5 Technologies that will Boost your Future Mobile App Strategy

By Archna Oberoi on Jan 15, 2018 5:29:47 PM

Mobile apps have given rise to a gold rush in the software industry. With a view point that there is an app for (almost) everything, users are hosting a new app in their smartphones, every then and now. As a result, the smartphones today are falling victim to app fatigue.

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Progressive Web Apps: How Do They Impact Your SEO Strategy

By Kunwar Jolly on Jul 6, 2017 9:54:05 PM


Of those who search, nearly 4 in 10 search only on smartphone in an average day.” suggests a study by Google. As mobile usage increases, companies focus their attention towards making their websites mobile-friendly, ascertaining that an optimal user experience is rendered. Moreover, developers are driven to adopt the latest and most efficient technologies to make mobile web a useful space for users.

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Mobile apps vs Mobile web: Progressive apps

By Team Daffodil on Feb 20, 2017 7:41:35 PM

Recently observed trends give us some hints that the leading names in the world of web as well as mobile technologies have started to push web a step up as they have unlocked it’s true potential. Perhaps, the mighty titans like Google, Apple and Microsoft have realized the amount of hitches the app developers suffer from and hits the business takes to keep up with mobile apps, has reached an alarming figure. So they are on to developing solutions for the future, and once again they are riding on web.

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Mobile apps vs Mobile web: Who really needs an app?

By Team Daffodil on Feb 20, 2017 7:32:06 PM

Did your ever so curious mind ever came across the question “why build mobile apps when mobiles have a web browser”. What exactly a mobile app can do that a mobile friendly, that is, responsive website or web app cannot? Let’s look at the apps you have installed on your smartphone. Sure, there must be WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, may be Instagram and Snapchat too. Don’t you shop online?

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