9 Startup Trends for 2016 That You Need to Know

Dec 14, 2015 12:47:13 PM

2015 was a great year for startups. The most inspiring and disruptive startups made their mark during the course of the year in the areas of food tech, hyperlocal logistics, healthcare and much else. Indications are that 2016 could be even more exciting year for startups. Why? Because the startups that have already been launched will start maturing in 2016, and also because there is news of several new startup themes that investors are excited about.

Here is a list of the 9 key factors that we will have discernible influence on the startup ecosystem of 2016:

Mobile First & Mobile Only: The millennials do not influence the market anymore. Generation Z is mobile friendly and this means that you have to ensure that your startup is geared to take full advantage of the mobile world.

Video Content: We can expect rigorous marketing through videos. This will completely transform the content marketing space. It is certain that the marketing startups and content marketing companies will have their eyes peeled for this important trend.

Messaging Apps: We have already seen a lot of messaging apps getting launched and becoming popular in no time—Hike, Telegram, Snapchat, etc. In 2016, we may see the messaging apps becoming the new face of the social media.

Wearable Technology Startups: 2016 holds a major boom for companies like Fitbit, Skully, Thync that have invested lot of time and resources into wearable technology. Such companies will accrue significant benefits in 2016. Many new startups will be following their footprints.

Healthcare: Since 2010, we have been seeing new startups emerging in the healthcare space. Now that healthcare reforms are being pursued in earnest, and new resources for funding are getting established, we may see several new startups getting launched in 2016.

Education: Digital education startups have been around for last 7 to 8 years. Many schools and colleges are already using the solutions from such startups. In 2016, we may see the older startups in the education space trying to redefine their business models and new startups getting launched.

Fashion: In 2015 we had several fashion startups gaining the attention of venture capitalists. In 2016, we can expect lot of action in the fashion startup segment. Companies like Roposo, Not just a Label, and many others are sure to attain limelight.


Webrooming: This year, for the first time, we noticed the trend of people checking out items online before buying it in normal brick & mortar stores. In 2016, we will definitely see several big brand and labels getting onboard the webrooming bandwagon.

Mobile Payment: Paytm has had a huge impact in 2015. It has redefined the way Indians make their payments. With new RBI policy regarding payment banks now in place, in 2016 we may see the rise of several other mobile payment companies.

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