Daffodil Software Announces Expansion Plans, To Hire 500 Employees this Year

Jan 19, 2022 11:05:03 AM

Daffodil Hiring Press Release

Gurgaon, 19 January 2022: Gurgaon-based software engineering company announced that it has plans to create 500 full-time jobs this year. To keep up with the increasing customer demand and to strengthen their portfolio for diverse technologies, Daffodil has declared a massive number of vacancies at its headquarters in Gurgaon. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has catalyzed the adoption of digital platforms to help businesses continue their operations during the lockdown and beyond. While some organizations opted for digital business transformation from scratch, some just modernized the existing system and went for technological advancements such as moving data to the cloud, adopting tools & devices for communication & collaboration as well as automating processes. 

Daffodil, being an industry leader in the software development services domain, experienced a surge in demand for engineering, modernizing, and migration services for applications. The company has secured tremendous growth over the past two years and this can be attributed to continuous investment in building technological practices, training, and creating business-centric services. 

The company has embraced the ‘Work from Anywhere’ model that has made job opportunities available for people across the country. It has opened doors to hire the best talent for technologies such as DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Salesforce, etc., with no geographical bars.

Regarding the expansion plan, Yogesh Agarwal (CEO, Daffodil Software) says: “The pandemic has made businesses perceive the right use-case of technology for their domain or industry. People have been coming up with some amazing ideas on how digital platforms or technology can transform the way things are being done conventionally. That is why we have been extensively investing in building our expertise and practice in new-age technologies. Last year as well, we extended our team strength to double which has helped us in reducing time-to-market for several large-scale projects.”

The CEO further comments: “Our core values- innovation, continuous thinking, and result orientation are the key drivers for why people are inclined to be a part of our organization. Moreover, our team always strives to work on challenging and new-age technologies that help our people have a consistent learning graph, which is important to sustain in a tech-driven sphere.”

Daffodil Software has got mentioned for some of its creative recruitment campaigns such as BreaktheBreak. It’s an initiative to help women resume their careers after they took a break from work (for any reason). The company also promotes WorkfromAnywhere opportunities for technical roles to ensure that the right talent becomes part of their team to deliver innovative solutions to the customers. 

About Daffodil Software:

For more than 20 years, Daffodil Software has been a trusted software technology partner to organizations across the globe. With our roots in innovation, tech agility, & time-proven processes, our team of 1000+ technologists strives to shape the tech industry and help businesses elevate their value proposition through technology. For more information, visit https://www.daffodilsw.com

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