Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2018 [eBook]

Sep 27, 2017 6:05:04 PM


Over 400 million smartphones, 4 million apps for download, 80 billion annual app store revenue! These numbers certainly project that year 2017 took over the the ownership of the mobile world. And if the future prognosis are to be believed, these numbers are bound to rise dramatically.

With every passing year, we could see apps reaching the next level of creativity and productivity, resolving real time problems in the most efficient manner. And in no time, these petite disruptions turn out to become the most followed trends in the mobile industry.

Certainly, this would not have been possible without the latest technologies that we have today. While the technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality showed their mesmerizing potential quite earlier, their integration to mobile apps have started to become quite seamless these days. Thanks to the amazing AR SDks, Machine Learning frameworks, Chatbot development tools, and other similar solutions that are helping developers in their assimilation with mobile apps. Consequently,  both businesses and users are expecting the apps to deliver features, user experience, performance that’s out of the ordinary.

This eBook, 7 App Development Trends to Shape the Growth of your Business highlights the technologies and solutions that will make the mobile apps stand out against the regular ones in 2018. It will cover the following:

  • Mobile app development trends that will become a norm in the year 2018
  • Top technologies, features, and solutions (with examples) that can make your app more impactful
  • Stats that predict success rate of these trends in 2018

Download this free eBook now and get the most credible ideas to build an app that’s backed with the latest technology, have an engaging UX, and holds all possibilities to generate an profitable revenue model.

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Archna Oberoi

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