5 Reasons to Choose Vuejs for Web Application Development

Dec 22, 2017 11:09:27 AM


From over two decades, Javascript has been facilitating businesses to design interactive web interfaces for their consumers and clients. Used at both client and server side, javascript capacitates developers to bring dynamicity to pages through real-time modification, extended functionality, and user experience.

With this came up a number of javascript framework that were nothing less than a silver bullet for developers. In the list of numerous JS frameworks for web application development, Vuejs stands out as developer’s choice for being the progressive javascript framework.  

Vuejs is the brainchild of Evan You, an ex-Google employee. Launched for public use in the year 2014, this javascript framework has over 77.4 million likes on Github for building intuitive web interfaces with it. Adding to this, there are some other convincible reasons that gives Vuejs a thumbs up for dynamic web interface development.

1. Seamless SPA Development: The core library of Vuejs is focused on the view layer and therefore it can easily be integrated with third party libraries so as to use them with existing projects. This enables development of Single Page Applications (SPA) that gives dynamicity by loading functionality or pages as the user interacts with the app.  

2. Reusable Components: The idea of small, reusable components of UI is not a new. While a majority of frameworks support the concept, Vuejs offers an edge by providing browser-independent component system.

3. Simple Learning Curve: To get started with Vuejs, developers need to have their hands on HTML, CSS, and javascript. This is one of the core reasons why Vuejs is being preferred by web application developers at beginner level. The ease to comprehend Vuejs for development makes it a great choice for building smart, dynamic SPAs.

4. Smart Element Updation: With Vuejs, there is v-model directive that enables creating two-way data binding on form input and textarea elements. This helps to augment user experience by automatically choosing the most suitable way to update an element, depending upon user input events. Also, such a functionality takes care of UX in many more special cases.

5. Cross Platform App Development: Vue has collaborated with Weex (by Apache) for cross-platform app development facilities. Developers can utilize a Vue component syntax for browsers as well as on mobile OS (Android and iOS).

Getting Started with VueJS Application Development

The capabilities and potential of VueJS for development is broad-ranging. While getting started with Vuejs is a simple, using it to build scalable apps require professionalism. For mastered team to develop Vuejs apps, check out our Vuejs application development services.

Archna Oberoi

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