Embracing Cloud-Native Architecture for Digital Platform Development

By Nikita Sachdeva on Jul 4, 2023 12:00:00 PM

The shift towards cloud-native architecture has gained significant momentum as organizations worldwide recognize the transformative power of cloud computing. By harnessing the power of cloud computing, businesses can unlock a plethora of benefits, enabling them to thrive in today's evolving technological landscape.

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Automation in FinOps: Streamlining Cloud Financial Management for Agile Businesses

By Nikita Sachdeva on Jun 27, 2023 2:00:00 PM

As the popularity of public cloud services soared and businesses rushed to migrate their applications, the practice of monitoring and reporting on cloud expenses swiftly became an essential task for every team. However, what many organizations soon realized was that while a cloud migration may offer savings on data center costs, it also presents a whole new set of financial challenges to navigate.

Topics: Fintech CloudOps
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10 Strategic Tech Investments for CIOs in 2023

By Nikita Sachdeva on May 10, 2023 3:00:00 PM

In the world of business, the race to stay ahead is a never-ending one. And in the technology landscape, it's a full-on sprint! That's why CIOs are constantly on the lookout for emerging technologies to give their organizations the edge.

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How to Control DevOps Observability Costs to Maximize ROI

By Allen Victor on Apr 5, 2023 11:56:34 AM

While observability is an increasingly crucial part of DevOps-based software development, the associated costs are growing faster than infrastructure costs. IT organizations today face the challenge of balancing innovative observability strategies with maintaining sustainable business models.

Topics: DevOps CloudOps
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How a Modern Data Stack Architecture can Improve Business Performance?

By Nikita Sachdeva on Mar 21, 2023 10:45:00 AM

The unprecedented proliferation of data generated by various digital sources has left businesses grappling with the complexities of managing large volumes of data. According to a report by IDC, the digital universe data is expected to reach 180 zettabytes by 2025. This massive amount of data presents significant challenges for organizations in terms of storage, processing, and analysis.

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Cloud Monitoring and Its Role in Business Continuity

By Archna Oberoi on Jan 24, 2023 3:45:00 PM

Is your team struggling to gain visibility into the performance, availability, and health of cloud applications & infrastructure? Do you need to automate cloud monitoring so that your team focuses on its core competency? If yes, then this guide will introduce you to the business-critical components of cloud monitoring and how you can leverage them to ensure automation & efficiency in operations. 

Topics: DevOps CloudOps
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The FinOps Approach to Automate Cloud Cost Optimization Cycle

By Archna Oberoi on Dec 21, 2022 3:15:00 PM

Businesses are shifting their IT infrastructure to the cloud for the certain benefits that this new era of computing has. While cost, compliance, and performance are some of the obvious reasons for the change, a large share of the business community has failed to realize these gains. 

Topics: DevOps CloudOps
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FinOps Vs. The Traditional Approach: How has Cloud Cost Optimization Evolved Over Time?

By Nikita Sachdeva on Dec 20, 2022 11:48:32 AM

Business scalability, accessibility, and cost efficiency are just some of the often-touted economic benefits of cloud computing. Furthermore, these benefits transcend economic turbulence to a great extent, simply by enabling businesses to access computing resources whenever they need them. It also explains why cloud computing is the fastest-growing computing model, with global revenues expected to reach $1 trillion by 2026.

Topics: CloudOps
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Cloud Cost Optimization Tips: How DropBox Reduced Its OpEx

By Allen Victor on Nov 23, 2022 10:37:20 AM

The operational and infrastructural overhead involved in running and maintaining cloud-based solutions is often massive. There is considerable effort and expenditure in the construction and scaling of storage systems for tons of user metadata and other in-house files. Dropbox, the file hosting pioneer, is a success story about how cloud costs can be minimized by intelligently managing your infrastructure.

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7 FinOps Challenges around Cloud Cost Optimization

By Archna Oberoi on Nov 10, 2022 12:37:38 PM

As software development gets complex, we see cross-functional teams collaborating to enable faster product delivery, optimize cost, manage infrastructure, and for several business benefits. An example of such a joint effort is ‘Cloud FinOps’ wherein finance, engineering, technology, and business teams aim at cloud financial management. 

Topics: DevOps CloudOps
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