7 Real Time Applications of Augmented Reality in Mobile Apps

Nov 20, 2017 10:46:04 PM


Augmented Reality (AR) is the buzzword of tech industry today. The idea of taking digital or computer generated information (audio, video, images, touch, or haptic sensation) and then overlaying them to the real environment has been accepted enthusiastically. While AR can augment all five senses, but its present use cases are mostly visual.

Amongst the various platforms where Augmented Reality is used today (PCs with webcam, Kiosks, digital signage etc.), smartphones have arguably found the most effective applications. From using cameras and screen to identify markers and GPS functions, it has become possible to engage and help users with AR applications in smartphones. In the following segment, we will confer on some of the real time applications of Augmented Reality in mobile apps.

1. eCommerce  

For a scalable platform and engaging user experience, eCommerce industry is making the most of latest technology available today, including Augmented Reality. Amongst the various use cases of AR in eCommerce, virtual trial is widely appreciated, irrespective of the online shop category.

For example: Amikasa, a 3D floor planner app uses Augmented Reality for recreating homes. Users can choose from their furniture and match with the available products, and do similar things to visualize the purchase.

2. Gaming

The gaming industry is embracing Augmented Reality. And one of the reasons why majority of commoners are introduced with AR is a game (Pokemon Go). Today, AR is making it possible to fight aliens, defend kingdoms in real world, catch fanatical creatures, and a lot more. And with evolution of AR, this has been made possible without AR-enabled console or smartphones. For example: By enabling smartphone GPS, players can move around the neighbourhood and complete the given set of tasks. Example: Parallel Mafia, Temple Treasure Hunt. 

3. Healthcare

The digital healthcare industry leaves no stone unturned to deliver better care. AR in healthcare is being used to locate patient’s veins for injections, working to teach life skills to children on autism spectrum, allowing physicians to demonstrate surgery plans, and a lot more. Surely, AR is giving more power to the healthIT with small, powerful solutions.

4. Photo Filters

Photo filters have never been so much fun. The snapchat filters are everyone’s favorite and while trying out those amazing filters, the technology working at the backend is augmented reality. Considering the high popularity of such scoffing filters, we can find a number of alike apps in the app marketplace.  

5. Travel and Tourism

Augmented Reality has got interactive properties that leaves a distinctive impression on our brain. That is why, AR is used to augment the travel experiences. Simply, take example of Google Translate app that uses augmented reality to let the users convert symbols printed in foreign languages into your native language. All that you, being a user have to do it point the smartphone screen towards the signboard and translation of the sign will pop up on screen in real-time.

In various scenarios, AR acts as a virtual tourist guide. AR apps that are location based (like Wikitude) enable users to overlay the required information like nearby ATMs, restaurants, etc. onto the actual camera view.


Entertainment is another industry that is making the most of AR. One of the prominent use cases of augmented reality is in museums.

Museums are an effective space for enhancing know-how on a topic. But these valuable historical objects are kept in glass covering and museums don’t allow touching them. To this, AR is the solution. By implementing AR to the in museums, it is possible to bring the objects alive. This way, the objects exhibited in the museum can be visualized realistically in the 3D view. Such a concept has been developed by ARWorks.

7. Education 

Whether it's about learning astronomy through  Google Sky Map or or understand geographical measurements using GeoGoogle, AR is making learning a fun process. Taking AR applications in the education sector a step further, AR is helping the physicians to train the prospects.  

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Which is your Favorite Application of AR

After going through the examples shared above, you must have realized that AR is a part of your daily life. You make the most of it, but without noticing it. With AR holding potential to simplify routines through mobile apps, there has been high call for AR app development services.

If you have an idea that you think AR and app development technologies can accomplish, we invite you to take our 30 minute consultation with experts.

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