7 Mobile App Trends to Watch Out for in 2016

Dec 11, 2015 12:28:40 PM

As recently as three or four years ago, most of us could not have guessed that someday we would be using apps to book a cab (Uber), find place to stay (AirBnB), or chat in real time with people in different parts of the world (WhatsApp, Skype, etc.).

The transformation that the mobile space has undergone during the last few years is nothing less than revolutionary. And the best thing is that the roller-coaster ride is not over yet—2016 promises an avalanche of new services on your mobile devices that you can scarcely imagine today.

Here are some trends that you need to watch out for in 2016:

Mesh Apps

In 2016, we may see the rise of other mesh apps like Zomato. If you have used Zomato, you will know that this app uses the Uber platform to give users the information regarding the estimated pickup time, fare and travel time to the restaurant that they are looking up for. In fact, Uber has already launched a ‘Ride Request Button’ that will allow developers to add an Uber button in any third party apps.

App-Only Trend

Whether it was e-commerce sector, the travel sector, or the food tech domain—the major players in these areas have declared that they prefer an app-only strategy for their marketing and sales strategies. In 2016, we may see the app-only trend getting more traction from major industry players.

Wearable Technologies

It is certain that the wearable devices will gain popularity in 2016, and this will lead to a new wave of app development that will cater specifically to the users of wearable devices. In such apps we may see some kind of customisation that will enable them to provide services through the small screen of the wearable devices.

Digital Mobile Payment

The role of the mobile handsets, as the tools for making digital payments, will be further established in 2016. We can see a spate of new launches that make use of the payment platforms of the global giants like MasterCard and Visa to facilitate payments through mobile apps. Your handset is on way to becoming your credit and debit card.

Enterprise Apps

Microsoft has launched a new enterprise service called PowerApps that empowers users (employees of businesses) to create mobile apps, connect to existing systems in a secure way and easily share newly developed apps with coworkers. In 2016, we will see the full impact of such novel mobile based enterprise services.

App Ads

The in-app advertisement industry will continue to be a major revenue-earner even in 2016. The total spend on app advertising has crossed $7 billion in 2015, and you can be sure that the figure for 2016 will be much higher.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

A few years ago, it seemed like science fiction to scan real-life products for getting rich mobile experience. Rather than scanning QR codes for basic coupons, customers will be able to scan standard bar codes to open a gateway for personalised rewards programs, mobile gaming, and non-traditional shopping experiences through mobile apps.

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