Making it App-Solutely Risk Free

Nov 8, 2015 5:10:05 PM

Your favourite mobile payment app is now all set for a massive upgrade. Check out how you can make it risk free. 

A recent survey from Accenture shows that while 52% of North Americans are “extremely aware” of mobile payments, only 18% use the facility on a regular basis. It is the millennials and the higher-income households that are on the forefront of using mobile payment systems. The survey shows that 23% millennials and 38% higher-income households use contactless payments at least once a week.

More and more people are warming up to the mobile payments systems. According to eMarketer, in 2016 we will see a 210% growth globally in the total value of mobile payment transactions—from $8.71 billion today it is expected to go up to $27.05 billion. With high growth being a distinct possibility, it is time for the companies to device new strategies for facilitating rapid awareness and adoption of their mobile apps.

Starbucks, the global coffee giant has an app, which handles payments and stores loyalty information of customers. Basically the app offers customers the convenience of a mobile wallet, which is valid at all Starbucks outlets. More than 20% of Starbucks’ in-store transactions in USA are conducted via the mobile app.

There is massive evolution happening in the mobile payments space. In times to come we can expect app based payment systems that are much more versatile and secure than the solutions that we use today. Currently most payment apps use the system of passwords to conduct a transaction, but once biometrics comes into the play, we may have apps that can make use of voice recognition, face recognition and even iris recognition to process ultra-secure transactions.

Major payment system companies of the world- Visa, MasterCard, RuPay, and many other players - are working to enhance the scope of their mobile apps. Daffodil Software is among those companies that are taking many innovative steps for the development of more secure and easy to use mobile payment apps. We promise to make your mobile transactions app-solutely risk free.

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