How Salesforce Health Cloud can Improve Patient experience

Oct 14, 2020 12:44:48 PM

How Salesforce Health Cloud improves patient experience

Counted as among the top healthcare CRMs by the Healthcare IT and Insights company, KLAS, Salesforce Healthcare Cloud services are here to transform the patient-provider relationship. The cloud pushes healthcare providers to acknowledge patients as customers and value their decisions.

It is constantly trying to meet challenges in the current healthcare system making it easy for both patients and caregivers. 

Salesforce healthcare cloud provides a 360-degree view of its customers on a unified platform collating all the necessary data at your disposal. Usually, healthcare CRMs collect, manage, store data for analysis but not many can streamline and present the data as efficiently as the Salesforce health cloud. It gives patients more control over their healthcare journeys as well as offering the ones providing those services a more personalized approach. 

Why you need to focus on patient experience

An enviable patchwork of data, technology, and analysis is needed to provide a rich customer experience. The healthcare industry can only improve if it shifts its focus from industry-specific needs to patient needs. Your patients as your customers demand more out of your products and services. And they’re not satisfied with great services alone. 

They need constant engagement – wherein they know they’re being heard which helps forge a long-lasting relationship. More and more patients are turning to digital solutions when it comes to healthcare. Tapping into this growing breed should be of utmost importance to the providers. Your business can only escalate if you prioritize your patient's needs. 

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What can the Salesforce Health Cloud do for you? 

You could be a healthcare provider, payer, pharma, or medical equipment firm – Salesforce health cloud benefits you and your customers in different ways. With Salesforce health cloud you as a provider get access to an engaging platform to smoothly function and perform across departments to help understand your patients better.

The Salesforce dashboards keep track of referring accounts which help you make informed marketing and advertising decisions. The platform arranges  the relevant prospects and their journeys in becoming a patient. CRM’s predictive intelligence aids you in dispensing swift care and services to each patient. 

Besides, you can connect and provide support to patients in real-time via multiple channels like chat, calls, emails, and more. 

How Salesforce Health CRM enhances the patient experience 

According to a 2019 report by Salesforce Research, 47 percent of consumers feel that healthcare systems focus more on the industry needs than patients. With a groundbreaking CRM, you can resolve this issue and how. 

Communicate better with your patients: What any CRM should help you with is an improved and seamless communication across media with your customers. In healthcare, the key is to focus on patient relationships. The Salesforce health cloud users feel that while in-person visits are significant in building trust, other channels of communication are as important. About 70 percent of patients feel SMS/text is important while communicating with their payers while 57 percent prefer the option of live chat. 

Organize & Maintain EHR: Maintaining Electronic Health Records (EHR) is still seen as a challenge for many healthcare providers. There certainly stands a need to improve EHR experience and accessibility. This is just the provider-end observation. Studies mention that more than half of patients are clueless about how to find their health records. This calls in for a robust CRM which not only organizes patient data but also makes it easy to retrieve information by both provider and patient at any time. 

Integration with mobile devices: A CRM’s functionality doesn’t end at providing information but also integrating that data across devices and platforms. Among the key factors that make an effective CRM is its ability to integrate with mobile apps. Healthcare firms and life sciences companies that are available on mobile apps can collect more data from their patients leading to a more personalized experience. Apart from data collation, a mobile device enables swifter connectivity with your patients. HITs have realized the importance of a centralized CRM that integrates mobile devices improving digital connectivity. 

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Customer feedback: A service only improves with constant customer feedback and healthcare is an industry that needs it more than others. Consumers seek a constant dialogue between them and providers months after their last appointment. This engagement is crucial to better understand the customers and serve them better which is the goal of any CRM. It’s no secret that companies who listen to their patients and heed to their feedback enjoy a higher rate of customer loyalty. Besides, constant feedback also helps improve the healthcare systems at large. Salesforce Health Cloud automates the process of registering and organizing feedback. 

Unlock possibilities with a customized healthcare cloud solution 

Salesforce Health cloud aims to build deeper connections with patients. The integrated platform serves as an information powerhouse making it easier for you to break down the patient’s journey from acquisition to management and care services. 

As a part of the healthcare ecosystem whether a pharmaceutical company or an insurer – you need a CRM tailored to your business needs. Discover a world of possibilities with a Health Cloud solution custom-made to your requirements here

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