The Numbers Behind Growth of Mobile Health Technology in the US [INFOGRAPHIC]

Jun 8, 2017 6:15:03 PM


Technology is smartly revamping the model of healthcare industry. Thoughtful ideas are introduced to develop mobile apps, wearables, and other health monitoring devices. This has eventually brought an impressive change in how people maintain fitness, stay informed about their wellness, diagnose health issues, and connect with medical resources at distance.

Apart from this, mHealth is rigorously contributing in treatment compliance, patient monitoring, surveys and data collection, rising awareness, and decision making. Also, it is saving the cost of cure, especially for chronic disease. If a study is to be believed, 45% of America’s population have at least one chronic disease. This infographic below shares some interesting facts and numbers about how mobile technology is assisting people in US to track and maintain their health.


Kartik Kakar

Written by Kartik Kakar

Lead Marketer at Daffodil Software. Inbound Marketer with a passion for technology and cool stuff.