Understanding OWASP Application Security Standards

By Allen Victor on Jan 10, 2023 4:00:00 PM

A large chunk of software development today takes place in cloud-based environments, with cross-organizational networks for resource sharing and data exchange. This opens up the applications and resources to several cyber threats that exploit common vulnerabilities and attack routes. Therefore, solutions for application security also referred to as AppSec, have become a necessary component of the software development lifecycle.

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5 Commonly Used Cloud Deployment Models

By Allen Victor on Aug 9, 2021 6:14:31 PM

Cloud computing has enabled primary stakeholders in software development to deploy a broad set of resources and services for on-demand usage. Based on scalability, cost, performance, efficiency, and security these stakeholders can choose from a variety of deployment models for making these resources available over the cloud.

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Top 5 Software Architecture Patterns

By Archna Oberoi on Jul 14, 2021 3:15:00 PM

Did you know that every large-scale, successful enterprise software has one thing in common? This mascot ensures that the software is able to communicate well with its counterparts, survive load, scale resources, and never let the application go down. 

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What is MACH architecture and why you should consider it for your next application?

By Devi Singh on Dec 2, 2020 5:05:22 PM

Businesses need to innovate to match rapidly changing consumer behavior and expectations. To this end, software development practices are also continuously evolving. MACH software architecture is one of the many such practices that has evolved over the years to meet the changing business needs.

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What is Threat Modeling and its role in developing secure systems?

By Devi Singh on Dec 2, 2020 4:55:22 PM

To protect something, identifying and understanding the threats to it is crucial. 

Threat Modeling does just that. 

Be it software, networks, applications, distributed systems – threat modeling can be used across technologies and products barring a few.

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5 Evolving Trends in Software Development in 2020

By Archna Oberoi on Apr 21, 2020 3:18:00 PM

This year has marked a downturn for various industries. However, there are some that are actually enabling many to sail through the tough time. The software development industry is one of them. 

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3 Critical Approaches To Software Modernization

By Archna Oberoi on Nov 26, 2019 9:26:00 AM

When legacy systems hold back the business growth, IT teams race to modernize the existing solutions, thereby creating new business value out of them. The process involves technical or functional improvements, which may range anywhere between rewriting code, migration to a different platform, changing the architecture, or even replacing the entire system with a newer one.

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The Importance of Choosing a Good Software Architecture

By Archna Oberoi on Oct 22, 2019 5:30:00 PM

Building a software application is a complex process, comprising of a number of elements of which coding is just a small part. In general, a software engineering cycle looks something like this: 

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Micro Frontends: The Microservices Approach to Web App Development

By Archna Oberoi on Sep 3, 2019 5:04:00 PM

The microservices architecture is gaining traction for breaking down the limitations of monolithic backends. Fault isolation, technology independence, continuous development & deployment, easy scaling are some of the significant benefits that microservices brings in. 

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Benefits of Software Development with Serverless Architecture

By Kartik Kakar on Aug 13, 2019 5:01:00 PM

Modern software development involves a lot of complexities. Thus, programmers are burdened with performance, security, user privacy, scalability concerns and are in need of an approach that can help them focus on applications than infrastructure. 

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