6 Reasons You Should Use Microsoft SharePoint

Jan 4, 2013 2:18:29 PM

SharePoint is a versatile tool from Microsoft which offers a wide range of tools used for web designing, networking, and application development along with a powerful content management solution. It can be configured to manage Intranet, Extranet and Internet sites within any organization. This robust solution can be applied to businesses of all scales and sizes and allows them to create highly customized business solutions to meet their needs. Now we shall take a look at six reasons that should convince you to use Microsoft SharePoint in your business.

6 Reasons You Should Use Microsoft SharePoint


  1. Effective Content Management: Managing content is one of the key functions in any modern business and this has been made easy with SharePoint. It allows you to simply copy and paste content from a Word document which is converted into XHTML codes automatically. Furthermore the same source content can be used across different sites which are interlinked and allow you to make changes by editing the source. The content is responsive and can be viewed across multiple devices.
  2. Speeds Site Development: Most business organizations bank of keeping their website updated for their employees and customers and this can be quite a task when the organizations is large. SharePoint speeds up the process of site development as it offers the developers with layouts and pre-defined content which can be tweaked easily and saves time compared to creating them from scratch. The Design Manager plays a major role in this as it eases the process of markup coding.
  3. Cost Effective: One of the major advantages of SharePoint is the fact that it helps you reduce operational costs by integrating all the different kinds of networking and communication under a consolidated platform. This becomes a great advantage for small businesses which would otherwise shop for these solutions individually.
  4. Easy Application Development: SharePoint makes it easy to design, develop and deploy web applications. You will have access to over 40 application templates where you can easily find solutions which suits your business needs. These templates can be customized and deployed automatically through sub-site creation thus speeding up the process.
  5. User Functionality: SharePoint is an extremely user friendly solution which makes it easy to be deployed in any organization on a mass scale. The drag and drop feature of the interface allows all your employees to make use of this solution where they can also track progress of their work. The platform can also interact with MS Office to make the process easy for the end user.
  6. Robust Data Analytics: Data analysis is vital for the success of any business. You need all about your customers and employees in facts and figures and this is one of the major advantages of using SharePoint. It allows you to analyze the data in detail and helps you make informed decisions about your business.SharePoint development helps in increasing the productivity in any business and this solution is a must if you want to stay ahead of the competition.
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