5 Technologies that will Rule 2018 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Apr 26, 2018 6:28:00 PM


Hundreds of technologies debut every year to transform the conventional way doing things. While some of them run down, there are some that hold the potential to cause disruption and become a trend.

Trending technologies are those that empower solutions, regardless of the industry that they belong to. Here, we have complied such revolutionary technologies for you that have evolved over time and are set to dominate 2018.

1. Artificial Intelligence: From improved patient outcomes to self driving cars, fraud detection, content filtering and recommendation, AI is mature to do it all.

2. Blockchain: The distributed ledger of records changing the way assets are managed, cross-border transactions are made, KYCs are done by businesses, health records are secured.

3. Augmented Reality: eCommerce, healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, gaming are a few industries that are making the most of Augmented Reality.

4. Sharing Economy: The Uber for X or the On-Demand economy is giving out most to the individuals and businesses. Healthcare, ground transportation, education, beauty, logistics are some of the sectors disrupted by on-demand economy.

5. Virtual Assistants: Handling customer service without human intervention is the new way businesses are managing their communication with customers.



Archna Oberoi

Written by Archna Oberoi

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