Technology for Startups - Why to use it for Branding

Feb 22, 2016 10:00:56 AM

It was the rapid spread of the Internet and coming of age of web-based applications that fueled the adoption of tech by startups for everything from record keeping, fundraising, campaign management to marketing. The rise of easy to use web applications has been the real driving force behind this rapid adoption. Technology is delivering the innovation that gives your company a competitive advantage, but what does technology play in your startup branding

Why technology has major impact on branding?

The digital approach of Information Technology has remarkable effect, it creates a great impact on people’s perception. It keeps increasing the productivity speed, due to which marketers connect in much less dialog in contact with customer.

The major impact is due to three reasons:-

Portability - Technology is portable as people are weaning themselves from place-based expectations for fulfilling their needs. Technology is available everywhere to be accessed.

Video- Digital technologies are rapidly moving away from text-heavy formats, with more video and other visualization techniques instead. This will put text at a disadvantage in other domains as people get used to video as a suitable substitute for text.

Speed- Digital technologies operate instantaneously, so people are losing patience with anything that operates more slowly. The meaning of ‘real time’ is now on a technology scale not a human scale.

Why Startups Should Use Technology For Their Brand ?

Brand Building - Online presence is most important factors for startups as it creates great impact on online marketing. Technology will develop your brand name, online presence as well as increase revenue increase your online sales, turn your website visitors into customers, communicate your online brand and connect you with your ideal customer.

Increased Communication - Technologies, such as the Internet, mobile phones, social media, and customer relationship management systems greatly affect the way companies communicate with prospective customers. These new forms of communication are changing the media landscape which helps business grow and prosper, creates relationships, strengthens the effectiveness of organizations.

Build a Brand Credibility - Having a well-designed and stylized website could help build brand name & credibility for start-ups. This creates social trustworthiness to buy your product & services. Social proof need to be clearly revealed on your website so that it is readily offered to anybody who navigates to one of your landing pages merely what a terrific brand you are, we design startups websites that builds integrity to make sure that your website demonstrates an exceptionally individual pleasant interface.

Getting Potential Clients - Startup website helps your potential customer to learn more about your product and services. But that is not enough to keep your customer engaged with your brand and create brand loyalty among your customer in order to achieve long term revenue goal. We help startups to create engaging website with social media integration, community building, integrating inbound marketing automation tools and much more to build your long term client base and help them get engaged with your brand.

For Engaging Customers - It is important to expose your audience to different versions of your web pages (A/B Testing) to see which draws maximum engagement or results. It helps engage potential clients with employees around the country, and then keep those clients focused, and converts startups to full-time company with satisfied clients around the country.

Scheduled Updates – It helps to schedule your updates across social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and also helps to generate shortened links that can then be tracked as they are shared across the web by your audience.


Instant Gratification - With the blend of wearable technology, speedier data aggregation and processing takes place and customers sharing their yearnings all the more straightforwardly, significant brands will concentrate on conveying moment satisfaction. Brands will contend by conveying both tweaked informing and offers at the accurate time of customer interest.

Monitor and Engage - With limited resources, time, and reach, startups rely heavily on digital platforms to connect with investors, share updates on progress and other critical aspects of their businesses. Startups can monitor and engage from CrunchBase to develop productive relationships with brands. Due to technology, everything done by a brand can be observed and published to the world at large creating transparency. It designs and delivers a message that connects with your consumer’s needs and your business passion. To be a part of changing race, it is important to create the creative, web, online and innovative tools for success which will rejuvenate your brand.

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