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Aug 23, 2017 11:44:55 AM


Ever since its existence, ReactJS has been making its way to the list of most trending technologies for front-end development. What added more value to this Javascript library was React Native, which commenced a new phase to the development of Android and iOS apps.

To develop a web application or a mobile app using React, it is important to hire a React developer in the first place. Well, we know that hiring the best talent is one of the difficult job to accomplish. And to make things a little easier for you, we have come up with the guidelines to hire the right developer for your React.js/React Native app development project.

a. Hiring React Developers for Mobile or Web

ReactJS is a javascript library that empower the developers to build reusable UI components for web applications. It specializes in building applications where the data is dynamic within the view and changes without reloading the page. Some of the popular examples of such web applications include Facebook. React is responsible for processing the user interface of the applications. On the front-end, it uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build components that the user sees and interact with.

On the other end, there is React Native for mobile app development that uses React framework. It offers a basic set of components to build UI for Android and iOS platforms. Some of the popular components include ScrollView, TabBar, View, Navigator, Text etc. These components however use native iOS UIKit and Android UI components internally. And since every part of the app build with React is a components, hiring React developers can be helpful for creating UI components that can be added to already existing apps, no matter if they are build on some other technology stack.

So, before commencing the hiring process, check out if you need a React developer for building web application or a mobile app. This is important because impacts the development due to varying skillsets.

b. Check out the Skill Set of React Developer

Depending upon the requirement to build a web app or a mobile app, you will need to look out for the skillset. Here are some basic and crucial expertise that React developers should have.

ReactJS Developers: The skillset of a React.js developer is quite similar to that of a front-end developer. In accordance to the experience or requirement, you can check out for the following expertise:

  • Good at fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Should be familiar with CSS preprocessors like SaSS and LESS
  • Know-how of other JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, Ember, along with React would be a plus.
  • Javascript libraries like jQuery or Backbone.js is important
  • Should have skills for front-end (CSS) frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation
  • Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX)

If you are looking for a master developer for your project, then ensure that the skillset is a mix of front-end and back-end technologies, which may include server side technologies like Java, Ruby, Node etc. or familiarity with stacks like MEAN or LAMP.

React Native Developers: A number of technical capabilities for developing an app with React Native is similar to that of React.js. However, the added potential include:

  • Know-how of the Flux Design Pattern or related libraries like Fluxxor, Redux, MobX etc.
  • Javascript based build tools like Bower, Gulp, or Grunt
  • Experience in Unit Testing with Karma or Jest
  • All of the React.js development expertise

c. Hiring from a Professional Firm VS Freelancer

No matter if your are hiring a React developer for a modest or a big project, the target is to hire the best talent in the industry, always. There are variety of options to choose from and this includes opting for a freelancer or hiring a developer from a professional firm. While both of them have got their cons and pros, this guide to choose between a freelancer or a professional firm might help you out to make an informed decision. Check it out.

d. Introducing your Project to the Developer

It’s not only the skillset that matters. When hiring React developer, ensure that he is introduced with the project type, domain, scalability, time investment, and other such factors. It is important to give a statement of work to the developer so that they can determine their availability and ability for the same. While it might look or sound a bit similar to the job description, you need to understand the fact that you are only hiring an individual contractor. Therefore, instead of sharing the JD, share the project requirements. A demo of it is shared below:

Project Title: React Native development for a travel booking app

Project Description: We are looking for an experience React developer to build a travel portal for one of our reputed clients. The project would require the developer to be acquainted with MERN stack, along with React Native for mobile. In order to complete the project, the developer is required to have experience in the following: (technology details)

Project Scope and Deliverables: We expect the first MVP of the product in next 6 months and to meet the goals, we have set three dates for deliverables:

MVP 1 (dd/mm/yy)

MVP 2 (dd/mmyy)

Final product (dd/mm/yy)

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Want to Hire React Developer for your Project?

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