How we can help?

As a long term strategic partner, Daffodil helps business executives to leverage the potential of technology and acquire the right mindset, processes, tools and technologies to rapidly introduce new software products and enable them to focus on their core business.
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We have successfully helped CEOs with:

  • Consultation support for defining and designing new software product strategy
  • MVP development to validate your product idea and potential 
  • End to end product life-cycle management
  • Extend their service offerings to newer/niche technologies and markets
  • Business process automation to increase productivity and ROI

"The most important part in software projects is the human factor. Collaborating with developers that are able and willing to adopt to constantly changing framework are for our company a key topic. Luckily we could collaborate with a very profound developers from Daffodil that fulfilled our needs not only on the technical level, he also delivered a lot to a good team spirit."

Dr. Gerhard Schuster

Managing Director, Docu-Tools GmbH


See how Daffodil Software can help you with your business requirements. Our 30 minute consultation includes:

- Recommendation on best technologies

- Ballpark estimates and time frame of development

- Best practices that can be applied to increase user engagement