Redesigning Sworkit App  Using Design Thinking Approach

Sep 28, 2021 3:30:00 PM

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 A strategic user experience has the potential to raise conversion rates by as much as 400%. That’s the power of a great UI/UX.

UI/UX has an immense contribution in making or breaking a business. That is why designers pay attention to every detail associated with the app design and craft them using the most innovative and human-centered approach.

At Daffodil, we use a non-linear and iterative approach to designing user experiences for applications. Popularly known as Design Thinking, it allows us to address complex usability issues with the apps and adopt solution-focused strategies to create innovative solutions. 

In this blog post, we will be showcasing the power of the design thinking approach in redesigning apps. We have chosen the Sworkit app to discover the loopholes in its usability and overall experience.  

Sworkit is a digital health & fitness company that provides customizable workout plans and resources to help people adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The workout offerings on the platform are a combination of cardio, strength, yoga, stretching, and tough nutrition challenges that drives people to stay fit. 

  • The Sworkit app has 10 million registered users
  • The average app rating on iOS and Google Play Store is 4.5
  • The worldwide revenue of Sworkit was $90K (by May 2021)

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Despite gaining so much traction from the users worldwide, the Sworkit app still confronts criticism for the app experience it delivers the users. Using the design thinking approach, we will first analyze the problems that the end-users might be experiencing and then suggest changes for the betterment of the app’s UI/UX. Let’s get started.  

  • Understand

The Challenge

There are several reasons for which people download fitness and workout apps like Sworkit. For some, it is the way to improve quality of life while others consider this as a medium to manage weight, look good, have a balanced diet, etc. 

However, many feel that exercising is about creating focus, maintaining psychological well-being, improving the quality of life, and how they feel. Therefore, it is challenging to understand the prime reason behind people downloading apps like Sworkit. 

A bad experience at any touch-point can cause customer attrition and thus loss of business. Therefore, to improve the UI/UX of the existing app, we starting by performing an audit of the existing application and realized how the application can be improved. 

  • Discover

The Sworkit app offers impressive customization, particularly to its premium subscribers. The app also has built-in features to reward users for coming back and using the app often. Reward points are a great way to improve an app’s retention rate and Sworkit is doing it just the right way.

High-quality, aesthetically unified photography makes the app experience premium. Also, the workouts have been expertly calibrated to work well for mobile users. 

While the Sworkit app is aesthetically pleasing, we believe that needs to be more engaging as well. For example, it would be great if the app allows the subscribers to socialize with people in the community. Sharing goals with other people gives them the motivation to continue following them and record their progress. 

As designers, we always try to build an interface that will require less exertion and user action, in addition to being aesthetic and engaging.

  • Define 

We started with persona identification and created user journeys. We created a wireframe that illustrated a personalized journey for every user persona. Also, we defined intuitive workflows such as onboarding, home, workout, and profile. 

Based on our research and understanding of user personas and how they can be benefited from different features in the app, we created a list of new ideas to redesign the Sworkit app. This includes: 

  • More engagement with the community members
  • Insights to help users track the health-fitness goals
  • Workout and diet notification to the users
  • Updates to make the homepage more friendly and interactive
  • Create personalized training programs as per users’ call 
  • Flawless onboarding for users

  • Design

In the UI, we gave a completely new and fresh look to the app by updating the Interface. We brought the boldness of Sworkit and the playfulness of fitness, intending to keep health and fitness together.

Every screen prompts the user to take action, thus leading to another screen and hence higher engagement. Here is a description of how we redesigned different elements of the app and added a few, new components that are aimed to improve usability and app-user engagement. 

Here are some of the app components that we redesigned to make the Sworkit app more engaging. For your convenience to understand the changes, we have done a comparative study of how these app components used to look before and after a redesign. 

User Onboarding 

Before: The existing onboarding process is easy but not user-friendly. There is a long scroll for providing sign-up input and only email verification is given. The option for mobile verification can introduce ease. 

Then, there are limited options in the next step where users are asked about why they have chosen Sworkit. The basic information about the user is asked after sign-up and the goals are not clearly presented. 

User onboarding -before

After: In the new design, the input areas are selective and are pictorially presented. The important information was made to be a part of the onboarding process and a mobile number was added for OTP authentication and password reset, along with the email. 

User onboarding-after

User onboarding-after.

Personalized Training Experience 

For a personalized user experience, we introduced a new screen in the app where the users can watch videos of their favorite training experts. 

Personalized training experience

Diet Plan

Workout and diet plans go hand-in-hand. Thus, for a fitness and workout app like Sworkit, it is necessary to have a section that focuses on different types of diet plans for its users. 

We have introduced a new design where users can view several categories of diet plans that they can follow with their workout routine. On the screen, users can view their current diet plan and can also change it, as required. Users can also keep a track of their calorie intake, protein or fat received from the diet by marking them done. 

Diet plan

User Insight 

In the new design, the users can have a better and detailed view of their workout and diet plans. The users can track their diet, sleep, water consumption, etc. on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The new design also enables users to sync and derive data from different devices. With this, the users can have an integrated app to view their fitness insights. 

User insight

Home Page

In the previous app design, the homepage and workout page were not differentiated. The workout page was acting as a homepage. 

The homepage features the trending workout. It also has a subtle message for the new workout video. Moreover, a new feed feature is introduced to improve engagement where users can socially connect with others. 

Home page


The profile page is revamped with information such as followers, following, and user profile. There is also a badge that tells about the level of user in the workout journey. If the profile is incomplete, the user is prompted to complete it so that he/she can become a part of the social feed and engage with other users on the platform. 



An app like Sworkit is a trend in the market. Building a fitness and workout app like Sworkit needs to focus on user engagement and experience.

By using a design thinking approach to app building, we ensure that every aspect of a seamless users experience is covered in an application. If you’re planning to launch an app like Sworkit into the market, then our team can help you to design the best experience for your users. 

You can set a meeting with our UX specialists through our 30-minute free consultation service where our team will be understanding your application requirement and recommends what suits your application.

*Disclaimer: The intent of this post is to showcase the design expertise of Daffodil Software. We certify that Sworkit or any of its associates is not our customer and this redesign has not been contracted by them. Our product design team revamped the application of its own accord 

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