How to get a 5X Better Software Engineering Team?

Jul 5, 2018 9:16:00 PM

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The IT ecosystem constantly proliferating with new tools and technologies. Accommodating the broad spectrum of programming languages, libraries, and frameworks in a software engineering team is certainly out-of-scope.

However, to ensure that the team never faces tech-crunch due to dearth of expertise over of a particular technology, the idea is to make the existent team stronger with some smart strides. Here are five effective ways that can help you have a 5X better software engineering team, keeping the cost, efficiency, and performance in mind.

1. Make the Team Flexible with Full Stack Developers

Full stack developers have programming expertise, which is a mile wide, but not necessarily inch deep. They have core competencies in the pieces of the stack in which they work the most. Full stack developers can understand, manipulate, and create database queries, can do backend-end programming (Python, Java, Ruby etc.), can create front-end of software product (HTML, CSS, JS etc.), manage project (requirement gathering, create documentation, manage project timeline with right development methodology. That is why they are the more flexible and proficient resource to any software engineering team.

2. Cross-Platform Developers to Boost Project Delivery Timeline

Cross platform app development is gaining grounds and so does the developers. Technologies such as Xamarin, React Native are helping businesses to reduce cost and build apps that offer efficacy and improve project delivery timeline. Having developers in the team who can build applications around cross-platform technologies is a plus when there are time and cost constraints involved in a project.

3. Opt for Team Augmentation to Work Around Skill Crunch

Outsourcing software development is one of the prominent ways to make team stronger with much needed skill support. Team augmentation, which the widely adopted outsourcing model help businesses to work around skill crunch. It helps to handle team-shortage for on-time project delivery, manage cost that comes along scalability, gives access to missing skillset, and that too without affecting the existent operational model.

4. Project Outsourcing for More Focused Development

In project outsourcing, businesses are on terms with a technology partner who helps in seamless project execution. The entire project is handled by an external team, which could be near-shore or offshore so that the software engineering team can keep their focus on projects, where they have their expertise and interest.

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5. DevOps to Automate Software Development Cycle

While Agile has been a tried and tested approach for project management, DevOps has gained acceptance over the years as Agile with automation. DevOps is a business driven approach for solution delivery, which utilizes Agile practices, collaboration, and automation to speed up SDLC. The four major practices in DevOps cycle, i.e. Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment, Test Automation, Infrastructure automation, and monitoring and feedback can help to boost software development cycle.

Now that you know the 5 major steps to making the software product engineering team stronger, it’s the time to act. Hire team in-house or outsource skilled resources to add an edge to the development cycle.

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