7 AngularJS Frameworks to Simplify Web App Development

Nov 20, 2018 7:27:00 PM


AngularJS is one of the fastest growing technologies for frontend development. The Javascript framework overcomes the limitation of HTML to declare dynamic views in web applications. By enabling developers to extend the HTML syntax with new attributes, AngularJS makes it easy to create scalable and robust Single Page Applications.

According to StackOverflow survey, AngularJS is one of the most loved frontend development technologies, with 54.6% developers participating in survey voting for it. In consequence to its popularity and acceptance, a number of open-source AngularJS frameworks are made available that can aid developers and simplify web development for them. Here is a list of some sought-after AngularJS frameworks.

1. Suave UI

Suave UI is a popular framework for building web UI, using AngularJS. It offers CSS definitions (like grid, layered elements, coloured buttons, form elements), directives, and services that makes it easy for developers to build diverse UI components for web applications. The UI components provided by Sauve UI are included in bundle-files and thus, the developers don’t need to include them separately. The UI components can be simple included to the project by using command “bower install suave-ui --save” through the Bower.

2. QuantumUI

QuantumUI provides CSS based UI components for web application development. It includes 23 commons component based on AngularJS and Bootstrap, which are further server and rest-service friendly. What makes this AngularJS framework work for developers is the customization facility, which allows them to twist the components according to project requirement. While some of the components available within Quantum framework are open source, some of them are commercial.

3. UI Bootstrap

UI Bootstrap consists of Bootstrap components that are written in AngularJS, by the Angular UI team. The developers can use repository of components with dependencies such as AngularJS, Angular-animate, Angular-touch, and Bootstrap CSS.

4. PrimeNG

PrimeNG is a UI library for Angular. It developed by PrimeTek Informatics, a company with years of experience in building open-source UI components. It’s a collection of native widgets, featuring 80+ components, pre-built themes and UI components for data presentation, form inputs, menus, charts, overlays and more. The widgets included in the framework are open-source and are free to use under MIT license.

5. Angular UI Grid

Angular UI Grid is a part of AngularUI suite. This library of UI components enable web developers to perform and manipulate large datasets. It covers core grid features like sorting, paging, filtering, exporting, grouping, column pinning etc. Moreover, there are customizable templates that can be molded according to application requirements by making changes in the CSS.

6. Lumx

Lumx is a responsive front-end framework, based on AngularJS and Google Material Design specifications. It provides a CSS framework built with SaaS and bunch of AngularJS components. With Lumx, AngularJS developers can use Bourbon and SaaS to customize the application design according to specific requirements.

7. Angular UI Tree

Angular UI Tree is an AngularJS UI component that can enable developers to sort nested lists, provides drag & drop support and all this, without dependency on jQuery. It uses native AngularJS scope for data binding and prevent elements from accepting child nodes.

Which AngularJS Framework Works Best for your Project? 

With open-source UI frameworks mentioned above, developers can pick up the pace for web app development project. However, with all frameworks and libraries differing in the feature set, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your next project.

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