Multi-Cloud Management: Challenges, Tools, and Best Practices

By Archna Oberoi on Aug 16, 2022 5:19:00 PM

Migrating to the cloud is the new normal for businesses of all sizes. Based on availability, compliance, performance, sovereignty, and other technical factors, businesses are making a choice for a relevant cloud services provider. 

Topics: CloudOps
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Software Testing Services: Understanding User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

By Archna Oberoi on Aug 9, 2022 3:50:00 PM

In an SDLC, there are several testing frameworks that help to assess if the application is progressing in the right direction. It could be in terms of usability, security, compatibility, performance, integrations, etc.

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Speech-To-Text: How Automatic Speech Recognition Works

By Allen Victor on Aug 2, 2022 4:37:19 PM

Speech recognition is a technology that has been going through continuous innovation and improvements for almost half a century. It has led to several successful use cases in the form of voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri, etc., voice biometrics, official transcription software, and the list goes on. So what really is Automatic Speech Recognition and what are the underlying technologies that enable it?

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What Does A Salesforce Administrator Do For Enterprises?

By Allen Victor on Aug 1, 2022 4:54:21 PM

The business landscape of the modern world is heavily customer-centric with marketing, sales, and customer support at the center of operations. Salesforce is the most sought-after Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software intended for these purposes. There are a variety of roles and responsibilities in an enterprise's Salesforce team and the Salesforce Administrator is usually at the helm of it.

Topics: Salesforce
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Top 5 Ways FinTech Uses Biometrics Technologies

By Allen Victor on Jul 27, 2022 4:53:34 PM

Increasingly today, Financial Technology (FinTech) companies have been using mobile devices and applications as promotional platforms. Biometrics technologies are a necessary addition to the FinTech domain and have the critical task of enhancing security through the accurate identification and verification of the customer's identity.

Topics: Fintech
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How Does NLP Fully Leverage Unstructured Healthcare Data?

By Allen Victor on Jul 26, 2022 12:19:30 PM

A majority of healthcare data today, about 80% of it, happens to be unstructured. Most sources used for aggregating Electronic Health Records (EHR) require a considerable amount of pre-processing because most of them are not machine-readable. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and various Machine Learning (ML) techniques can, however, unlock all the potential enmeshed in unstructured data.

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How Does Wysa Work? Business Model And Revenue Streams

By Allen Victor on Jul 20, 2022 5:47:06 PM

When it comes to seeking app-based medical solutions, physical health is often given precedence over cognitive or mental health. However, millions of people suffer silently from unseen, yet debilitating effects of mental illnesses. That is the pain area that the creators of the research-backed mental wellness app Wysa have chosen to address. 

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AI Center of Excellence: Applications of Image Segmentation in the Real World

By Daffodil Software on Jul 19, 2022 6:44:00 PM

Artificial Intelligence, in practice, is complex. There are several technologies and training methodologies involved. There is a high risk involved in algorithm failure. With this,  businesses want nothing but the best of AI practitioners when it comes to executing the use of AI technology. That’s when the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Center of Excellence (CoE) comes into the picture. 

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Why Is Self-Checkout The Fastest Growing FinTech Vertical?

By Allen Victor on Jul 13, 2022 4:15:00 AM

Post-pandemic, the retail sector has witnessed several transformations in the way it works, but the biggest paradigm shift has been the increased adoption of self-checkout systems. These systems give retailers the option of saving costs while enhancing the customer experience so that in-store resources can be better allocated.

Topics: Fintech
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Clinical BI: Business Intelligence for Value-Based Healthcare System

By Archna Oberoi on Jul 11, 2022 6:51:00 PM

Value-based care is the new normal in the healthcare industry. 

Healthcare stakeholders- patients, providers, payers, and suppliers are realizing the benefits of value-based care, and adopting it has become their major goal.

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