A Look Through the Bright Side of Android App Development

Aug 9, 2017 6:26:13 PM

Android App Development

Google Play Store hosts over 3 million apps in March 2017. Certainly, this surprising number is contributed by the popularity of Android and the capabilities that it brings in with every version. However, that’s not the only secret for its success.

Big brands, startups, and individuals are opting Android app development over other platforms and there are some invigorating reasons behind it. Here, we have a glance over some of them.  

a. The Number of Android Devices/Users are High  

During I/O 2017, Google revealed that its mobile Operating System, Android, has found home in 2 billion devices across the globe. If we analyze the contributing factors behind these numbers, these two reasons turn out to be most significant.

  • Geographical Market Share: Android has high user base from countries like South America, Asia, Eastern and Central Europe, which is huge in comparison to iOS. With such kind of geographical expansion, Android is penetrating massive smartphone market, thereby making way for compatible apps to reach the users.


  • Accessibility to Android Devices: There is an Android phone for everyone; in terms of budget, usability, and features. The list of smartphone manufacturers, building on Android OS is staggering. And thus, with a mobile app that’s meant for Android, holds on the opportunity to reach a wide rage of targeted users.

b.  More Scope to Generate Revenue from Apps

A popular app with no profit is like albatross around your neck. While the ideas to monetize a mobile app remains on both the platforms, research proves that Android apps will generate more revenue than iOS apps in the year 2017.

While the iOS store still remains the largest single store in terms of generating revenue through apps, a comparison between the platforms confirm that Android is a dominant player. Google Play Store, along with third-party Android stores will make consumers to spend more on the app. And this trend ain’t going to fade anytime soon.

By 2021, iOS apps are estimated to have a revenue (consumer spend) worth $60 billion, while Google Play with Third party Android stores with total worth $78 billion.


Alongside offering assistance in generating revenue, having third party stores for publishing mobile apps make it easy for marketers to promote a mobile app. More the app acknowledgement, more the usability, more will be the profit.

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c.  App Approval and Revision Cycle is Fast

When you are stepping into the world of mobile apps, starting off with Android app development is definitely a good idea. Reason being, Google Play Store makes it feasible for you to revise your app according to user acceptance and update it as soon as possible. If minor revisions in the app are made (bug fixing, in-app gesture, walkthrough etc.), the updated version can be rolled out for users within 24 hours. Play Store is this much flexible.

Android App Development

d.  Have Focus on Leading Android App Categories

There are over 30+ app categories in the app store. However, if we take a look on the trending categories for Android app development, there is a rush on applications that are build under Tools, Communication, Travel, Social, Productivity etc. Therefore, if you are building an app for any of these top categories, then opting for Android platform can turn out to be a profitable decision.  


Most popular Android app categories worldwide as of March 2017 [Source: Statista]

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Until now, you must be convinced with the fact that choosing Android development over any other platform have some sure benefits. If you have an app idea that needs to be converted converted into a profitable mobile app, then take a look at our Android app development services.

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