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Salesforce Health Cloud and EMR Integration: Everything You Need to Know

By Devi Singh on Nov 25, 2020 4:04:01 PM

So, how does Salesforce Health cloud work with EMR data? 

Salesforce Health cloud provides a 360-degree view of a patient’s history to the practitioners and other stakeholders in the healthcare industry.

Topics: CloudOps
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Top 5 ways HRMS can improve employee engagement

By Devi Singh on Nov 25, 2020 3:43:51 PM

Keeping employees happy and engaged is a challenge that every HR goes through. And for all the right reasons. 

Happy employees equate to employee loyalty and productivity. 

The more engaged your employees are the better they can contribute to your company’s growth.

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7 Signs your organization needs an HR Management software

By Devi Singh on Nov 25, 2020 1:59:36 PM

Every organization needs an effective Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) to function optimally. 

What happens when you don’t have one? Or when you are using software that doesn’t meet the demands of your organization? Higher costs, mismanagement of daily tasks, and struggling HR executives.

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Service Cloud Voice by Salesforce: The future of contact centers

By Devi Singh on Nov 18, 2020 4:32:46 PM

According to a 2019 report by the State of Service, about 93% of customers still prefer service via phone. Undoubtedly, phone calls are a clear winner in customer service. 

Even in the digital age with several channels of communication at disposal, customers still choose to call to resolve their issues.

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How HRIS benefits remote employees: Your 6-step guide

By Devi Singh on Nov 18, 2020 4:10:05 PM

What do employees look for the most while hunting for a job? Flexibility! 

As per statistics, the US saw a 159% growth in the number of remote workers in the last 12 years. With more employees choosing to go remote, working from home is not a mere incentive but a necessity.

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Why do you need ATS and HRIS integration?

By Devi Singh on Nov 18, 2020 3:49:13 PM

Before ATS and HRIS integration, let’s look at what is what.

While HRIS is targeted towards current employees, ATS is meant for candidates who may become employees. So it might seem obvious that these two systems should exist independently from each other.

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Salesforce Workflow Vs Process Builder: Which one to use?

By Devi Singh on Nov 11, 2020 4:31:06 PM

Workflow and Process Builder are Salesforce business process automation tools. 

While Workflow has been there for a while, Process Builder is a newer and more powerful tool capable of more complex tasks.

Topics: CloudOps
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5 ways Electronic Health Record (EHR) improves Patient experience

By Devi Singh on Nov 11, 2020 4:13:39 PM

The health industry has benefitted exponentially since the introduction of Electronic Health Records (EHR). Of course, the actual boon was seen in the patient care and treatment but EHR use doesn’t stop at just that.

Topics: Healthcare
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What to consider while choosing an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

By Devi Singh on Nov 11, 2020 3:49:12 PM

The right Applicant Tracking System or ATS can be unimaginably beneficial to your HR department. It eases the hiring process thereby saving your time and improving overall efficiency.

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How HRIS Integration can boost the productivity of your organization

By Devi Singh on Nov 4, 2020 3:57:21 PM

The term integration is used so many times in so many ways that sometimes it loses its original essence. 

What is integration after all? It’s nothing but a solution for effective data syncing. It’s making sure that information is available wherever and whenever it’s required. HRIS integration means connecting and sharing data among different HR functions such as recruitment, payroll, and performance.

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