Emerging Applications of AI in Healthcare [eBook]

Apr 9, 2018 12:11:43 PM


In the massive influx of technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proven its potential with some disruptive solutions. With rapid unfolding of positive possibilities that AI can bring in, it has been revolutionizing the way businesses team up with technology, irrespective of the domain.

Amongst many, HealthIT is one of the biggest sectors that is reaping the benefits of AI. This can be evidenced from the fact that startups and technology giants are enthusiastically investing in the technology for a promising healthcare system. According to Statista, the AI revenue for healthcare applications worldwide is projected to generate revenue worth 6.7 billion US dollars, by 2021.  

And as this disruptive technology matures, it is offering a productive space for solutions that can assist physicians to perform assistive tasks, accelerate drug discovery, minimize in-person consultation gap, and more.

This eBook, Emerging Applications of AI in Healthcare shares the areas of healthIT that are disrupted by Artificial Intelligence and its technologies. This 22 page eBook will cover the following:

  • Areas of biggest AI potential in healthcare (with examples)
  • Barriers and challenges in adoption of Artificial Intelligence
  • The best of AI that is available to the healthIT

If your Health Delivery Organization is planning to back the digital care solutions with AI, then download this eBook to understand the potential and perils that this technology carries along. Meanwhile, understand that the key of AI has always been its representation.

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Archna Oberoi

Written by Archna Oberoi

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