10 Popular Mobile Apps that are Built using Xamarin

Oct 18, 2017 12:44:54 PM

Popular apps that ae built using Xamarin

Code re-usability, rapid time-to-market for multiple platforms, native UI, API access, and performance. With so many benefits in line, cross platform app development is certainly a profitable solution for businesses.

And when we talk about native cross platform development technology, Xamarin exhibits some sure advantage over its competitor technologies. So much so that leading tech companies are looking to hire Xamarin developers more than ever before. 

Tech, gaming, hospitality, media, manufacturing, healthcare! There is hardly an industry that does not believe in the potential of Xamarin for mobile app development. Don’t believe us? You got to check out these popular apps that are built using Xamarin.

1. Storyo: Video Story Creator

Storyo is a storytelling app that enable its users to create videos out of photos, and presents them with photo metadata like time, place, and other contextual information. The engineering team at Xamarin built a single solution and rendered it on multiple platforms, ensuring that it reaches users in 170 countries, faster.

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2. Just Giving: Online Fundraising Platform

JustGiving is an online platform to raise charitable donations. It connects the fundraisers and donors across 164 countries through their Android and iOS apps. The app includes the facilities like requesting donations, tracking the raised funds, share the cause etc.

3. The World Bank: Survey Conducting App

The World Bank created an app that they use to conduct surveys at global scale. Earlier, the international financial institution was conducting surveys across the world using the legacy paper and laptop based methods, which were time taking and inconvenient. The World Bank app created using Xamarin and Visual Studio, it can now collect data from tens of thousands of individuals on tablet, ascertaining that confidentiality of data is retained.

4. Olo: Online Food Ordering Platform

Olo has created a custom-brand platform for over 150 restaurant brands that brings in seamless food ordering, pickup, and delivery to over 30 million users. The team after experimentation with other development platform switched to Xamarin for rapid time-to -market and engaging customer experience.

5. Insightly: CRM and Project Management

Insightly, with over 200,000 mobile app downloads is enabling companies to do better business and keep the sales team updated with every information needed to close deals. With Xamarin, Insightly was able to deliver native performance, tap into native APIs like transitions, and share 65% of the code for Android and iOS platforms.

6. FreshDirect: Online Food Grocer

FreshDirect allows its customers to order from a massive catalog of 15K products , plus SKUs, get some amazing recipe ideas, manufacturer coupons, and more. With Visual Studio for Mac, HockeyApp, and Xamarin Test Cloud, the online food ordering platform ensured automated app testing, updates, distribution, and monitoring to offer better app experience to their Android and iOS users.

7. Skulls of the Shogun: Gaming App

Skulls of the Shogun is an arcade strategy game. It was initially launched for Steam, Xbox, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and 10. Considering the popularity, 17-Bit (the video game developer) wanted to expand the user base for this popular game. With the help of Xamarin and Monogame, they delivered an Android version of the game, which has over 1,800 five-star reviews on Google Play. Also, the shared backend make multiplayer game-play possible on different platforms and consoles.

8. SuperGiant Games: Console Game for Mobile

SuperGiant Games for Bastion Xbox and PC has to be extended for iOS platform. The developers had the challenge of converting almost every level, weapon, creature for a touch interface. SuperGiant used Xamarin to overcome the challenges and the game also earned an editor’s choice award on the App Store. The game users have the option to play using two control systems, classic or touch-optimized.

9. APX: Environmental Asset Tracker

Field service is one of the most helpful use case of mobile. However, this may sound quite impractical for some of the field professionals like wind turbine engineers, who are suspended in the air. With smart-glass clients built with Xamarin, APX overcame this limitation and offered a mobile solution for deskless workers. Now the workers on field can operate hands-free via speech and head-gesture language. The app records the work done on the field through photos and videos and also shows the alerts that are generated from other systems.

10. Thermo Fisher Scientific: Research and Development

Thermo Fisher Scientific presents an amazing example of integrating life science with IoT. Genetic scientists spend hours in the making of billion copies of DNA. With PCR Essentials app, the progress monitoring can be made possible, from anywhere and that too with fewer manual machine checks. Xamarin offered them 75% less development time and gave a bigger vision to research and development through mobile.

Planning to Develop your Next App with Xamarin?

2018 and 2019 were the pivotal years for mobile apps. With the launch of the copious smartphone brands, with over 2.7 billion smartphone users across the world, the app-based business was booming. The usage of apps and smartphones are still growing at a steady rate, who knows what the future holds for us. 

Xamarin as a cross platform app development technology is quite versatile and these examples are a proof. So, if you have plans to expand your app user base on multiple mobile platforms, Xamarin can be chosen with confidence. And for assistance in development, we have got our Xamarin app development services for you.

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