What is Penetration Testing and why is it essential for your application?

Dec 9, 2020 4:55:28 PM

What is penetration testing and how it is essential for your application

A penetration test also called the pen test is a mock attack on the security system to assess potential risks and vulnerabilities. It is commonly done to boost the web application firewall (WAF).

It includes faux threat attempts on application systems such as Application Protocol Interfaces (APIs), or front or backend servers. Penetration testing can improve WAF security by finding potential inadequacies in your system. 

So, what does penetration testing include? 

Penetration testing comprises the following five stages

Planning: In stage 1, you identify and define actions and goals.

Scanning: Here, scanning tools are used to find out how a particular target responds to an attack. 

Access: In the third phase, web application attacks are staged to reveal how vulnerable a target is. 

Maintenance: The APTs are imitated to check whether certain targets are still responding. 

Analysis: This is when WAF is configured before running the test. 

What are the penetration testing methods? 

Blind testing: Here, the tester only knows the name of the organization to be attacked. 

Double-blind testing: Here the security team doesn’t have any inkling of the imminent attack. This is helpful since it is as close as fighting the attacks in the real world. 

External testing: This attacks the visible targets of the organization for data extraction such as assets with visibility on the internet that is an application, website, email, and domain name servers. 

Internal testing: Here, a tester simulates an attack by an insider. This generally starts with targets like employees with stolen credentials. 

Targeted testing: Here, the tester and security work in tandem well-aware of each other’s actions. This trains the security team offering insights and perception from the hacker’s end. 

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So, how does penetration testing help your application? 

With penetration testing, you’re in a better place to evaluate the security of your IT assets by identifying the gaps in your security system. 

Here are the top 5 benefits of penetration testing 

Identify potential risks: This goes without saying. Pen tests are crucial in identifying and defining possible threats and attacks that can target your company. When you know how to avert and fight these off you are sorted. 

Prevent infiltration: The most important benefit of a pen test is that you learn how to handle a threat in the real world. It makes you more proactive in risk assessment and well aware of your security landscape. 

Create an evolved system: This helps not only in a more matured and devolved security system but gives your teams a competitive streak. Pen tests can give you an advantage over your competitors and help you stay at the top of your game. 

Prevent data theft: Data is valuable to any organization and millions of dollars go into protecting that data. Breach of data is not just a threat to a company but can also cost a lot. But if you are conducting regular penetration tests this can surely be averted. 

Compliance: With regular pen tests you can ensure to maintain compliance with security obligations required by the industry. Going under the tests shows that you are dedicated to building an ecosystem that is transparent and secure while also helping your brand and reputation. 

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It is understood how important it is to go for regular penetration tests to keep your security in the best health. If you want to know what kind of penetration test you need then click here. Our experts will help resolve your query by giving you a quick solution. 

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