On-Demand Healthcare is Reviving the Old-School Care Delivery Models

By Archna Oberoi on Apr 20, 2018 11:32:43 AM

Back in 1930s, 40% of the doctor-patient meetings were done through house calls. This was the general practice, wherein a doctor or a professional used to visit the patient’s place, following a consultation request from them. By 1980s, this was reduced to 0.6% as the advancing technology and specialization was not reachable to patients out of clinical/hospital premises.  

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Why Choosing the Right Software Development Methodology Matters?

By Archna Oberoi on Apr 18, 2018 2:25:47 PM

Deciding on a relevant methodology is oftentimes an unestimated part of software development cycle. However, it is one of the elements of SDLC that can get your project on the way or get on its way.

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On-Demand Economy: What’s Making it a Billion Dollar Opportunity?

By Kartik Kakar on Apr 16, 2018 10:20:33 PM

From LPs in 1960s to vinyl in 1970s, cassettes in 1980s, CDs in 1990s to music streaming on Soundcloud today. The evolution of music distribution has been tremendous. While the need to buy and sell the music remained unchanged; technology, innovative products, and business models have made delivery of music faster, efficient, and customized for consumers.

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mHealth Apps: Efficient Drivers in Creating Precision Medicine

By Kunwar Jolly on Apr 13, 2018 1:56:00 PM

The term precision medicine may be relatively new for many, but the approach has been a significant part of the healthcare industry. Basically, the concept is to understand specific requirements and characteristics of an individual, before treating them with the custom medication.

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Best Practices to Launch Customer Service Chatbot for your Business

By Kartik Kakar on Apr 10, 2018 6:52:18 PM

Conversational platforms have introduced a paradigm shift in how humans interact with the digital world. For businesses, they are fostering a personal connection between users and the brand that’s ultimately adding value to the customer service.

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Emerging Applications of AI in Healthcare [eBook]

By Archna Oberoi on Apr 9, 2018 12:11:43 PM

In the massive influx of technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proven its potential with some disruptive solutions. With rapid unfolding of positive possibilities that AI can bring in, it has been revolutionizing the way businesses team up with technology, irrespective of the domain.

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5 Advantages of Cryptocurrency [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Archna Oberoi on Apr 8, 2018 1:00:57 PM

By now, you must have heard of the term Bitcoin; the digital currency that made headlines all over for its phenomenal rise (and occasional fall) in value. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that was famed for its computer encryption, preventing many from making fraudulent transactions online.

Topics: Blockchain
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Mobile Devices and Consumerism: Driving the Future of Digital Care System

By Kunwar Jolly on Apr 6, 2018 11:25:23 AM

Businesses, irrespective of the domain are realizing the benefits of new technologies and models that originate and develop in consumer space. This impact, called consumerization has been affecting (almost) every industry and healthcare is no exception.

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Launching an ICO? Here is What your Startup Needs to Consider

By Kartik Kakar on Apr 4, 2018 6:13:47 PM


 As the Blockchain technology matures, the digital world is realizing the opportunities that it brings in. Crowdfunding through cryptocurrency is one of the ingenious benefits of Blockchain that startups are utilizing, globally. The concept is popular as Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Topics: Blockchain
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Redefining Customer Interactions with Chatbots

By Nitin Goyal on Apr 3, 2018 1:02:16 PM

“By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human. By 2021, more than 50% of enterprises will spend more per annum on bots and chatbot creation than traditional mobile app development." -Gartner

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Top 12 Tools, Frameworks, and Libraries for Software Development in 2019

By Archna Oberoi on Apr 1, 2018 10:45:42 PM

 As the programming ecosystem proliferates, a number of frameworks, libraries, and tools are being introduced to simplify the software development cycle. They are not just trimming the lines of code, but, are reducing the time from prototype to production.

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Continuous Integration (CI): Bringing More Agility to Product Development Cycle

By Kunwar Jolly on Mar 28, 2018 5:14:18 PM

Continuous Integration (CI) is a software development practice, wherein isolated updates to a code base by developers are immediately tested and reported. CI aims at early detection of bugs in code or defects in software functionality. The entire process works in conjugation with automated testing tools that ascertains Continuous Testing (CT) and Continuous Deployment (CD) of the software.

Topics: DevOps
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Developing Applications with Serverless Architecture

By Gaurav Sharma on Mar 27, 2018 5:50:50 PM

Do you really want to keep paying for your dedicated cloud servers, even when they are running idle? If not, then developing an application with serverless architecture will show you the way out.

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Machine Learning (ML): Types, Approaches, and Applications [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Archna Oberoi on Mar 26, 2018 7:03:16 PM


The digital landscape has changed remarkably over the past decade. Almost every business, irrespective of the industry is realizing the digitization benefits and embracing it as well. With this, digital data is generated, faster than ever. In fact, some of the industries are at a point where manual data analysis is a next to impossible job. This has driven the rise of Machine Learning (ML), which is the ability of machines to analyze big data and extract information, just like humans do.

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React vs AngularJS: How do these Frontend Development Technologies Compare?

By Kartik Kakar on Mar 21, 2018 6:07:57 PM

The front-end development ecosystem for web has been constantly upgrading, especially, the javascript libraries and frameworks. Had if these javascript applications not been there, developers would have to write five times the lines of code to accomplish a task, which a framework can do in ten lines. And what’s adding more power to them is huge community support that keeps bringing new possibilities for the progressive and dynamic web.

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Chatbots: The New App for Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Archna Oberoi on Mar 19, 2018 10:23:43 PM


Chatbots are revolutionizing the customer service space. These stand-alone conversational interfaces that utilizes messaging platforms or apps for conversation are predicted to change the quality and pace at which customer service is rendered. With this, chatbots are not just an innovational window for customers but also a way for businesses to save hundreds of dollars (with fast and automated response rate).

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Medicine Adherence Systems: Improving Patient Health and Treatment Outcomes

By Kunwar Jolly on Mar 18, 2018 5:46:36 PM


A patient’s accountability and engagement in their own health is reforming the care delivery system. When patients take charge of their medication, an adherence system can help them achieve the treatment or output expected.

Topics: Healthcare
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What are Smart Contracts and How do they Work?

By Archna Oberoi on Mar 14, 2018 6:24:00 PM

Paper contracts is an old-school approach for binding agreements. Involving multiple intermediaries, several rounds of negotiations, and a lengthy administration of finalized agreement is no more a standard practice. While digital documents are an effortless alternative to these traditional contracts, they are easy to forge.

Topics: Blockchain
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4 Technologies that are Shaping the Real-Time Health System (RTHS)

By Archna Oberoi on Mar 12, 2018 10:00:00 PM

Technology advancements, healthcare reforms, and ever-changing patient requirements in healthcare poses a number of challenges for the providers. To overcome them and achieve customer experience objectives, it is important to construct a system that supports real-time orchestration of healthcare resources (like data, people, devices, facilities).

Topics: Healthcare
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Initial Coin Offering (ICO) VS. Initial Public Offering (IPO): Key Differences

By Kartik Kakar on Mar 9, 2018 10:11:58 AM

No matter how great a business idea is, its existence and endurance is difficult without sufficient funds. Since long, Initial Public Offering (IPO) has been one of the popular and regulated fundraising schemes, which, today is challenged by Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Thanks to the steeping rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

Topics: Blockchain
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What are Blockchain Wallets and How do they Work?

By Archna Oberoi on Mar 7, 2018 3:01:52 PM

Cryptocurrencies are causing a stir with their skyrocketing value. With this, the demand for Blockchain wallets is rising as well. By the end of 2017, over 21 million users were reported to be using the wallets for transactions of their digital currencies (according to Statista).

Topics: Blockchain
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Benefits of Integrating an EHR System into Healthcare Platforms

By Archna Oberoi on Mar 5, 2018 10:26:03 AM

Electronic Health Records (EHR) is a system that contains patient-centric information, saved electronically. This may include an individual’s health status, demographic data, or clinical information (like lab reports, radiology, or pharmacy data).

Topics: Healthcare
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How to Launch a Blockchain ICO?

By Archna Oberoi on Feb 28, 2018 6:22:04 PM

Naive companies and startups usually turn to angel investors and venture capitalists for fundraising. In order to receive an initial capital aid, these startups give away a part of their equity to the investors. While this idea has been prominently adopted from years, startups today are more interested in holding on to their ownership, and still secure funds for development. This is where Initial Coin Offering (ICO) comes into picture.

Topics: Blockchain
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PHP or NodeJS: Choosing the Right Technology for Backend Development

By Kunwar Jolly on Feb 27, 2018 6:29:52 PM

Ever since dynamic websites started to improve user experience on web, developers have been particular about the backend development technology of their application. While PHP and Nodejs are two most favorable options available for the modern web; making a choice between the two is definitely a hard job to do. 

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Nodejs: The Best of Javascript for Backend Development

By Kartik Kakar on Feb 21, 2018 6:19:02 PM

Javascript’s contribution to intuitive and dynamic front-end development has been unparalleled. The gradual advances in the technology can be estimated from the fact that today, Javascript lay the basis for some of the popular frameworks, meant for building user interfaces. React Native, Cordova, Titanium are to name a few.

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How to Secure Personal Health Information in Patient Portals

By Archna Oberoi on Feb 20, 2018 10:31:30 PM


Patient portals can go a long way in bridging the care-delivery gap between patients and providers. This modern technology has a major role in keeping patients informed, involved, and connected with care providers.

Topics: Healthcare
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How Voice User Interface can Add Value to your Application

By Twinkle Sharma on Feb 20, 2018 4:40:34 PM

The anatomy of web and mobile interface has undergone a major shift from Text User Interface, Graphical User Interface, Touch User Interface to Conversational User Interfaces (CUIs). This progress in UI models indicate the goal of creating user interfaces that closely reflect human communications. Since voice has been the core of human interactions, it is also becoming the new way we interact with gadgets and mobile devices.

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7 Myths around Blockchain Technology, Debunked

By Archna Oberoi on Feb 14, 2018 6:22:27 PM

Blockchain is a cryptographically secure, shared, and distributed ledger of records, aiming to simplify transfer of digital assets from an individual to another. It’s a peer-to-peer network, wherein thousands of computers are connected, running complex algorithms to validate a transaction.

Topics: Blockchain
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5 Must Haves in Healthcare Patient Engagement Portals

By Kartik Kakar on Feb 10, 2018 10:47:14 PM

Patient engagement portals are the latest buzz in HealthIT. With people willing to be informed about and motivated to be involved in their own medical care, patient portals are serving the purpose with an accessible and affordable approach.

Topics: Healthcare
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How to Get More from your Cloud Platform?

By Gaurav Sharma on Feb 7, 2018 4:06:19 PM


Optimally utilizing the cloud platform with the right service mix and combination of cloud Service provider will not only result in big savings but also augment overall performance of the application.

Topics: DevOps
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Why your eCommerce Business Needs an Extension to Mobile App?

By Kunwar Jolly on Feb 7, 2018 10:28:00 AM

By 2021, over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online. These numbers indicate the upcoming opportunities that online commerce brings in, for both, brick-and-mortar and web-only retailers.

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How is Blockchain Disrupting the Fintech Landscape

By Kartik Kakar on Feb 4, 2018 10:41:28 PM

Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin is making great strides, leaving many curious about its underlying technology. For those religiously following the cryptocurrency sphere must have discovered the contribution of Blockchain in securing the transactions.

Topics: Blockchain
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A 3-Step Guide to Enterprise Security of Whatsapp, WeChat and other IM Apps

By Kartik Kakar on Jan 31, 2018 6:05:48 PM

The use cases of Instant Messaging (IM) apps are no more limited to sharing short text messages. IM apps today are facilitating users to share files, video chat, clickable hyperlinks, create conversation backup etc. Alongside some exclusive features and functionalities, these apps are backed with some essential security features that is helping them to enter into the business world as well.

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A Layman’s Guide to How Blockchain Works [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Archna Oberoi on Jan 31, 2018 10:04:00 AM

The hype around cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin, Ethereum) unveiled a disruptive technology, called Blockchain. A Blockchain is a virtual, public ledger, which uses cryptography to store permanent and tamper-proof records of transaction data.

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[eBook] 5 Proven Steps to Adopt DevOps Culture in your Organization

By Archna Oberoi on Jan 29, 2018 10:24:47 PM


DevOps is a business-driven approach that utilizes agile methodology, automation, and collaboration for seamless product development. Often considered as a ‘disciplined agile practice’, DevOps emphasizes upon integration of development and operations team for delivering better, frequent product cycles.

Topics: DevOps
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3 Foundational Technologies for Enterprise Mobility Solutions

By Kartik Kakar on Jan 24, 2018 6:22:11 PM

There has been a tremendous hike in the number of mobile device users, globally. The smartphone penetration rates are increasing, with over 36% of world’s population projected to use a smartphone by 2018. Moreover, iPads and tablets are retaining a great market share as well.

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How HDOs can Deliver Better Care Via Enterprise Virtual Care Platforms

By Archna Oberoi on Jan 23, 2018 10:01:00 AM

Healthcare delivery organizations (HDO) are striving towards a system of care, which is accessible and affordable. One of the major steps in this concern is enterprise virtual care system that aims to reinforce the conventional F2F delivery of care.

Topics: Healthcare
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A Look Through Natural Language Generation (NLG) and its Applications

By Kunwar Jolly on Jan 22, 2018 7:01:56 PM

Natural Language Generation (NLG) is a subdivision of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that aims to reduce communicative gaps between machines and humans. The technology, typically accepts input in non-linguistic format and turn it into human understandable formats like reports, documents, text messages etc.

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I have an App Idea, but Where Do I Start?

By Archna Oberoi on Jan 17, 2018 6:22:34 PM

App Entrepreneurs are making money, every day. Their innovative apps are making way to billions of smartphones, worldwide.

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5 Popular Web Apps that are Built using Drupal

By Kunwar Jolly on Jan 16, 2018 10:05:13 PM

Every business has got a distinct user-base and therefore a unique solution/service to offer. For developing applications that are reliable, flexible, scalable, and customized to simulate business values and services, Drupal has been in service from over a decade.

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5 Technologies that will Boost your Future Mobile App Strategy

By Archna Oberoi on Jan 15, 2018 5:29:47 PM

Mobile apps have given rise to a gold rush in the software industry. With a viewpoint that there is an app for (almost) everything, users are hosting a new app in their smartphones, every then and now. As a result, smartphones today are falling victim to app fatigue.

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What is Continuous Testing (CT): A Quick Look [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Archna Oberoi on Jan 14, 2018 7:53:30 PM

The collaboration of Agile and DevOps has invoked doors for an innovative and rapid software development model. While DevOps is often considered as an extension to Agile, one stream of development that hasn’t seen much growth is Software Testing.

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7 Reasons to Opt Drupal for Custom Web Application Development

By Kunwar Jolly on Jan 10, 2018 5:23:41 PM

Drupal is web content management software (WCMS), specializing in custom application development. With over 1000+ websites backed with Drupal, it is one of the top-rated platforms for building custom apps on web, supported by set of native features and module extensions.

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Instant Messaging for Business: Security Challenges and Solutions

By Archna Oberoi on Jan 9, 2018 11:10:16 PM

Today, the enterprise IT sector is affected by, and taking advantage of various new technologies and models, derived and developed in consumer space. This trend, called ‘Consumerization’ is impacting the enterprise-wide in a number of ways, which includes the usage of instant messaging for business.

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Outsourcing Software Development: Why India is the Front-Runner?

By Kartik Kakar on Jan 8, 2018 3:39:53 PM

In the era, when companies are betting on offshore/nearshore outsourcing for various IT and business services, teaming up with the right technology partner holds the core of enterprise wide strategy. Here, we confer upon India being the front-runner in offshore outsourcing for software development.

Topics: Outsourcing
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5 Real Life Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Ecommerce

By Archna Oberoi on Jan 3, 2018 5:26:48 PM

With online shopping being the most popular activities worldwide, the eCommerce sector is expanding by leaps and bounds. Amazingly, a recent study by Business Insider suggests that as much as 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human by as soon as 2020.

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Amazing Web and Mobile Apps Built using VueJS

By Kunwar Jolly on Jan 1, 2018 5:06:14 PM

Vuejs is an increamentally-adoptable javascript framework, that’s accepted by programmers to build UI on web. With  over 77.4 million likes on Github, this progressive JS framework has been contributing to UX-friendly, dynamic experience on web.

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How Agile and DevOps can Boost Software Development Cycle

By Archna Oberoi on Dec 27, 2017 11:03:39 AM


The Agile and DevOps theory is the topic of talk in IT organizations. However, there prevails a lot of confusion about the two, when it comes to differentiating between them and defining their benefits. Here, we try to understand the same with differences and similaries between both software development practices.

Topics: DevOps
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5 Reasons to Choose Vuejs for Web Application Development

By Archna Oberoi on Dec 22, 2017 11:09:27 AM

From over two decades, Javascript has been facilitating businesses to design interactive web interfaces for their consumers and clients. Used at both client and server side, javascript capacitates developers to bring dynamicity to pages through real-time modification, extended functionality, and user experience.

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How mHealth Apps Aid in Chronic Disease Management

By Archna Oberoi on Dec 21, 2017 5:30:29 PM


Digital healthcare system is orienting towards delivery of accessible and affordable care. With healthIT ecosystem maturing at full tilt, it is embroiled in the endeavours to manage chronic disease at personal and public level.

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Discover & Frame Workshop: Creating a Development Roadmap for your Product Idea

By Kunwar Jolly on Dec 20, 2017 5:17:26 PM

We often receive emails from people who either have an idea or want to develop an app similar to existing big fishes like Uber, Facebook, Whatsapp etc, but with an addon feature.They generally inquire about a fixed price proposal along with timelines, however, they have a very limited understanding of the features or requirements for their products.

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5 Trends that will Influence the Future of Digital Banking

By Archna Oberoi on Dec 19, 2017 10:00:00 PM

Banks around the world are strong in their endeavours to move from conventional to convenient banking. The concept of digitized banking is not new and is prevalent since the advent of ATMs and cards, back in the 1960s. This was followed by the emergence of the internet in the 90s and proliferated use of smartphones that made transactions possible, without ATMs.

Topics: Fintech
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6 Common Myths Around HIPAA Compliance, Debunked

By Kunwar Jolly on Dec 18, 2017 3:22:10 PM

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) Act was signed in 1996 for smoother and secure health insurance transactions. Later, with the emergence of electronic sharing of records, more policies were added to protect patient data during electronic transactions.

Topics: Healthcare
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Human Psychology behind Viral Apps: The Hook Model

By Archna Oberoi on Dec 13, 2017 6:20:08 PM

Any individual or entrepreneur, having a mobile app idea or development in progress, set their hopes on app vitality. Driving millions of downloads, app shared with word of mouth, positive reviews on app stores, high retention rate, and excellent revenue. Who doesn’t want that?

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Tips to Overcome Challenges in DevOps for Mobile Apps

By Kunwar Jolly on Dec 12, 2017 6:31:12 PM

42% of the organizations who have implemented DevOps confirm that it supports their mobile app development cycle.” - Gartner

DevOps have become an integral part of application development and delivery. However, embracing the benefits of DevOps for mobile app development is not possible without addressing to the challenges of confronted while development, testing, and release of the app. This segment discusses the major challenges of mobile DevOps with some reliable practices to overcome them. Let’s get started.

Topics: DevOps
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How Patient Portals are Improving the Virtual Healthcare System

By Archna Oberoi on Dec 11, 2017 6:43:00 PM

Over 75% of consumers are interested in receiving virtual healthcare services but only 1 in 5 can have access to it, according to a survey results by Accenture.

Certainly, tech-enabled virtual healthcare system has been offering some creative ways for care delivery. However, affordability and accessibility has been the biggest challenges, still waiting to be addressed. Amongst the various, existing models of virtual care delivery, one that is reaching the plateau of productivity is Patient Portals.

Topics: Healthcare
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How AI can Add Value and Viability to your Business Application

By Archna Oberoi on Dec 6, 2017 6:25:21 PM

The accelerated market hype around Artificial Intelligence has made it a buzzword of almost every industry. Businesses, irrespective of their industry are interested to invest in the potential of AI to automate, assist, and augment various value-based tasks.

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Challenges Involved in Implementing DevOps for Mobile Apps

By Kunwar Jolly on Dec 4, 2017 7:16:58 PM

Almost half-decade back, businesses experienced a massive shift in how users accessed their services online. There was a staunch and steady switch to mobile devices, which enforced businesses to make their existing applications compatible to them.

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Healthcare Application Development: Trends and Predictions for 2018

By Archna Oberoi on Dec 1, 2017 10:57:08 AM

Technology is disrupting every industry, in the most significant way. And today, it is impossible to shrug off technology’s ability to let us live longer, healthier lives. From smart hospitals to surgical robots, we could see digital healthcare system transforming the patient care, pronouncedly.

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Mobile App Analytics: A Guide to Increase App Engagement and Performance

By Kartik Kakar on Nov 29, 2017 6:14:14 PM

Mobile apps are a part of our micro-moments. From latest news to fitness logging to finding way to meeting, we reach out an app for almost everything. That is why, businesses ascertain that they include mobile app into their technology roadmap.

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3 Impactful Use Cases of AI in Capital Market

By Kunwar Jolly on Nov 28, 2017 10:03:00 PM

The AI impact on capital markets has never been profound as it is in the present times. AI has certainly taken the finance world, especially banking and investment services by storm. Artificial Intelligence is a suite that comprises of a set of tools- like machine learning, natural language processing, deep neural networks etc. that are impacting almost every industry, in the most efficient way.

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How to Estimate Cost of App Development?

By Archna Oberoi on Nov 27, 2017 4:47:00 PM

Mobile apps continue to be the elementary drivers of businesses today. From startups to Fortune 500, from consumer-facing (B2C) to business-facing (B2B), almost every business model is involving mobile app into their technology roadmap.

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7 AI Technologies that will be in Forefront in 2018

By Kunwar Jolly on Nov 22, 2017 5:49:09 PM

The ever growing interest of businesses and the market hype for Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making it one of the predominant element of tech-industry. AI, essentially is a broad term that defines the ability of machines to exhibit human intelligence. While real-AI is a near future, the current AI technologies are still offering a level playing field to almost every industry today, including healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and many others.

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5 Technology- Enabled Trends that are Revolutionizing the Capital Market

By Archna Oberoi on Nov 21, 2017 11:03:16 PM

The collaboration between investment banks and fintech brings in endless opportunities to the capital market industry. Financial technologies are evolving and in the third quarter of 2019, value of the international debt capital market transactions reached $1,056 billion. 

Topics: Fintech
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7 Real Time Applications of Augmented Reality in Mobile Apps

By Kartik Kakar on Nov 20, 2017 10:46:04 PM

Augmented Reality (AR) is the buzzword of tech industry today. The idea of taking digital or computer generated information (audio, video, images, touch, or haptic sensation) and then overlaying them to the real environment has been accepted enthusiastically. While AR can augment all five senses, but its present use cases are mostly visual.

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UX Design Ruleboard: How to Design an Interactive Form for Users

By Kartik Kakar on Nov 15, 2017 5:49:38 PM

Whether for a signup flow or access to gated content, a form is one of the significant ways to set interaction between the user and the app. That is why, paying attention to the details while designing UI/UX of a form is imperative. This segment shares a list of do’s and don’ts for a mobile app form design.

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10 Popular Hybrid Apps that are Built Using Ionic Framework

By Archna Oberoi on Nov 14, 2017 1:03:07 PM

Hybrid apps are often looked on as a cross platform app development solution. They are essentially small websites that runs under a native wrapper. And therefore, instead of serving as a web page, hybrid apps work as a standalone application.

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5 iOS App Development Trends to Follow in 2018

By Kunwar Jolly on Nov 13, 2017 3:25:53 PM

The duopoly of mobile Operating Systems is quite transparent. With over 46.68 million iPhone shipped worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2017, Apple is the second-largest smartphone vendor in the world.

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Xamarin vs React Native for Cross Platform App Development

By Archna Oberoi on Nov 8, 2017 6:21:13 PM

The app development market is quite volatile in terms of technological advancements. This exhibits the fact that the industry is open for change, when it comes to developing robust and productive applications, which are cost-effective as well.

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Hybrid Mobile App Framework: Why Ionic is the Most Favorable Choice

By Archna Oberoi on Nov 7, 2017 11:51:06 PM

Ionic is HTML5 framework, meant for hybrid mobile app development. Hybrid apps get the better of native apps, in terms of support to multiple platforms, access to third party code, and less time-to-market.

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Hiring Xamarin Developer? Specs and Skills you Should Look Out For

By Kartik Kakar on Nov 7, 2017 6:11:27 PM

Cross platform app development triumph over native app development in the matter of cost, time to market, logic sharing, code reusability, and performance. That is why cross platform app development frameworks and developers are in demand.

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5 Underestimated Elements of Mobile App UX Design

By Kunwar Jolly on Nov 1, 2017 5:51:47 PM

“The utmost thing is the user experience, to have the most useful experience.”

Designers swear by the benefits of a modest UX design. And to come up with an app experience that engage users and drive conversions, they follow the latest principles of UX designing. But despite that, we find them musing over the low retention rate of the app due to unimpressive user experience.

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Big Data Sources and Predictions [INFOGRAPHICS]

By Kunwar Jolly on Oct 31, 2017 3:55:27 PM

Big data is inundating businesses, persistently. The idea to collect, analyze, and act up on a set of data is harnessing businesses to make informed decisions and have a strategic plan for time ahead.

Moreover, big data has been the driving force for most of the trending technologies today. Machine Learning, Deep Learning (subsets of Artificial Intelligence), Internet of Things (IoT), Hadoop, NoSQL etc. are strongly backed by big data for processing the results.

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Innovative Use Cases of Internet of Things (IoT) in Healthcare

By Kartik Kakar on Oct 30, 2017 8:52:00 PM

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been gaining a lot of traction in the recent past. The entire concept revolves around the usage of electronic devices for monitoring data, which is connected to the public or private cloud, making them trigger events automatically.

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7 Artificial Intelligence Trends that will Rule 2018

By Archna Oberoi on Oct 29, 2017 12:25:56 PM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) remained the driving force of various industries in 2017. With so many tech giants and startups already delving into the AI ecosystem, it is expected to grow with better use cases in the year 2018. Considering the acceptance, development, and applications of AI, here we are with significant opportunities and perils that this ingenious technology will put forth in 2018.

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Search Box for Mobile Apps: Best UX Design Practices

By Kunwar Jolly on Oct 25, 2017 5:53:24 PM

A Search Box is one of the most powerful, yet an underestimated element of a mobile app. While it’s a simple textbox with an input field and submit button, it needs to be presented well to its users, for the fact that it’s used very often (especially in apps that are content-heavy).

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5 Reasons to Build a Messenger Bot for your Business

By Archna Oberoi on Oct 24, 2017 6:43:30 PM

“People-to-people conversations, people-to-digital assistants, people-to-bots and even digital assistants-to-bots. That’s the world you’re going to get to see in the years to come.” -Satya Nadella

Bots have become an imperative part of businesses. From rendering anytime support to augmenting human productivity, chatbots are giving businesses some sure reasons to have them as a part of customer service management.

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10 Interesting Quotes about Artificial Intelligence

By Archna Oberoi on Oct 22, 2017 7:32:26 PM

Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a discipline which dates back to 1956. During a workshop held at Dartmouth College campus (USA), the MIT cognitive scientist, Marvin Minsky, said, "Within a generation... the problem of creating "artificial intelligence" will substantially be solved."

AI is a term that’s now, to some extent, in everyone’s thoughts and on everyone’s lips. Some see its evolution as a benefit – perhaps in terms of analyzing enormous amounts of data to help medical science develop cures for cancer. Others see AI as a threat – to their jobs, their lifestyle, their communities and way of life.

Mentioned below are some thoughts from acclaimed tech giants about AI and how it's shaping our future AI application development.

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10 Popular Mobile Apps that are Built using Xamarin

By Kartik Kakar on Oct 18, 2017 12:44:54 PM

Code re-usability, rapid time-to-market for multiple platforms, native UI, API access, and performance. With so many benefits in line, cross platform app development is certainly a profitable solution for businesses.

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Why do Users Uninstall Apps: Let’s Dig Deeper [INFOGRAPHICS]

By Archna Oberoi on Oct 18, 2017 12:35:54 PM

Rigorous up-front design, thorough testing for usability, quality analysis on hundreds of devices, a full beta cycle, and then a final deployment to the app stores after months. How would it feel to have your app being dumped by users after download? Harrowing, isn’t?

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Possible Use Cases of Blockchain in Healthcare Industry

By Archna Oberoi on Oct 16, 2017 10:16:37 PM

Blockchain technology is making the headlines, almost everywhere. It is likely to have a mention about it, irrespective of the industry. However, setting aside the massive scope of opportunities that Blockchain brings in, its prominent use cases are still concealed under Bitcoin.

Topics: Healthcare
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Books, Courses, and Tutorials to Learn React Native Development

By Kartik Kakar on Oct 11, 2017 5:48:56 PM

Cross-platform, native app development using Javascript. Besides this, the competency of React Native to build user interfaces is what make developers to define this framework as an edgy technology stack for mobile app development.

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Reasons to Choose Xamarin for Cross Platform App Development

By Archna Oberoi on Oct 10, 2017 5:51:05 PM

Just pose a question about building an Android or iOS app, and you will certainly find people referring to Objective-C, Swift, and Java as the only native languages for development. Possibly, they are oblivious about the new ecosystem of platforms and the potential that they bring in for mobile app development.

Topics: Microsoft
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Moving Beyond Number of Downloads to Mobile App KPIs for Success

By Kunwar Jolly on Oct 8, 2017 10:28:52 PM

App download number is a delusive metric, as it does not reflect whether the application’s objective or key value proposition is being met or not. To figure out whether your app is achieving what it was built for (more revenue, user engagement or brand building), you need to go beyond counting app store downloads. The following post describes 15 metrics that matter the most for any sort of mobile application, why they are important and how to track them.

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7 Augmented Reality SDKs for App Developers

By Kartik Kakar on Oct 4, 2017 6:16:09 PM

Games, sports, eCommerce, social media, retail, healthcare! There is hardly an industry that has not experienced the magic of Augmented Reality (AR). And today, this technology is upgrading our real world by overlaying pieces of virtuality on it. For enabling  developers to make the most of AR and integrate it into web and mobile apps, there are some amazing SDKs available. Here, we share a few of them (Free and Paid).

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12 Things to look for in your Mobile App Development Partner [eBook]

By Kunwar Jolly on Oct 2, 2017 12:27:35 PM

Ideas are easy. It's the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the goats. ~ Sue Grafton

No matter how great an idea is, it is nothing more than a hallucination, if not executed well. And that is why, choosing a right partner for giving life to your idea is extremely important.

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10 Jaw-Dropping Stats about Mobile Apps for Android and iOS

By Archna Oberoi on Sep 30, 2017 9:41:53 PM

Back in 2008, when app stores were launched to the world, who knew that a decade later, they would be an indispensable part of daily lives. From food ordering to shopping, teaching to learning, entertainment to management, there is an app for everything, for everyone.

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Best UX Design Approach for Mobile App Development [INFOGRAPHICs]

By Kunwar Jolly on Sep 29, 2017 6:02:24 PM

Millennials, Gen X, and even the baby boomers are dependent upon the smartphones for their daily tasks. And as the number of mobile users rise, reaching them through apps have become one of the most followed trend amongst businesses.

Topics: UI/UX
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Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2018 [eBook]

By Archna Oberoi on Sep 27, 2017 6:05:04 PM

Over 400 million smartphones, 4 million apps for download, 80 billion annual app store revenue! These numbers certainly project that year 2017 took over the the ownership of the mobile world. And if the future prognosis are to be believed, these numbers are bound to rise dramatically.

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How Minimum Viable Product (MVP) can Benefit Mobile App Development

By Archna Oberoi on Sep 26, 2017 10:51:13 PM

From startups to Fortune 500, every company has a mind to risk management for dealing with those out of the blue scenarios. In an app development project, it’s the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that helps the businesses to evaluate and forecast the risk, so that a deliverable is rendered, which is accepted by the targeted persona.

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21 Tools to Implement Best Practices for DevOps

By Kartik Kakar on Sep 25, 2017 12:08:55 PM

In the IT ecosystem, there is more pressure than ever to be agile, without compromising with the security and reliability. For a consistent product development cycle, people, processes, and tools need to be streamlined effectively. This is where DevOps come into picture, addressing to the stumbling blocks of continuous integration, testing, and deployment in the software development cycle.

Topics: DevOps
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How Machine Learning will Enhance User Experience in Mobile Apps

By Kunwar Jolly on Sep 20, 2017 6:03:12 PM

Can you imagine a mobile app automating and controlling a number of tasks for the users, without being explicitly programmed for it. Well, that might sound fanatic, but it’s a practicable model today. Thanks to Machine Learning!

Machine Learning (ML) is subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that analyses a set of data, builds an analytical model, and then predicts accordingly. By implementing ML to mobile apps, businesses can ensure better experience to the existing and anticipated users.

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Hire Ruby on Rails Developer: Skillset that you Need to Check Out

By Kartik Kakar on Sep 20, 2017 11:38:59 AM

For web application development of any scale, RoR brings in a slew of opportunities. And this gives clear grounds to the startups as well as fortune 500 companies to place their trust in this amazing technology.

Topics: Open Source
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How is IoT Transforming the HealthIT [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Archna Oberoi on Sep 19, 2017 6:28:14 PM

Internet has found its relevance in all fronts and is poised to disrupt almost every sector with its benefits. Amongst the various domains that exert the influence of internet is healthcare.

With internet, evolved the concept of Internet of Things (IoT), which involves connecting anyone, anything, any service, or any network, via internet. Basically, IoT deals with interaction between machines, devices, or applications for solving or automating tasks, without human intervention.

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Mobile Theme or Responsive Design: Which one is Ahead and Why

By Ankita Agrawal on Sep 18, 2017 10:03:17 AM

Mobile phones are smart, ubiquitous, and surely an essential. From reacting to shopping whim or analyzing the market stats, they are complementing the everyday tasks, on the go.

The latest data shows that mobile digital media in the US is now significantly higher at 51% compared to the desktop (42%). Being a part of the mobile first era, building mobile-friendly websites is a must-have component to make the businesses reach the targeted audience in the most prominent manner.

Topics: UI/UX
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ARCore vs ARKit: How Do These AR SDKs Compare?

By Kartik Kakar on Sep 13, 2017 6:22:02 PM

Pokemon Go, Google Translate, Snapchat, SkyMap. These names have certainly turned the tables for AR technology, bringing it into the mainstream. If sources are to be believed, the AR/VR market will have a worth of 80 billion USD by 2025, with 45 billion USD coming from hardware and 35 billion USD from software.

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Fintech Trends to Watch Out in 2018

By Archna Oberoi on Sep 13, 2017 11:18:12 AM

The global investment in Fintech ventures is expected to have a worth of 8 billion USD by 2018. Therefore, this continuously thriving industry needs to follow the best and the latest technology to sustain.

In the year 2017, we have seen instant payments, mobile trading, millennial focused solutions making way to take fintech industry a step further. However, the year 2018 seems diverge a bit and step into the technology lane for better customer experience. Basis our client recent client requirements and evolving technologies, we have compiled this list of fintech trends that you must follow in 2018.

Topics: Fintech
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10 Popular Web Apps that are Built Using Ruby on Rails

By Kartik Kakar on Sep 12, 2017 10:10:51 AM

Ruby on Rails have been into the picture, ever since dynamic apps became the trend on web. Existing and utilized from over a decade, this open-source framework currently has 4,500 people contributing code to it.

Topics: Open Source
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The State of DevOps in 2017 [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Kartik Kakar on Sep 8, 2017 5:47:03 PM


As the businesses evolve and emphasize upon infallible software development and delivery model, DevOps is taking the front seat in IT departments. While Agile model for development have been turning up the trump for businesses from a long time, it lacked involvement of operations. Today, DevOps is successfully introducing agility in operations, owing to which organizations are able to render better customer experience with improved operational efficiency.

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5 Machine Learning Frameworks for App Developers

By Kunwar Jolly on Sep 6, 2017 6:04:00 PM

Machine Learning (ML) has turned out to be one of the profound applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI). From Virtual Assistants to traffic predictions, ML is refining the way some of the conventional tasks are performed. With ML holding its strength in pattern recognition and cognitive learning, it has found its significance in intelligent application development.

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5 Reasons to Choose RoR for Web Application Development

By Kartik Kakar on Sep 5, 2017 5:34:23 PM

In the galaxy of programming languages for web application development, Ruby has surely made a majestic entry. And to complement its caliber to build powerful web apps, Ruby on Rails (RoR), a framework based on Ruby language was introduced back in 2004.

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The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Application Development

By Archna Oberoi on Sep 3, 2017 5:03:00 PM

From brick-and-mortar retailers (like Walmart) to web-only retailing corporations (like Amazon or Rakuten), eCommerce platforms have certainly made shopping a plain sailing experience for customers. And these days, when smartphones are acting as supercomputers in pocket, consumers take the most of this ease to find, learn, or buy whenever they want-or when the whim bangs.

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5 Reasons to Nominate iOS App Development for your Business

By Kartik Kakar on Aug 30, 2017 5:43:55 PM

In the Q1 of 2017, the Apple App Store hosted 1.75 million active apps. And if sources are to be believed, this number is projected to grow up to 5.06 million by 2020. Also, Apple confirms that this second largest app store had 180 billion app downloads in the Q1.

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Hiring Android Developer: Specs and Skills that you Should Check Out

By Archna Oberoi on Aug 29, 2017 12:41:27 PM

In the duopoly of Android and iOS, we do have some compelling grounds to opt for Android app development. Indeed, this technology is progressive, has made it to billion devices, and owing to its popularity, there is high call for dedicated Android developers in the industry.

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Regulations and Compliance in Healthcare Application Development

By Kunwar Jolly on Aug 28, 2017 2:05:14 PM

“Over 2.3 billion users across the world are using smartphones. There are 4 billion mobile apps and 325 million connected wearable devices used worldwide.”

This steep rise in adoption of mobile platforms and smart devices has broaden up ways for physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare associations to deliver real time care and information to the users.

Topics: Healthcare
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5 Android App Development Trends that you Should Follow in 2017

By Archna Oberoi on Aug 23, 2017 6:21:40 PM

With Google Play Store hosting over 2.5 million Android apps, paying attention to the trends in development seems to be an obvious thing. While this year saw a lot of technological fads in the field of development, there were some ideas that were above the ordinary, took apps to a different level, and they show no sign of slowing down. The upcoming segment discuss them, along with their amazing applications.

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Things to Consider While Hiring React Developer

By Archna Oberoi on Aug 23, 2017 11:44:55 AM

Ever since its existence, ReactJS has been making its way to the list of most trending technologies for front-end development. What added more value to this Javascript library was React Native, which commenced a new phase to the development of Android and iOS apps.

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Must have Technologies in Healthcare Applications

By Kartik Kakar on Aug 22, 2017 11:26:59 PM

For 2018, the mHealth market is forecast to be valued at around 33.59 billion U.S. dollars and it’s expected to reach 58.8 billion USD by 2020. Moreover, the number of telehealth users are expected to reach 7 billion by 2018. These figures unveil the fact that people confide in mobile applications and devices to manage their health and fitness routines.

Topics: Healthcare
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Android vs iOS App Development: Which Platform Works Best for You?

By Archna Oberoi on Aug 16, 2017 6:27:56 PM

The current smartphone market is dominated by Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. In the first quarter of 2017, 379.97 million smartphones were shipped worldwide; 327.16 (Android), 51.99 (iOS), 0.82 (others).

With this, mobile apps are and would be the smartphone essential, for sure. Statistics for the year 2017 (Q1) unveil that Google Play Store is home to 2.8 million apps while the iOS Store to 2.2 million apps.

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5 Facts to Consider While Moving to DevOps

By Kunwar Jolly on Aug 16, 2017 12:48:20 PM

Devops is a paradigm shift in the software development sphere as it focuses on intense collaboration between development and operations team, with customer empathy and infrastructure automation at its core. It is being practiced by a numerous software development companies across the globe to increase productivity, reduce costs, and build products with more customer focused approach.

However, For many of the organizations, jumping head first into DevOps have been observed to be daunting.

Topics: DevOps
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10 Best Tools to Build a Chatbot for your Business

By Archna Oberoi on Aug 14, 2017 6:00:00 PM

By 2020, 85% of the consumer interactions will be supported without human interaction, predicts Gartner.

Today, chatbots are smartly handling the biggest problem of every industry, i.e. providing 100% customer assistance. Healthcare, finance, insurance, e-Commerce, logistics, sports, entertainment, leisure, travel, and almost every other industry is leveraging the pros of chatbot. While a lot of companies are already reaping the benefits of automated convo system, many are still contemplating over its adoption.

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How Big Data and AI is Disrupting the HealthIT

By Kartik Kakar on Aug 11, 2017 6:13:52 PM


Despite the fact that our brain has got immense storage and processing power, we prefer storing our data on digital space. In consequence, the digital data is enlarging in size and is estimated to reach 44 trillion GB by 2020. Surely, such big data is impossible for humans to handle and thus Artificial Intelligence (AI) would be needed to track, manage, and probably, process it as well.

Topics: Healthcare
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A Look Through the Bright Side of Android App Development

By Archna Oberoi on Aug 9, 2017 6:26:13 PM

Google Play Store hosts over 3 million apps in March 2017. Certainly, this surprising number is contributed by the popularity of Android and the capabilities that it brings in with every version. However, that’s not the only secret for its success.

Big brands, startups, and individuals are opting Android app development over other platforms and there are some invigorating reasons behind it. Here, we have a glance over some of them.  

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5 Technologies that will Disrupt the Cross Platform App Development

By Archna Oberoi on Aug 9, 2017 11:40:40 AM

If you are a technology fan, then you must have noticed some new smartphones, tablets, and many other interesting gadgets coming out every month. More the tech-tools with different sizes and software platforms, more are the software applications built for them.

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7 eCommerce Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

By Archna Oberoi on Aug 7, 2017 10:37:35 PM

8 out of 10 Americans are online shoppers, reveals a study. And if we analyze the frequency of shoppers to buy online, it’s quite easy to predict that web stores and mobile apps are the most preferred mode to shop for favorites and essentials.

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5 Steps to Adopt Devops Culture for Your Product Development [Webinar]

By Kunwar Jolly on Aug 4, 2017 1:05:11 PM

DevOps is a culture, a philosophy that is being practiced by many companies across the globe to increase productivity, reduce costs, and boost the overall revenue. It challenges the long withstanding beliefs, processes and assumptions and asks for a more collaborative and accountable way for software development.

Topics: DevOps
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10 Amazing Apps that are Built using React Native

By Kartik Kakar on Aug 3, 2017 4:15:42 PM

The evolution of React Native technology is quite fascinating. What started of as Facebook’s internal Hackathon project in 2013 is now one of the trending frameworks for Android and iOS mobile app development. In March 2015, Facebook, in its F8 conference announced availability of React Native on Github. And now, developers are making the most of modern web techniques on mobile.

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Major Challenges in Healthcare Application Development

By Kunwar Jolly on Aug 2, 2017 5:31:39 PM

With evolving technology and awareness about healthcare, mHealth apps have become a necessity than an option. If a research done by statista is to be believed, the number of downloads in health care, medical, and fitness apps have seen a steep rise from 1.7 billion to 3.2 billion. This clearly forecasts the fact that mHealth apps are being accepted, used, and trusted by users worldwide.

Topics: Healthcare
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Mobile App Development: Know When to Update or Re-engineer your App

By Archna Oberoi on Aug 1, 2017 11:48:09 AM

So, you have launched an app in the market that’s build on a tested concept, could let you gain a  massive user base, generate millions in revenue, and turn out to be a brand that users can trust.

However, after few months of the launch, everything seems to fall aside. Diminishing app installs, low retention rate and slowdown in aap's acceptance are concerning you.

You turned up the trumps initially, but your app is a dead duck now.

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Numbers Defining the Future of Internet of Things (IoT) [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Kartik Kakar on Jul 31, 2017 12:56:30 PM

Google Home, Thermostat, FitBit, Smartlock, Coffee Pot!

All of these examples might seem different, but what puts them all into a single category is the Internet of Things (IoT). These everyday things and devices are connected to internet, are identified by other devices, and add up some kind of info to a database.

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UX Practices to Build a Million Dollar App

By Kunwar Jolly on Jul 26, 2017 5:59:11 PM

The difference between apps that make millions and the ones that never see a dime lies in the  fact that how well their developers and marketers understand their customers. With a million apps in the app stores, the need to understand user’s pressing points has never been so important than now.

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Mobile App Design: Introducing In App gestures to your Users

By Archna Oberoi on Jul 26, 2017 10:51:04 AM

Tap, drag, flick, spread! While many of us might not know these in-app gestures by name, though we use them daily while interacting with our mobile apps.

And considering that gestures have become an important UI feature, they too are evolving!

Let’s take example of iPhone 3D Touch and one of its applications called peek-and-pop. This feature allow users to sneak into the content when a light force touch is applied and making the touch a little harder will open it.

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Guidelines to Convert a Web App into Native Mobile App

By Kunwar Jolly on Jul 24, 2017 11:30:30 AM


Success in business today requires real-time, mobile access to business opportunities. In the mobile first era, businesses having presence on mobile could improve the brand value, as their services/solutions reach the audience faster. While mobile compatible websites were and are the heart of search engines, mobile apps are certainly opening ways for convenient service access.

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iPad App Development: Why India is the Wagon Master?

By Kartik Kakar on Jul 19, 2017 6:28:53 PM

By 2018, the number of iPad users in the US is forecasted to reach 80.9 billion, suggests a study. Such high numbers vividly justify the increased call for iPad app development in the recent past.

The Apple App Store has over 1 million native apps for tablet devices. This certainly evince the fact that businesses are leaving no stone unturned to reach the potential customers and users via mobile devices (alongside smartphone and wearables).

Topics: Outsourcing
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Outsourcing IT Services: A Professional Company VS Freelancer

By Archna Oberoi on Jul 18, 2017 9:28:21 PM

Nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, we bet on people, not on strategies. And that said so, choosing the right people for outsourcing IT services surely holds the crux of any business project.

With thousands of companies, freelancers, and agencies mushrooming in every corner, outsourcing has become a hyper-competitive industry. While freelancers have a cost-effective development model and certain technology expertise to offer; companies welcome large scale projects, have diverse skillset, and are open to innovation.

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15 Login Screen Examples for Mobile App Developers

By Archna Oberoi on Jul 14, 2017 4:27:45 PM

User experience (UX) has always been the element of precedence in a mobile app. A lot of efforts are put in to refine usability of an app and all of it starts with the login screen design.

Designing login screen for a mobile app is a constructive step. At the bare minimum, it includes option for account creation (Sign Up) and login (Sign In). Further, you can add more elements to the screen like social login, forgot password, view password etc. that perk up the UX. Here are some of the finest login screen examples to refer and the best practices that can be adopted to offer an easy app entry to the users.

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9 Mobile App Marketing Platforms to Gain a Million Downloads

By Kunwar Jolly on Jul 12, 2017 6:23:55 PM


If your app is the fire, social media is gasoline. Considering the popularity of social platforms and their tendency to viralize the potential content, it is definitely the right strategy to promote your apps on these networks. Here we are with most pertinent social media platforms and mobile app marketing tactics (free and paid) that can shoot up your apps’ downloads amongst targeted users.

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App Ideation to Development: An Essential Guide to Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Archna Oberoi on Jul 11, 2017 4:42:44 PM

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Hence, in your endeavours to transform your app idea into the next big thing, it is prerogative to step ahead with a plan of action.

In a galaxy of million of apps, how would you make your app shine? Definitely, doing the things right is the key, i.e. carrying out the research, following the right methodology, creating an engaging design, and what not. However,  that’s not the real essence of a mobile app development cycle.  

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25 Best Splash Screen Examples for Mobile Apps

By Kartik Kakar on Jul 10, 2017 1:41:02 PM

Splash screen, or very often called as the launch or boot screen is the first screen that is displayed when an application loads. Normally, it comprises of the app logo, sometimes the company name, or very rarely their motto. While splash screens do not offer any practical advantage, they are considered as a source for brand strengthening and start out the app loading process.

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Progressive Web Apps: How Do They Impact Your SEO Strategy

By Kunwar Jolly on Jul 6, 2017 9:54:05 PM


Of those who search, nearly 4 in 10 search only on smartphone in an average day.” suggests a study by Google. As mobile usage increases, companies focus their attention towards making their websites mobile-friendly, ascertaining that an optimal user experience is rendered. Moreover, developers are driven to adopt the latest and most efficient technologies to make mobile web a useful space for users.

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5 Ways to Boost Up Mobile App Development Cycle

By Kartik Kakar on Jul 4, 2017 5:44:28 PM

Any company that’s into the business of mobile app development is familiar with the constant struggle between speed and quality. Unlike web development, the app development cycles are quite longer. Opportunely, there are a set of resources, which, when utilized smartly can speed up the app development timeline. So, if you are entrepreneur, wanting to escape the long development cycles, these are the hacks to that will surely work out.

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Disruptive Tendencies of Virtual Healthcare [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Kunwar Jolly on Jul 4, 2017 5:43:35 PM


Thanks to the evolving modes of connectivity, virtually delivering patient-centric care has been made possible. There are virtual health kiosks and portals, EHRs, remote consultations etc. that are bridging the gap between the patients and physicians in the most prominent way.

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7 Benefits of Using Mobile App Prototyping Tools

By Sachin Mehndiratta on Jul 3, 2017 10:25:02 AM

Using an app prototyping tool is a common practice amongst UI and UX designers. It lets them take a test-drive of the app design, before the development cycle begins. More than that, it eliminates the designing roadblocks like last-minute tweaks, delayed approvals, and slower feedback cycles. Prototyping a mobile app enable the designers to share real-time wireframe of the screen-designs, ensuring that experimentation, feedback, testing, and approvals can happen on time.

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8 Mobile App Monetization Ideas to Turn your App into a Cashcow

By Archna Oberoi on Jun 29, 2017 11:10:00 PM

“Pokemon Go is a free-to-play game. It became the fastest game to make over $500 million in revenue. It was the first app to gross highest revenue in its first month ($206.5million).” The matter of fact is, even if your app is free, it can generate an exceptional revenue.

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How to Avoid Resource Burnout During Mobile App Development

By Kartik Kakar on Jun 28, 2017 5:08:01 PM

Mobile app development is more than just tools, techniques, and teamwork. A number of resources implicitly contribute to the entire development cycle, making its deployment possible on time. Sharing ideas, prioritizing tasks, managing time are to name a few. While their importance is never being ignored, a disbalance in them can lead to delay in project delivery. Considering this, it is essential to look out for ways to minimize resource burnout at the time of development. Here, we share a few of them.

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Custom App Development vs Off-the-Shelf Product: Which One to Opt and Why

By Kunwar Jolly on Jun 27, 2017 6:35:45 PM


Buy or Build, this has always been a big question for businesses. Software applications that handle business operations typically fall under two categories: Custom application development and Off-the-Shelf products.

A custom software is tailored according to definite needs of a business or a group of industry. On the other hand, an off-the-shelf products are pre-developed, ready-to-use applications, often meant for a specific industry. There are a number of packaged software available that claim to cater to all business needs and appeal to a broader user base, however, in the long run, many of these tend to disappoint.

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9 Transaction & Security Protocols for Compliance of a FinTech App

By Kunwar Jolly on Jun 27, 2017 6:08:31 PM

Fintech has emerged as one of the hottest tech industry in the recent decade. It is a portmanteau of financial services with modern technology. Indubitably, it has disrupted the traditional financial services to their core. Such is the impact of fintech sector that small startups tend to give a cut-throat competition to established banks and financial institutes.

Topics: Fintech
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5 Crucial Benefits of Mobile App Deep Links

By Archna Oberoi on Jun 26, 2017 6:02:39 PM

User experience is always given high prominence in a mobile app. It does the job of informing and engaging users, which eventually help out to retain them. For this, a lot of practices are adopted, amongst which Deep Linking is the one.

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Best UX Design Practices for A Mobile App Walkthrough

By Kartik Kakar on Jun 20, 2017 6:51:18 PM


In the initial phase of mobile app development, a lot of time and effort is spent to acquire users. The next phase involves holding-on to those hard-earned users, which indeed is a tough job to do. According to a research, an app loses 77% of its active users within first-three days of its installation, if they find it hard to comprehend its usability.

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9 Machine Learning Examples from Day-to-Day Life

By Archna Oberoi on Jun 16, 2017 10:00:27 PM

 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere. Possibility is that you are using it in one way or the other and  you don't even know about it. One of the popular applications of AI in custom software development is Machine Learning (ML), in which computers, software, and devices perform via cognition (very similar to human brain). Herein, we share few examples of machine learning that we use everyday and perhaps have no idea that they are driven by ML.  

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ReactJS Vs VueJS? Which one to choose for your web app development?

By Chetan Singh on Jun 16, 2017 1:07:19 PM

Almost all software product engineering companies struggle in the quest of choosing the best technology stack for developing their product. After all, it is the technology that can turn greatest of the ideas into a mediocre product. Hence, it is of utmost importance to ponder upon all the available technology options and choose the best.

The problem becomes more pertinent while choosing the most apt technology between ReactJS and VueJS.  Though, both technologies seem alike at the first glance, however, differences emerge as we dive deep into the core.

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4 AI Trends that are Disrupting Healthcare Industry

By Kartik Kakar on Jun 14, 2017 5:30:47 PM

To me, nothing seems more fascinating than the fact that machine, a manifestation of human knowledge, could be developed to such an extent that it is able to be on par with human. Be it self-driving vehicles, the infamous Chess match or Google's Alpha Go, technology is giving end-to-end competition to humans. With rapid advancement of technology and automation, there is rarely a field left untouched by the machines. One such field is the healthcare industry.

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Top 10 Mobile App Analytics Tools to Build Ultra-Performing Mobile Apps

By Archna Oberoi on Jun 13, 2017 3:10:13 PM

When an app is launched, it reaches the mass at different geo-locations, on variety of devices, and for diverse purposes. Therefore, it’s quite obvious to receive a fluctuating response. Some users will like the design, some will love the experience, while some would expect improvements. It’s surely a hard task to understand the variety of users, their interests, and app’s behaviour on different devices. Now you might wonder how to understand the behaviour of your users while they are using your mobile app.

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5 Websites to Learn Mobile App Development At your Own Pace

By Kunwar Jolly on Jun 9, 2017 6:17:31 PM

Smartphones are here to stay and we can predict that they are going nowhere in the next two decades at least. Following this, we can claim that there would be high dependency on mobile apps for managing day-to-day tasks, entertainment, businesses, health monitoring etc. This is one of the reasons why custom mobile app development is a lucrative career options these days.

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The Numbers Behind Growth of Mobile Health Technology in the US [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Kartik Kakar on Jun 8, 2017 6:15:03 PM

Technology is smartly revamping the model of healthcare industry. Thoughtful ideas are introduced to develop mobile apps, wearables, and other health monitoring devices. This has eventually brought an impressive change in how people maintain fitness, stay informed about their wellness, diagnose health issues, and connect with medical resources at distance.

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A Sneak Peek Into Upcoming Features of iOS 11

By Archna Oberoi on Jun 7, 2017 4:51:29 PM

Apple hosted its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2017. CEO, Tim Cook along with his key executives took the stage and announced their new addons to MacBook, Apple TV, and iPhone.  While the highlights from keynote session unfolded Apple’s roadmap for the year, what managed to hold the interest was the launch of iOS 11.

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5 Innovations in 2017 that will Disrupt the Healthcare Sector

By Team Daffodil on Jun 6, 2017 11:10:37 PM

Healthcare is one of the world’s largest industries. Collectively, the size of the healthcare market is estimated to be between five trillion to six trillion dollars. As one of the examples for how large the healthcare industry is at global level, consider this: All spending on products and services concerning the heart (pharmaceuticals such as beta-blockers, cardiovascular surgery procedures etc) is greater than the entire automotive industry. Therefore, there is nothing to be surprised with the fact that both entrepreneurs and investors have traditionally looked at healthcare as a lucrative industry to invest in.

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Test Driven Development Or Behaviour Driven Development: Which One is Better?

By Kartik Kakar on Jun 3, 2017 6:58:04 AM


Feedback is an element of utter importance in the entire software development life cycle. It exhibits the progress rate of a project and ascertain developers that they are moving in the right direction to deliver what is expected by the stakeholders. In a conventional approach for software development, testing is usually followed by code designing. While this model has got assured advantages, it has got some stumbling blocks as well. For example: Delay in project delivery due to error fixing and changes in application functionality at later stage.

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How to Blend UI/UX with Human Psychology During Mobile App Development

By Archna Oberoi on May 31, 2017 9:44:59 AM

When you ask someone to review a mobile app, they will certainly start the feedback with its design and user experience. UI, features accessibility, and engagement are the prime factors that connects the users with an app.

As an old saying goes, “People Don't Want to Work or Think More Than They Have To”. Hence, the app should have a human connect that attracts and engages user with the least amount of effort possible on their end.  There should be natural and flawless course when it comes to navigation between various elements in your application. Here is how you can merge human psychology with UI/UX design and sprinkle a sense of occult in your app design.   

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How AI is changing the Way Businesses Team Up with Technology

By Kunwar Jolly on May 29, 2017 3:55:10 PM

From personal assistance to self-driving, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already proving its potential to replace humans with machines. If a Google's prediction is to be believed,  robots will be exhibiting human intelligence by 2029. Gartner, an IT research firm predicts that 3 out of 10 jobs will be replaced by software, robots, or smart machines by 2025. However, before you become panic-stricken, it is important to understand that AI actually aims to replace human brainpower for more strategic tasks, which may consequently augment jobs instead of replacing them.

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7 App Performance Metrics to Check Before Rolling It Out to the Market

By Kartik Kakar on May 25, 2017 5:19:28 PM

Mobile apps are a dominating division of the digitized world. From entertainment to IT, businesses are perceiving their importance and making them a part of their success endeavours. However, the intent behind having a mobile app for business may vary and range from service usage to revenue generation, or simply getting user engagement. 

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Why Agile is the Most Preferred Methodology for Mobile App Development?

By Archna Oberoi on May 23, 2017 4:45:09 PM

You’re a sailing ship, propelling from Colombia to Panama. The suns and stars, the winds and currents dictate your position. There is a trained crew that can handle unexpected events throughout the voyage. The flow of journey can’t be predicted at its outset but you can dynamically respond to the situations. You move with a strategy, a tactical ideology, no operational plan but still there is high success rate. That’s how Agile methodology for mobile app development works.

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Highlights from Google I/O 2017: What’s New for Android Developers?