Push Notifications: A Way to Push Revenues

Nov 5, 2015 2:46:30 PM

There are somethings money can’t buy. For everything else there is a mobile app...

Food on the plate... a set of wheels... a comfortable bed... There is hardly anything that you can’t buy by using a mobile app. There is a vast improvement in the range and scope of transactions that can be conducted through mobile apps.

The app technology, by the way, is not static. It is evolving at a scorching pace. New features are getting added, new ways of reaching out to the customers is being developed. One new system that has now started making waves in the app ecosystem is Push Notifications.

Unless you live in a deserted island without any mobile tower, you must have experienced the pull of Push Notifications. The Push Notifications are often able to influence shopping moods, travel choices and even the way by which the transactions get completed!

Push notification on iphone

There are three key reasons behind the rising popularity of Push notification:

Direct Marketing: Push Notifications allow you to market directly to your clients. If you have got your customer to download your app, you essentially have his consent for receiving your marketing related messages. Domino’s has used Push Notifications in their Friday’s one plus one offer with such efficiency that now much of their revenues come on Fridays.

Higher Read Rate: Email marketing has a dismal read rate of below 14%. In comparison, push notifications have a 50% higher read rate with click-through rates being twice as high.

Increased Retention Rate: Push Notifications are an effective way for the app to interact with the user. In fact, a recent study shows that Push Notifications increase the 90 day retention rate by as much as 180%.

In the app development work that we are doing at Daffodil Software, we give considerable importance to Push Notifications. We understand that the apps work as a constant connection between the business entity and the client, who has downloaded the app. Push Notifications are just another way of further improving the bond between the business and the client.

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