What is an ETL Tool and Why is it Necessary for Business Growth?

By Nikita Sachdeva on Sep 14, 2022 5:23:13 PM

Quintillion bytes of data get generated in a day, now imagine handling those data manually! Impossible right? It would require immoderate manpower with no surety of accuracy. As we all are aware of the fact that organizations these days run on data and thus it is a vital task to manage and organize it. The data is received from multiple sources and stored at a centralized repository for usage, such as a data warehouse.

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Why Does The FinTech Sector Need AIOps?

By Allen Victor on Sep 5, 2022 5:02:04 PM

Dated or legacy tools, systems, and operational methods are not enough to deliver the quality of optimized and innovative financial services that today's digitally savvy customers expect. So, multitudes of financial organizations are leveraging Artificial Intelligence to raise the growth rate and dynamism of IT operations through AIOps.

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Why Data Engineering And AI Are Mutually Beneficial

By Allen Victor on Aug 24, 2022 5:40:00 PM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data engineering are closely interlinked. On one hand, making sense of unstructured data is the process known as data science or data engineering. On the other side of the same coin, AI-programmed computers have the ability to learn as they go, getting better at solving particular sorts of problems as they accumulate more data. So one cannot exist without the other.

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The Role of MLOps in AI Application Development

By Archna Oberoi on Aug 23, 2022 6:41:00 PM

Machine Learning (ML) is an application of Artificial Intelligence that has the maximum number of use cases, in almost every industry. Healthcare, automobile, marketing, finance, agriculture, retail- all of them are leveraging the power of ML to automate tasks and bring agility to operations. 

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Speech-To-Text: How Automatic Speech Recognition Works

By Allen Victor on Aug 2, 2022 4:37:19 PM

Speech recognition is a technology that has been going through continuous innovation and improvements for almost half a century. It has led to several successful use cases in the form of voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri, etc., voice biometrics, official transcription software, and the list goes on. So what really is Automatic Speech Recognition and what are the underlying technologies that enable it?

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How Does NLP Fully Leverage Unstructured Healthcare Data?

By Allen Victor on Jul 26, 2022 12:19:30 PM

A majority of healthcare data today, about 80% of it, happens to be unstructured. Most sources used for aggregating Electronic Health Records (EHR) require a considerable amount of pre-processing because most of them are not machine-readable. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and various Machine Learning (ML) techniques can, however, unlock all the potential enmeshed in unstructured data.

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AI Center of Excellence: Applications of Image Segmentation in the Real World

By Daffodil Software on Jul 19, 2022 6:44:00 PM

Artificial Intelligence, in practice, is complex. There are several technologies and training methodologies involved. There is a high risk involved in algorithm failure. With this,  businesses want nothing but the best of AI practitioners when it comes to executing the use of AI technology. That’s when the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Center of Excellence (CoE) comes into the picture. 

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All About Artificial General Intelligence: The Next Frontier in AI

By Allen Victor on Jun 7, 2022 8:00:33 PM

Over the last half-decade, Artificial Intelligence solutions has made incredible advances in pivotal areas such as vision, video generation, linguistic processing, trend prediction, and so on. While AI attempts to make giant leaps toward matching human intelligence, industry insiders forecast the emergence of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) as the next obvious step.

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Top 10 Tips To Build An Optimal AI Model

By Allen Victor on Jun 5, 2022 4:51:00 PM

The global technology ecosystem has an insatiable demand for AI today but without the right training data and efficient AI model development, this domain cannot be utilized to its full potential. With fully actualized AI models that arise from high-quality build lifecycles, continuous innovation in AI fields such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) or predictive analytics can be ensured.

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Why Machine Translation In NLP Is Essential For International Business?

By Allen Victor on May 31, 2022 3:37:56 PM

Taking a business to a global scale involves navigation, not just through untraversed markets but also across language-based hurdles. Natural Language Processing (NLP) offers the utility of Machine Translation, wherein a source language is converted to a target language automatically with significant accuracy. It is the most viable solution to a fast and effective translation process without human intervention.

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