How Does NLP Fully Leverage Unstructured Healthcare Data?

By Allen Victor on Jul 26, 2022 12:19:30 PM

A majority of healthcare data today, about 80% of it, happens to be unstructured. Most sources used for aggregating Electronic Health Records (EHR) require a considerable amount of pre-processing because most of them are not machine-readable. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and various Machine Learning (ML) techniques can, however, unlock all the potential enmeshed in unstructured data.

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AI Center of Excellence: Applications of Image Segmentation in the Real World

By Daffodil Software on Jul 19, 2022 6:44:00 PM

Artificial Intelligence, in practice, is complex. There are several technologies and training methodologies involved. There is a high risk involved in algorithm failure. With this,  businesses want nothing but the best of AI practitioners when it comes to executing the use of AI technology. That’s when the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Center of Excellence (CoE) comes into the picture. 

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All About Artificial General Intelligence: The Next Frontier in AI

By Allen Victor on Jun 7, 2022 8:00:33 PM

Over the last half-decade, Artificial Intelligence solutions has made incredible advances in pivotal areas such as vision, video generation, linguistic processing, trend prediction, and so on. While AI attempts to make giant leaps toward matching human intelligence, industry insiders forecast the emergence of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) as the next obvious step.

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Top 10 Tips To Build An Optimal AI Model

By Allen Victor on Jun 5, 2022 4:51:00 PM

The global technology ecosystem has an insatiable demand for AI today but without the right training data and efficient AI model development, this domain cannot be utilized to its full potential. With fully actualized AI models that arise from high-quality build lifecycles, continuous innovation in AI fields such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) or predictive analytics can be ensured.

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Why Machine Translation In NLP Is Essential For International Business?

By Allen Victor on May 31, 2022 3:37:56 PM

Taking a business to a global scale involves navigation, not just through untraversed markets but also across language-based hurdles. Natural Language Processing (NLP) offers the utility of Machine Translation, wherein a source language is converted to a target language automatically with significant accuracy. It is the most viable solution to a fast and effective translation process without human intervention.

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What Is The Attention Mechanism In Deep Learning?

By Allen Victor on May 24, 2022 4:07:07 PM

Less than two decades ago, Deep Learning (DL), or the simulation of human neural networks, was only a concept limited to theory. Fast-forward to the present day and it is being leveraged to solve real-world problems such as converting audio-based speech to text transcripts and in the various implementations of computer vision. The underlying mechanism behind these applications is known as the Attention Mechanism or Attention Model.

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What is Data Augmentation in Deep Learning?

By Archna Oberoi on May 21, 2022 9:15:00 PM

The accuracy of deep learning models depends upon the quality, quantity, and contextual meaning of the training data set. However, the scarcity of this up-to-the-market data set is one of the major challenges in building DL models. 

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What Is Machine Learning And Why Is It Important For Your Business?

By Allen Victor on May 12, 2022 6:23:00 PM

In today's advanced competitive world, the most valuable commodity is data. Data has many forms, from pictures of people and places to patient records and banking transactions. Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that can fully leverage this data to learn from it and enhance a business' bottom line.

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Top 5 NLP Applications Of Reinforcement Learning

By Allen Victor on Mar 11, 2022 6:15:54 PM

Conversational systems that leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) have helped automate a wide range of business processes, especially those involving interactions with the customer. Natural Language Processing (NLP) comes into play for a majority of these processes, but it is often hindered by functional hurdles. Reinforcement learning is a method for navigating these hurdles to make NLP-driven business processes more seamless.

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Top 5 NLP Applications Of Transfer Learning

By Allen Victor on Mar 9, 2022 5:43:03 PM

The latest innovation in AI, known as deep learning, helps AI models learn from a fairly large dataset of examples. This type of learning, however, does not generalize for conditions that were left out or missed out during the training process. The alternative to this is Transfer Learning, which is extensively witnessing its application in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP).

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