[eBook] 4 Emerging Business Models of Healthcare Software Companies

Sep 17, 2018 5:08:08 PM

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The global trends in technology are shaking the industry architecture, resulting in disruptive non-conventional business models. Healthcare industry is no exception. Healthcare software companies are starting to innovate their business models in order to respond to new trends. This is not only redrawing the industry architecture but also giving rise to innovative healthcare business models.

In a quest to introduce novelty, financial stability and long-term sustainability in the healthcare industry, healthcare software companies are leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and internet of things to look beyond these argots and innovate their industry ecosystem for the good.

This e-book focuses on the recent changes regarding healthcare software companies and discusses their drivers, characteristics and the effect they have on the sector as a whole.

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Archna Oberoi

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