Top 5 ways HRMS can improve employee engagement

Nov 25, 2020 3:43:51 PM

Top 5 ways HRMS can improve employee engagement

Keeping employees happy and engaged is a challenge that every HR goes through. And for all the right reasons. 

Happy employees equate to employee loyalty and productivity. 

The more engaged your employees are the better they can contribute to your company’s growth.

If statistics are to be believed, then 33 percent of employees in the US are engaged at work – double the global average of 15 percent. 

According to another study, disengaged employees cost companies about $500 billion each year. 

Now, that is some number! 

We all know what a disengaged employee does to an organization. Less productivity aside, they could also negatively affect other employees. 

So, how do you keep your employees engaged? 

By implementing a robust Human Resource Management System (HRMS). 

Recognition, encouragement, engagement are the three key elements that HR professionals need to focus on. And thanks to HRMS, you can get it all. 

Here’s how with an HRMS you can improve employee engagement. 

Better accessibility for employees: One of the most important advantages of using an HRMS is its availability on mobile and smart devices. In a working culture that is increasingly becoming more remote – this doesn’t come as an incentive but a necessity. Companies investing in HR management software for phones encourage better connectivity and communication among teams. And what better than giving your employees the flexibility of tracking their attendance, or leave approval all at their fingertips. 

Social collaboration tools: One of the best ways to boost employee engagement is to incorporate social tools in your HRMS. How does this work? You can organize surveys, polls, to keep the entire organization connected and feel like one big family. It is an effective communication tool that lets you gauge the response of your employees. What’s more? Recognize and reward employees for their achievements and let the entire workforce know. 

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Real-time reviews and feedback: The biggest boost for any employee especially the ones who’ve just entered the ecosystem is constant feedback. With real-time performance reviews and, surveys, peer feedback you can make sure that your employees feel valued and engaged. Also, a culture that promotes reviewing of peers and management gives a sense of transparency and accountability to an employee making them more confident about the company they are working for. 

Better employee onboarding: Employee onboarding is a crucial phase for you as a company. The first impression can make or mar your brand. Successful and smooth onboarding can leave a lasting impact on the employee resulting in better stability. With a strong HRMS in place, your employees can fill out all the necessary forms on their joining without any hassles. This saves the time of HR individuals which can be utilized in engaging their new hire and acclimatizing them to the new system. 

Improved workplace transparency: Your employees need to know that you as an organization are adding value to their life. And when they can view it all in one place, it makes them value you in return. With an HRMS structure, your employees can keep a track of their medical, incentives, and other employment benefits that show your commitment towards your workforce. Besides by viewing their life cycle in a company, employees can better evaluate their standing and growth in the company. 

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Employee engagement is not only beneficial in the short term but has long-term positive effects. By promoting employee engagement, you build an enviable corporate culture and brand value. Statistics show that the encouragement of employees in self-development initiatives leads to a growth in revenue by 682 percent. Besides organizations with a thriving and fruitful work culture tend to grow four times higher than the ones with a not so flourishing one. 

And as established above the most important way to engage your employees is to invest in efficient HR management software. If you want to engage your employees, then you should start hunting for the latest HRMS. Need help with one? We are here to provide you with solutions. Click here to know which software suits you best for your business needs. 

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