Should You Outsource Development of Your Android App?

Feb 25, 2016 12:52:32 PM

According to IDC, in 2015, close to 83% of the world’s mobile devices were running on Android OS. So if you want to reach out to maximum number of potential clients, you must have an app for the highly popular Android platform. If you don’t have in-house app development capability, you can outsource the app development work to a technology company.

When instead of creating it in-house, you outsource your mobile app development, you can definitely expect to have a better quality mobile app at lower lost, less time and with much less hassle. After all, you will only outsource when you want to take full advantage of the skilled resources that are available with the development company.

Latest Technologies

For creating an app for today’s competitive market, the developers must have access to latest technologies. It is difficult to hire people who have such skills at a short notice, so it is better to outsource the app development work to a technology firm where such talent is already available.

Android App Development

Lower Cost

If you decide to create the app in-house then you have to spend considerable amount of time and money on creating the technology infrastructure and hiring the human resource. The final cost of al this may be much higher than what you would pay a technology company to create a high-class app for you.

Advantages of Eco System

The technology companies that are already engaged in developing Android apps have the necessary eco system for enabling their employees to concentrate fully on the development of the apps. Such an eco-system is very important for ensuring that the professionals are able to do their best for the development of the best possible app.

Android Testing

Once your app is ready, it needs to be extensively tested to remove all the bugs that might be there in the code. Now testing is a very complicated process and only the companies that have years of experience in this area are capable of doing it. So it is better to outsource the app development to a technology company where the talent for such activities is already there.

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No matter what your business, you can find a technology company that has the talent to create an app, which will meet all your business needs. Most mobile app development companies have the experience of working in multiple files and so it will not be problem for you to find the right vendor.

Global Reach

There are more than 1 million users in the android world. In the smart phone market nearly 80% market share is captured by android, so to improve the visibility of brand and for the ease of customers, it is imperative to hit the android market, it will make global user base strong. In general, the Android platform has less restrictions on app submission.

In short, Android <a href="http://www strattera">Application development outsourcing builds robust and scalable Android Apps which ranges from simple to complex apps which cover small to large scale business using rich expertise along and sophisticated technology and tools.

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