Why do Users Uninstall Apps: Let’s Dig Deeper [INFOGRAPHICS]

Oct 18, 2017 12:35:54 PM


Rigorous up-front design, thorough testing for usability, quality analysis on hundreds of devices, a full beta cycle, and then a final deployment to the app stores after months. How would it feel to have your app being dumped by users after download? Harrowing, isn’t?

If the users are downloading the app, it exhibits their interest in your idea or the solution you are rendering through your mobile app. Instead, they did not like the way your idea is implemented. Understanding the reason for app uninstalls is within the app itself. All you need to do is, pay a little more attention to the details.

In this infographics shared below, we share some of the possible basis for why users uninstall an app. It also highlights some of the app elements that are underestimated but contributes a lot to app’s user experience and performance.

why users uninstall app infographic.jpg


Archna Oberoi

Written by Archna Oberoi

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