Online Radio Streaming Apps: Benefits and Opportunities

Jun 6, 2018 11:13:12 AM

online radio streaming apps

With digital media gaining momentum, internet consumers have the privilege to enjoy their favorite music through streaming services. FM Radio, the technology introduced almost eight decades back is still one of the biggest source of infotainment with music proffered with news, sports, politics, and more.

Given that consumers, irrespective of geographics and demographics are embracing this infotainment service, there is a gradual rise in the variety of platforms that enable having access to different radio stations.

The kind of popularity that mobile apps own currently, online radio streaming apps are offering a convenient mode to tune in to favorite music station. Some of the convincing reasons why people still prefer FM radio over personalized radio apps are:   

  • Compelling Content: The content created on radio stations for listener engagement targets day-to-day information (challenges, news, hacks), which is the major driver of consumers on FM stations, alongside music.
  • Uninterrupted Entertainment: The FM radio content has relevant packaging of content into small clips that require minimum attention and time of the users to consume it.
  • Local Updates: The content on FM radios prominently connect listeners to the local info, updates, and communities.
  • No Geographical Constraints: Online radio streaming apps provides freedom to listen to FM stations, outside of their geographical area (Big FM 106.2 is a South-Indian station that streams live in the UAE through mobile app).
  • FM on iOS Platform: Smartphone platforms like iOS do not offer mobile FM. To access FM stations on iPhones and iPad, apps are a great work around.

Live FM Streaming Apps: Business Opportunities

For media and entertainment sector, internet radio stations brings in huge advertising opportunities. While local advertising is a possibility with traditional radio models, bringing targeted stations on mobile is though a priority for various media companies.

Target the Mass: Apps that are compatible to Android and iOS platforms allow advertisers to target large share of audience, which otherwise is not a possibility with non-portable platforms like music systems, laptops etc.

Targeting a genre: Another benefit that radio streaming apps with specific stations bring is targeting an audience from a genre or with a preference. With apps that broadcast single station, low is the probability of a listener switching to different station, thereby enhancing the probability of advertisements being listened and perceived by the consumers.

With advertisements being the revenue model and infotainment as engagement medium, internet radio apps are certainly offering a level playing field to the marketers and consumers. 

Developing Apps to Live Stream Radio Stations

Whether an app with single FM station or an online radio streaming app with multiple stations, from different geographics, Daffodil’s expertise can help your app idea and services transform the conventional face of radio through right technology.

If you are a media company, interested to broadcast a radio station through mobile app, set up a 30 minute free consultation with our experts to share the requirements, project scope, and technology stack that can help the app get through in the expected time and cost.  

Kartik Kakar

Written by Kartik Kakar

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