3 Must- Haves in a Successful Software Developer

Jul 10, 2019 6:48:50 PM

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Software is a great combination of artistry and engineering. Thus, when hiring a software developer, it is important to look for traits that are a blend of technical proficiency and creativity. 

Meeting project deadlines, new technology adoption, team collaboration- a software development engineer is generally expected to possess essential qualities like these. And, irrespective of the technology that a developer masters in, the regular habits of a professional developer are the same. Here, we are going to talk about three such critical traits in a developer that set them apart from the rest and successful.

1. Writing Clean and Reusable Code 

“Anyone can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” – Martin Fowler. 

No matter how the code is written, if the logic applied is right, it will work. But a professional programmer will always write a code that’s clean, folllowing a pattern, technique, and style. Such practices make it easy to read, test, and maintain code. Moreover, a clean code makes it convenient for a developer to transfer his knowledge to another developer when moving to a different project. 

Another ability of software engineers that makes them a fine programmer is writing reusable code. These small pieces of code make it easy for developers to boost the development of similar apps. This modular approach for building apps called low code development is gaining grounds and is considered highly crucial to reduce time-to-market of an application. Experienced and professional developers prefer this write-once use anywhere strategy for benefits like faster time-to-market, easy bug fixing & maintenance. 

2. Understanding of a Business Idea

Alongside technical proficiency, it is imperative for software development engineers to acknowledge the impact that their code is going to bring on the solution. Understanding project requirement and its effect on business allow developers to introduce add-ons to the solution for its good. 

Successful developers take responsibility for what they deliver to the user and not just to the repository. For this, developers should dig deeper into the concept or the reason behind the development of an application. 

3. Open for New Technologies & Solutions

To simplify development, new tools, technologies, frameworks, methodologies, libraries are introduced quite frequently. For software developer engineer to deliver the best, under strict timelines, it is important to stay notified with new technologies and adopt them. 

Professional developers keep themselves updated about new industry trends. Software development service providers come across diverse business requirements from clients and thus appreciate the presence of developers who can extend their skillset and know-how as per project requirement and are always keen to learn new things. 

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