5 Reasons to Choose RoR for Web Application Development

Sep 5, 2017 5:34:23 PM

Ruby on Rails

In the galaxy of programming languages for web application development, Ruby has surely made a majestic entry. And to complement its caliber to build powerful web apps, Ruby on Rails (RoR), a framework based on Ruby language was introduced back in 2004.

Today, big brands swear by the potential of this amazing web development framework and some of the popular names include Disney, GitHub, AirBnB, Twitter, Shopify, and more. What makes Rails so great? Let’s check it out.

1. Open Source Software for Web Apps

  • Access to Source Code: Since Rails is an open source, reading the underlying code for understanding the system is possible for any Ruby developer. This helps in better customization of the application functionality and optimize it for the better.
  • No Vendor Limitations: When working with Rails, you don’t have to pay extra charges for bug fixes or any upgrades done to the software. Therefore, the type of application and its scale do not have any reliance.

2. Text Based Files for Development

Ruby on Rails applications are developed using three types of text files: ruby code file (.rb), HTML templates (rhtml or rxml), and YAML configuration files. The text files brings in the advantage of easy editing, moving, deploying, and are simple to backup as well. RoR does not require any complicated environment for development. So, you can create a RoR file in Notepad in Windows, modify it in Textmate on Mac, and deploy it on Linux server. Simple as that!

3. Built-in Testing Environment

With Rails framework, there is a built-in testing environment available. Developers can test the application in any of the development stage, without adding live data to the database. These tests are then stored with the application code only and thus, even if the code is moved to a new environment, testing the application is possible. The test systems that are integrated within the framework ensures that applications are built up effectively and and tested often for an expected output.

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4. Tools for App Customization

Ruby on Rails is integrated with a set of tools that make customization in an existing app easy. Therefore, improving the application by adding new set of features, tweaking the project code for reuse, changes in the data model etc. can be done with flexibility. This ability of RoR makes the web application development project time saving, offers code reusability, and thus helps in handling large scale projects effectively. Also, the version control tools proves to be a great asset when working in a team.

5. Documentation Availability

There is a lot that’s been available to the developers, for both Ruby and Rails. Also, there is plentiful of online resources for support. For example: the site http://api.rubyonrails.org enlists all the frameworks, classes, and methods for RoR. This enble the developers to easily find the classes and methods that they need might need while web application development.

Now, because RoR is an open source, the manuals (in most of the cases) are prepared by those who actually use the language and framework for development. Just take an example of the guide for software installation. Manuals developed by the end user cover up a number of installation issues and thus installation guidelines for a range of environments would be made available.

Made your Mind for Web App with RoR? We can Help!

The above mentioned benefits of Ruby on Rails must have convinced you to choose it for web application development. However, for any query regarding the technology and its ability to compliment your web app project, we offer free consultation to our consumers.

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