6 Technologies and Trends that will rule 2021

Dec 16, 2020 4:58:12 PM

Technologies and Trends that will rule 2021

The year 2020 pushed the world to a technological revolution. The digital ecosystem proved to be a gamechanger. The pandemic changed our lives, work culture, and gave birth to new trends and innovations.

It not only changed the seemingly peripheral things but the very perception towards technology and its role in our life. 

As businesses across the world invest in innovation and risk aversions - 2021 can be thought of as a year that will see a rise in new technologies and disruption. 

Here, we attempt to look at a few technologies and trends that will rule the future. 

Contactless payments: One of the major trends to emerge from the coronavirus outbreak is the contactless payment. Customers can pay using their debit or credit cards with RFID technology or chip cards without having to swipe the card. Already in place before the pandemic hit the world, this technology is only going to make more improvements in the future. 

Phygital stores: Phygital might seem like a fancy term but it’s nothing but a mix of online and physical stores. With lockdowns that hit retail stores – it was necessary to come up with a concept that doesn’t hinder the business and maintains the customer experience a top priority. It created an ecosystem by bringing the physical experience of shopping and digital technology together. 

Internet of Behavior: IoT will emphasize on health technology, safety along with customer experience. Besides this, expect the Internet of Behavior in shaping the post-pandemic world. This may entail the use of sensors to detect whether employees are washing hands and wearing masks. This data will be collected to analyze the behavioral patterns. And this can be expected in other spheres of life such as public health, road traffic, and more. 

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Blockchain Technology: As per the predictions go for 2021, blockchains will extend to Omni-experience ecosystems cutting down on transaction costs by 35 percent. Global supply chains through blockchain services will get more collaborative allowing customers a better experience. 

HR tech: With the rise in remote jobs, the focus will be on HR technology and more automation. It will also lead to EX or employee experience which will be the buzzword in the future mostly bringing out experiences of remote employees to the fore. Companies will be focusing much more on EX as this will be the yardstick to measure their success and brand reputation. 

Distributed Cloud: Cloud-based technology is another domain that saw a rise during the pandemic. Amid this, a new trend that is predicted is the distributed cloud – with cloud services allocated according to their geographical location. This technology has many advantages including less latency, lesser costs, and physical proximity. 

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The new technologies will set the new normal for the world. The post-pandemic era will see a great deal of newer trends. At Daffodil, we constantly strive to make use of emerging technologies and help businesses grow by putting those technologies into practice. If you are looking for support, solution or consultation then let us help you. Our team of experts is here to provide you with solutions for your business goals and vision. 

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