Hiring an App Developer? Keep these 8 Security challenges at bay

Mar 1, 2016 2:22:47 PM

Today most entrepreneurs have realized that their business can’t do without an efficient mobile app. For improving employee productivity and bringing efficiency to the process of finding new clients and catering to the needs of the existing clients, every business must take full advantage of the mobile app ecosystem.

However, in their hurry to get a mobile app many enterprises do not give a second thought to the security related issues that must be adequately addressed before the app goes live. In a Study sponsored by IBM, 65% of the respondents agree that the security issues in mobile apps are not fully addressed because there is always the rush to go live quickly.

The potential for data loss goes up exponentially whenever there is access of data through
mobile apps. It might starts with what seems like a minor problem, but it can escalate quickly if the issues is not detected and resolved. The mobile app development team should aim to develop an app which can erase sensitive data from stolen or lost mobile devices.

Here are few challenges developers should be aware of -

1. Data Expose - The potential for data loss exponentially increases when access of data through mobile apps takes places, It might starts with a small problem, but it can turn into a major problem, if not detected. The app developer should aim to develop an app which is capable of erasing sensitive data from stolen or lost mobile devices.

2. Authentication Hazard - When the proprietor allows the installation of an app and from any other source which is unlicensed ,operating system’s security is escaped, in turn allowing Such mobile devices, known as jailbroken or rooted devices, are very susceptible to mobile security risks.

3. Unknown Source Inputs - Hackers know that mobile app obtain and record information from all types of sources so they try to penetrate an app by sending a malware to the stored data by request or presenting it as an advantageous input . You should perform extensive input validation on all received intents and disregard badly formatted intents.

4. Ruptured Cryptography- Cryptography is typically applied to protect an application against hackers. Cryptographic systems utilize pseudorandom number generators (PRNGs) due to which it becomes very risky practice to hide a raw cryptographic key in an app. Moreover, it is a fairly common mistake for developers to use non cryptographic strength pseudorandom number generators like rand() in C or java. It is recommended for cryptography that the server must require the transport layer to be over SSL/TLS.

5. Data Encryption - Wireless transmissions are not always encrypted. Information such as e-mails sent by a mobile device is usually not encrypted while in transit. In addition, many applications do not encrypt the data they transmit and receive over the network, making it easy for the data to be intercepted.
For example, if an application is transmitting data over an unencrypted WiFi network using http (rather than secure https), the data can be easily intercepted. When a wireless transmission is not encrypted, data can be easily intercepted.

6.Open Hotspots – Wi-Fi and Public- Representatives are frequently careless about cell-phone security. By late report from Juniper Networks, Wi-Fi assaults are on the ascent. This is on the grounds that open associations give hackers a simple access to a client's informal organization and email information. Besides, open Wi-Fi systems, the ones showing up as 'shut hotspots', are hazardous also.

7. Unclear Corporate Policies - Misty corporate arrangements concerning new advances while supporting employees advantages are regularly dismissed similar to a security hazard. Be that as it may, recent reports recommend that vague venture security arrangements in an association demonstrations like an open welcome to significant security dangers.

8. Server Control - Choosing a top of the line server is necessary to get full controls.it needs to be assured that backend server is secure against malware. It is easier to apply upgrades and alter some features in order to block further data leakage if there is a violation.

Today, technology fuels our enterprises more than ever, and decreasing the danger that accompanies it implies seeing noteworthy change in both.

Without a doubt numerous new security challenges have emerged because of our reality turning out to be progressively versatile driven. While it's imperative to apply the same security hones used with standard app development, you should consider the sheer dynamism and portability of applications. Cell phones are basically "dependably on", and consequently your security activities must be too.

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