Why App Development is Essential for Healthcare Centers

Feb 17, 2016 12:15:55 PM

There are ceaseless changes in the world due to mobile apps. With remarkable new applications being produced each day, Health and Hospital apps in particular, represent an area of incredible innovation.Interaction between the doctors and the patients is the most important aspect of healthcare delivery. It is not possible for the doctors to be always close to the patients, but with the help of apps, doctors can have real time updates on the condition of their patients.

By serving as a digital bridge between the doctors and the patients, the healthcare apps are leading to more efficiency, transparency and vast reduction in the cost of healthcare delivery.

Lets see how Apps prove advantageous for Health Care Centers:

Effective Management

When all the systems of the hospital are connected through an app, it brings vast improvement in the internal management processes. It is easier for doctors to provide 24 hour healthcare support through the app and this invariably leads to significant reduction in the cost. When new members join the hospital, they can find all the information in one place and this considerably shortens the learning process.

Real-time Access to Records

Medical records and images can be shared with medical practitioners worldwide in real time and treatment and outcomes can be monitored remotely.

Health care live report

If an individual falls ill while travelling, her/his medical records can be immediately shared with the doctors in the area where the patient is located. There is vast reduction in the paperwork and the patients don't have to go through the rigmarole of having to fill multiple forms.

Accessible in Remote Location

The needs of the patients with a chronic condition can be better served with an healthcare app, because after being discharged, they can continue to use the app to remain in touch with the healthcare professionals at the hospital. This sort of a system can lead to reduction in the number of visits that they have to make at the hospital.

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Health Plan Selection

When all the data regarding various health plans being available at the hospital is available on the mobile app, it is easier for the healthcare staff to recommend the right healthcare plan to the patients. The scope of any fraud being conducted is also minimised with healthcare apps, which make it easy to keep record of transactions and insurance claims.

More Efficient Practices

With healthcare apps the communication between doctors, patients, lab technicians, hospital managements, can be conducted on an anywhere, anytime, basis. All the stakeholders have easy access to information regarding patients from anywhere. The lab test reports, diagnostic images, etc., are easy to access when they are being stored digitally and linked to the mobile app. The scheduling of appointments and tests can be done through the app.

Effective cost control and management

Having an app helps users feel more connected and familiar with the tool, which shortens the learning process significantly and saves time on internal training.One of the biggest cost reduction opportunities is providing timely access to the right physician that can predict or prevent an adverse event, it can become easy for physician to provide 24 hour support through video conferencing thus reducing transportation costs.

Reduced health care fraud

Apps have an amazing ability to track people and transactions in succession. In the future, digital apps will allow Medicare to link up claims data with location, and measure data from the digital health apps to look for fraud. An app would allow centres to instantly trace any transaction done digitally. Traces of activity could be found and investigated in real-time rather than months after the money is in the criminal’s offshore bank account.

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