Hire Ruby on Rails Developer: Skillset that you Need to Check Out

Sep 20, 2017 11:38:59 AM


For web application development of any scale, RoR brings in a slew of opportunities. And this gives clear grounds to the startups as well as fortune 500 companies to place their trust in this amazing technology.

With RoR holding its space amongst the finest technology stacks, hiring Ruby on Rails developers to build web apps is on list of various businesses. To help you out, we have collated the skills and specs that you should look out in an experienced RoR developer while hiring.

The Programming Language: Ruby 

Rails is a MVC framework, which is written in Ruby. Therefore, for web application development using RoR, it is important that the developer holds know-how of Ruby programming language.

Syntax is the basis of any language. When conducting an interview, take a test to check the programmer’s intelligence for loops, classes, modules, conditional elements etc.

Next is the OOPs programming. A Ruby developer will primarily deal with Object Oriented Programming. Test how clear the programmer is about OOPS in RuBy with concepts like classes, objects, including vs. extending module, inheritance vs composition etc. Remember that this will lay basis of RoR developer and thus this skillset is of uttermost importance.

Frontend Development: HTML, CSS, JS

For any web application development project, building a frontend that appeals the users, makes them stay, and use the application is an essential. When hiring RoR developer, check out their expertise is developing frontend using the latest HTML, CSS, and Javascript technology.

You can enquire the RoR programmer if they have experience about common javascript frameworks like Reactjs, Emberjs etc. can help in beautiful frontend development. To add dynamicity with lessee lines of codes, jquery and other JS libraries could help. Interview and understand the programmer’s expertise and experience for all these front end development technologies.

Databases: SQL, PostgreSQL, More

Database is the engine of any application. Therefore, when hiring Ruby on Rails developer, verify their know-how for the most popular databases.

SQL: A Basic knowledge of SQL is a must. Even though the developer don’t need to write any SQL as the ActiveRecord is already doing that, but still reading the logs to understand what’s happening would require them to read the logs.

PostgreSQL/MYSQL: These two are the most common database engines. Check out the programmer’s proficiency in querying the database using any one of them.

Tools: Git, Trello, Heroku etc.

A web application development cycle is not limited to just technical expertise. At a large scale, it involves coordinating with the team members, managing the code, deployment, and more. Therefore, you must look out for developer with the following:

Development Resources: An app development process never comes without a set of challenges and functionalities that the programmer might not have implemented before. There are a number of online resources that can help the developer, when stuck. Some of them includes RoR subreddit, StackOverflow, YouTube channels, Ruby-forums.com and many other alike. Ask the developers if they are familiar with them and utilize them to stay updated with the technology.

Git: When hiring RoR developer, ask them if they use code management tools like Git; are familiar with functionalities like how to create new branch, pull and push code etc.

Additionally, a developer possessing know-how of platforms like Docker, Cl, Heroku etc. would be an added benefit, if you are hiring Ruby on Rails developer for large scale project.

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