What to consider while choosing an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Nov 11, 2020 3:49:12 PM

What to consider while choosing Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The right Applicant Tracking System or ATS can be unimaginably beneficial to your HR department. It eases the hiring process thereby saving your time and improving overall efficiency.

What is Applicant Tracking System?

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software that helps streamline the hiring process. It helps to hire, post jobs, screen candidates, and hire the right candidate for the role. 

So, how does an ATS software help?

Here are the key features of an Applicant Tracking System 

Job posting: An ATS software helps you post jobs to multiple job boards and social channels with just one click. 

Collecting resumes: All these channels mean that you may have to collect resumes from each of them separately. An ATS automatically collects it from all these sources and saves them at a central location.

Screening resumes: You might often receive thousands of applications for a single job posting. Processing and screening these many applications can be a nightmare. A good ATS analyzes and ranks the resumes to help you screen the best candidates.

Candidate engagement: ATS software provides you with CRM-like tools to engage and communicate with candidates.

Dashboards: A hiring manager may be looking to fill many openings simultaneously. ATS software provides dashboards with analytics and tools that make hiring workflows manageable.

Collaborative hiring: A modern ATS provides interview scheduling tools, activity logs, communication channels to keep the recruiting process fast and transparent.

Internal job postings: Often internal job postings offer a great pool of talent and reduce hiring costs significantly. A good ATS software provides tools for internal hiring.

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How to choose the right ATS software? 

ATS solutions are expensive and take time for your hiring staff to get familiarized with. So you should pick a product that would be the right fit for your current and future hiring needs.

Keep these points in mind while choosing your software. 

In sync with your workflow: The most important thing to remember is to opt for an ATS software that matches your hiring workflows. Different products offer different features and if you choose something that is not right for you, your hiring managers may have to do some of the processes manually which will end up defeating the purpose of having an ATS.

Integration with your HR software: Having Your ATS and HR software in different silos may result in duplication of effort and errors. Some HR software come with built-in ATS modules hence offer tight integration. However, you should evaluate if it solves your hiring needs. If you decide to choose a standalone product, then you should check to see how well it integrates with your HR software.

Candidate experience: Your ATS should be the channel of interaction with candidates. It reflects your brand. A clunky user experience might make a bad first impression. So make sure your ATS should not only be great to use for your hiring managers but also candidates who apply.

Automation and AI: AI has made significant improvements in all types of products and ATS is no different. Modern ATS leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze resumes and rank resumes according to your requirements making your screening process incredibly easier. Automated chatbots help you answer questions from candidates efficiently and effectively.

Mobile: Mobile apps offer flexibility for your recruiting managers to make quick actions on the go. It saves time and helps you communicate with candidates quickly. Mobile apps are no longer a nice-to-have feature. They are now an integral part of the workflow.

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In the current job market hiring the best candidate for a job is a huge challenge. Implementing the right ATS will help you move fast and make better hiring decisions. Contact our team for a free consultation and we can help you choose and implement the ATS that matches your business needs. 

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