Your Guide to Get Started with Mobile Game Development

May 13, 2020 1:34:17 PM

Mobile game development

Gaming is the third most popular category amongst apps on the play store. By 2021, it is estimated that mobile gaming will generate the largest proportion of total gaming revenue worldwide. (Statista)

The astronomical rise in popularity and demand for mobile games can be accounted for some of the biggest game titles of recent years. It started off with Candy Crush Saga back in 2012 wherein the original game and its various sequels generated billion dollars for its creators. Then, there were some other addictive games, such as Pokemon Go, Subway Surfer, Temple Run, Clash of Clans, and many others that raised the population of gamers, across the world. 

Considering the popularity and revenue that mobile games generate, they are one of the most tractive opportunities for app entrepreneurs. However, not every game that gets to the app store gains ground and reaches the zenith of success like any of the apps mentioned above, are. 

You probably must be wondering, what does it take to build an addictive gaming app? If you have a game app idea, but don’t know how to validate it and proceed with its development, then to learn the answers make sure to, refer to the latter segments of the blog which discusses the steps that one should take towards game app development

1. Validate the Power of your Idea 

There are hundreds and thousands of apps on the app store today, but only a few make it to the list of most addictive apps. The reason for it is the underlying game idea. 

Before you set up a team or opt for a technology partner to build your app, it is imperative to do a thorough analysis of your app idea. Start by assessing some of the trending game ideas and check out its uniqueness. If it is the underlying technology that’s making the game different (like Augmented Reality in case of Pokemon Go) or is it the story of the game that’s captivating the attention of the players. 

Apart from the game idea and story, check out for gamification rewards that the players get in turn for performing in different levels of the game. Once the idea is validated and proves promising in terms of engagement, uniqueness, and business, then you can move ahead with story building for the game. 

2. Building a Story for the Game

It is imperative to give gamers a reason to play and then finish the game. For that, the game should have a story. The story should have an answer to the following questions: 

  • Define the characters of the game. Who is the hero/villain?
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses of each character? 
  • How will the players achieve victory?

Once you create a hypothetical image of what can happen, at what point of time, and how a situation at every stage can be tackled, you can say that you are close to the implementation stage. 

3. Create a Monetization Strategy

Gaming apps have a high likelihood of generating amazing revenue. There are a plethora of options available for game creators to earn profits, such as video ads, premium versions, upgrading virtual items, virtual coins, upgrading avatars/characters, ad removal, coupon offers, etc. It is important to identify the stages or trigger points in the game that can be used for monetization. 

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4. Create a Game Design 

There is a huge difference between app design and game design. Several factors are taken into consideration when designing a game app such as the story that directs the game, its characters, and final look & feel. Your game design can be a great differentiator when it comes to gaining a player’s attention and interest. 

5. Choose a Technology Partner

Once you are done with your research & validated your idea, story writing, game design, monetization models, it’s the time to look out for a technology partner who could help you out in transforming your idea into a reality. A right partner can help in executing the idea, manage the risks, and align a team with the right skill set to ensure the on-time delivery of the app. 

In addition to this, a technology partner can help in the following ways: 

  • Offer help in validating the idea and improvise the story of the game 
  • Suggest the right monetization strategy that goes well with the UI/UX and concept of the game so that you have the best revenue streams
  • Recommend the most suitable technology stack and development approach so the game goes live in minimum time-to-market

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Mobile Game Development: Getting Started

Have an addictive game app idea? Share it with us. 

You can connect with us through our 30-minute free consultation, wherein, our game app development experts will understand your game idea, suggest the right technology stack for development, and a roadmap for building an amazing game for different platforms. 

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