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10 SEO Mistakes that Healthcare Websites Should Avoid

By Team Daffodil on Nov 18, 2022 4:40:50 PM

Increasing a website's visibility in search engine results is the goal of search engine optimization (SEO) for SERPs. Increasing your medical website's authority and credibility is a key part of medical SEO.

Topics: Healthcare
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Daffodil Software appraised at CMMI LEVEL 3

By Team Daffodil on Feb 17, 2021 4:33:54 PM

February 17, Gurugram: Daffodil Software, a leading custom software engineering company, today announced that it has been appraised at level 3 of the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)®.

Topics: Newsroom
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How to Avoid Duplicate API Requests?

By Team Daffodil on Mar 17, 2020 5:43:00 PM

Duplicate API requests are common and if dealt wisely,  can help developers in creating a seamless user experience. In a scalable application, duplicate API requests can be problematic to the resources on a server, can affect the cost, and can interrupt performance.

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5 Innovations in 2017 that will Disrupt the Healthcare Sector

By Team Daffodil on Jun 6, 2017 11:10:37 PM

Healthcare is one of the world’s largest industries. Collectively, the size of the healthcare market is estimated to be between five trillion to six trillion dollars. As one of the examples for how large the healthcare industry is at global level, consider this: All spending on products and services concerning the heart (pharmaceuticals such as beta-blockers, cardiovascular surgery procedures etc) is greater than the entire automotive industry. Therefore, there is nothing to be surprised with the fact that both entrepreneurs and investors have traditionally looked at healthcare as a lucrative industry to invest in.

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Mobile apps vs Mobile web: Progressive apps

By Team Daffodil on Feb 20, 2017 7:41:35 PM

Recently observed trends give us some hints that the leading names in the world of web as well as mobile technologies have started to push web a step up as they have unlocked it’s true potential. Perhaps, the mighty titans like Google, Apple and Microsoft have realized the amount of hitches the app developers suffer from and hits the business takes to keep up with mobile apps, has reached an alarming figure. So they are on to developing solutions for the future, and once again they are riding on web.

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Mobile apps vs Mobile web: Who really needs an app?

By Team Daffodil on Feb 20, 2017 7:32:06 PM

Did your ever so curious mind ever came across the question “why build mobile apps when mobiles have a web browser”. What exactly a mobile app can do that a mobile friendly, that is, responsive website or web app cannot? Let’s look at the apps you have installed on your smartphone. Sure, there must be WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, may be Instagram and Snapchat too. Don’t you shop online?

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How Outsourcing App Development is Changing the IT Space?

By Team Daffodil on Oct 2, 2016 2:26:00 PM

Interestingly today, I was going through the myriad of mobile apps on my phone, doing the nitpicking and checking out the ones that needed the axe. I have my usual set of apps, ones for shopping, travel, gaming, payment and suchlike.This is a task I do to make sure I have just the right amount of apps in my phone. But today I was held aback by the ballooning dependency I have developed on apps.

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How mobile apps are transforming healthcare industry?

By Team Daffodil on Sep 25, 2016 5:32:52 PM


In the past few years there has been an explosion in mobile apps for healthcare. Over the next four years the market is expected to reach over $220 billion mostly in mobile health. There are a number of reasons why this is happening.

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Three Pillars of Branding in a Tech Driven World

By Team Daffodil on Aug 31, 2016 11:53:22 AM

Technology does not only provide new ways of doing actions but also creates great influence on people. The biggest impact of technology is the change it can create in people’s perception. The digital revolution is changing the conceptual understanding of humans regarding the possibilities available to them in their lives. It has certainly changed the productivity, speed and work progression but it has far more reaching effects.

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What Customers are Looking in Ecommerce Website?

By Team Daffodil on Aug 26, 2016 12:19:03 PM


For running a successful eCommerce business, it is essential to build a robust eCommerce website. A great customer experience will ensure that the customer lands on that payment gateway ready to spend hard earned dollars. Let us look at some points that will lay a strong foundation for your Ecommerce website and ensure that you have all your bases covered to convert a visitor into a repeat customer.

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