Internal VS External: Is your Startup Choosing the Right Technological Aid?

Aug 5, 2015 12:33:29 PM

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Building a startup is like playing with building blocks. You can build whatever you want without a hint of hesitation and concern. All that is needed is an idea, an idea to join the blocks towards a massive structured edifice. One wrong block at the wrong place and the whole structure crumbles to pieces.

So it is not “just” about having an idea, its about making it happen and to make things happen in today's world you need a strong grasp on technology.

Technology is so crucial to business nowadays that absolutely every product or service is on the internet, be it web, mobile or cloud. Visionary entrepreneurs do understand that they require genuine specialized quality at the top but they are not certain how to pull in and select the ability and technological mastery they truly require. Should they look for colleagues with technological skill, or expert technological partner? and what about freelance technologists?

These are thoughts that haunt an entrepreneur day and night and I, as a business professional, understand the onus of constant technological hurdles. 90% of the startups nowadays have the right business model but fail to deliver their product due to technological ineptness. A most grievous setback that can delay a startup by months making them fall behind in the race where only one out of hundred startups survive!

That means every entrepreneur needs to be prudent and know how to get the right technological help for its venture. And this is not really a tough mountain to climb, as all that is needed is asking a few questions from an entrepreneur's vantage point:

What does your Startup Need?

Your startup is your baby, understand its needs and problems. Try making a list of your startup’s technological needs. Web development, CRM, ERP, Logistics, Mobile, Frontend, Backend, CMS etc. Envision a scalable product and not just a basic model. You are an entrepreneur, be futuristic!

What is your in-house talent?

Your team may consist of individuals with myriad of talents, from mechanical engineers to software developers to even office boys. Get a grasp of your team’s technological capabilities of learning and performing before getting technological help.

What are the technologies?

Be a smart businessman, if not a master then jack of all trades. Understand elements of new age technology to hire the best technological support at the best prices.

“Because Meteor is not just a shooting star and Bootstrap is not something attached to your shoes!”

Thus non-technological entrepreneurs must not shy away from technological issues, and must also learn to find and effectively work with technological partners inside their company and outside. Street-smart today means the ability to survive and prosper in a technological world.

Technological Expertise: Where to get it?

In-House: If a startup already has technological maestros in the house, well and good. As a professional working in the business of offering technological partnerships to thriving businesses, I have no shame in admitting that “there is nothing better than in-house capabilities”.

But that being said, having a technology partner relieves you of the onus of technological glitches and deadlocks so that startups can focus on their business visions. Having a technology partner for startups can aid them in building in-house capabilities as well which is always good for long term sustainability.

Freelance Technologists: I would, with experiences of my clients backing this us, call this a huge ‘no-no’. Firstly freelancers are independent workers who answerable only to their specific domain and do not offer all the solutions under one roof. They are devoid of business vision and thus never are inline with a startup’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Freelancers are always a lucrative options to invest in but more than half of the projects undertaken are either below expectancy levels or utterly deplorable. after months of investment, startups find themselves be back to square one with precious time and money sunk into the abyss.

Technology Partners: Of the above two, this might be a more expensive option but trust me, it is more than just worth it!

Choosing the right technology partner can be an arduous task, but after tying knots with that perfect technology soulmate, startups can put both feet on the accelerator and take their business to the next level.


This is the first technology hurdle that a Startup faces, what to do and who to chose for technology needs and out of the above three options we have evaluated Technology Partners as the most triumphant solution.

(There are various ways of identifying and choosing the correct technology partner which I will discuss in my next blog post)

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