How to Convince Your Customers to Migrate to ReactJS?

May 12, 2017 5:46:18 PM


To quote Eben Pagan, an entrepreneur and business thought leader, “You can’t convince anyone of anything. You can only give them the right information, so that they convince themselves”. You may not know who Eben Pagan is, but you would definitely agree that he makes a valid point through that quote. When you consider ReactJS and its increasing popularity among the developers, you would accept that it is because of the remarkable features of this technology. Naturally, you would want your customers to take advantage of this technology. But convincing your customers to migrate to ReactJS may be easier said than done unless you can convey to them the advantages offered by this technology. So, here we list down the major benefits of this technology to help you convince your customers to switch to ReactJS.

Think about efficiency

Efficient functioning is the first and foremost requirement of any web or mobile application. With users considering a waiting time of more than two seconds during page load as an inconvenience, the onus lies on the developers to solve this issue. ReactJS allows the creation of isomorphic apps that offers the advantage of speed and thus, increases the efficiency of the application. Using ReactJS developers can create components that work on the client-side as well as the server-side. Apart from the speed benefit, this approach also increases the possibility of search engines indexing the pages.

Consider the advantage of JavaScript library

React JS comes with the advantage of having the JavaScript library. Constructing an app is often a challenging job for developers, given that there are various restrictions imposed by the templates, patterns, architecture, etc. But with JavaScript library, a developer is free to create an app just the way he/she envisages it, sans any such restrictions as mentioned above. Not only does that ease up the process of development, it also increases the chances of constructing something that exactly translates an idea into a reality.

Increased performance always counts

Fast and flawless performance is what separates a good application from an average one. React JS provides developers with the advantage of creating applications that can boost of enhanced performance. A big performance enhancer in React JS is the virtual DOM.  It can be used to store and render files in a speedy manner. Since the virtual DOM is stored in the memory, it is instantly updated whenever any changes occur in the actual DOM. The performance of the app is increased as the actual DOM is not updated regularly.

The benefit of component reusability

React JS technology follows the approach of “learn once, write anywhere”. When a developer builds applications using the React JS technology, he/she can bring into use the components developed for some other application that makes use of the same functionality. While such component reusability definitely helps to reduce the development efforts, it also ensures fast development of the applications. This, in turn, helps to save time in the construction of the mobile and web applications.

Who can ignore SEO and its benefits?

Search engine optimization or SEO of applications or websites is one important aspect that no developer can afford to ignore. Unfortunately, JavaScript frameworks are not great at being search engine friendly.  But with React JS, the scenario seems to be far from bleak. It enables developers to create user interfaces that are not just fast and efficient, but search engine friendly as well. In other words, the user interfaces created with React JS can be browsed on different search engines.

User interfaces does matter a lot

Every developer is aware of the fact that a good user interface is indispensable for creating a good application. React Native allows developers to create highly responsive user interfaces. Using JavaScript interactions taking place between the Native environment of the application device and React Native, developers can come up with remarkable interfaces that will enhance the user experience significantly. The highly responsive user interfaces also help to enhance the load time of the application and ensure that it keeps running smoothly.

The perks of getting developer tools right out of the box

Getting developer tools straight out of the box is any developer’s dream come true. With React JS, a developer gets to use a toolset that has been designed keeping the requirements of software engineers in mind. It comes as an extension of Chrome Developer Tools and can be easily installed and used. Among the advantages of using the toolset are that it enables a better understanding of the component hierarchy and helps to track down bugs easily. Overall, the toolset helps to make life easier for the developers and enhances the quality and speed of their work.

Fast prototyping is a huge plus

React JS is not only advantageous for the developers it is beneficial for the designers as well. Among the many advantages offered by React JS to both the developers and the designers is fast prototyping. It comes across as a huge plus point as it provides more feedback opportunities. Fast prototyping also engages customers and clients sooner. When things need to be changed, it is better to do so before too much code has been written. Fast prototyping helps with this aspect and leads to better development of the applications.


React JS is a technology that ensures the fast and smooth development of applications. It offers better performance clubbed with responsive user interfaces. This technology makes it easy to test, edit, and debug the codes and take advantage of component reusability. It is also a platform on which new frameworks can be built, such as React Native, Om, Grail, etc. Being a view layer, it can be used with other frameworks such as Angular JS and Backbone JS. It comes with various features and is quite easy to work with. So, when your customers need to develop SEO friendly applications that can handle heavy traffic, they definitely need to migrate to React JS to get the best results.



Kartik Kakar

Written by Kartik Kakar

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