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Breaking the Myths of Mobile App Design

By Team Daffodil on Aug 1, 2016 5:47:38 PM

User interactions have evolved during the last past years and it is really challenging for designers to keep up, making it tempting to use interaction design techniques when we build mobile apps. The manner and patterns in which we interact has changed and thus has changed the design linked with that interacting medium.

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The App Bubble is Bursting - Is your Startup Ready?

By Team Daffodil on Jul 27, 2016 4:56:04 PM

In this technological era, the phrase “bubble” has become a fancy term put to use by investors, entrepreneurs and business owners alike, still the meaning of this term is murky. “A bubble means that the value of a particular startup, group of startups or market is not correctly justified by the supply and demand conditions existing in market.” Till the time this bubble persist, the value or prices will be different from rest of market.

Topics: StartUps
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4 Smart Techs for Smart Businesses

By Team Daffodil on Jul 20, 2016 3:29:10 PM

It is an exciting era of small and smart businesses that we live in, and to be successful you need to adapt to the changes and use all the tools at your disposal efficiently. This becomes all the more important when you decide to scale and your system needs to be robust and technologically compact to handle the change. 

Topics: StartUps
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6 Things to Avoid While Outsourcing App Development

By Team Daffodil on Jul 15, 2016 2:49:08 PM

“IT Outsourcing” is the term which is directly linked to provision of technology services which saves time and cost of company which would have been spent on hiring for full time. Explaining it broadly, as the business grows, the departments increase so does requirement of IT- related functions.

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AR Explosion in Mobile Apps - The Pokemon GO Story

By Team Daffodil on Jul 13, 2016 2:10:13 PM


We do not talk about Augmented Reality much. Till recent times augmented reality has been a fancy technology for the fancy players in mobile app development. Virtual reality was certainly raising some brows but last week we witnessed a cataclysm.

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6 Things To Look For While Hiring Magento Developers?

By Team Daffodil on Jul 12, 2016 11:40:47 AM

To survive global competition in the E-commerce business, it is crucial to go for a strategic development decision which complement as stairways to reach your goal. This is why entrepreneurs prefer efficient and reliable platforms, those that have the ability to meet their expectations.

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Healthcare - A Mobile App Revolution / Viva La 'App'olución

By Team Daffodil on Jul 4, 2016 3:22:06 PM

“Viva La Revolucion” the application of this phrase is too readily seen with Che’s uprising Revolution in Cuba. However, recently we have seen certain technology led industry changes that are causing revolutions around the globe, especially on mobile technology. And the industry that has been most pleasantly struck by this technological Viva La Revolucion is the Healthcare industry.

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Why is #Brexit Bad for Startups?

By Team Daffodil on Jul 1, 2016 6:10:25 PM

The internet exploded on the 23rd of June following the news that the UK would leave the European Union, with big players like Google, Microsoft, and IBM got pummeled by a tech stock loss of 4-5%. While the tech sector may not be hit as hard, there are some big reasons that the Brexit will make not just GB, but Europe, a harder place to start or run a successful tech company..

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eCommerce Battle - Choosing the Right Platform for your Shop

By Team Daffodil on Jun 30, 2016 9:58:15 AM

We have many Ecommerce platforms available that are continually evolving, it can be smoke and mirror and very tricky to decide which shopping cart platform best meets all your needs and suits your company. If you are planning to start your own store or perhaps have gone through the idea of building your own online store, you must have gone through this ordeal at some point.

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A Sneak Peak into Android Instant Apps

By Team Daffodil on Jun 17, 2016 5:49:28 PM

Google showed us a sneak peak of Android Instant Apps at the Google I/O 2016 which is nothing but a Google’s effort to make apps run instantly without installation. We have read the stories and heard the whispers and have finally come to understanding what Android Instant Apps are all about.

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