Numbers Defining the Future of Internet of Things (IoT) [INFOGRAPHIC]

Jul 31, 2017 12:56:30 PM

Internet of Things and the Mobile Future

Google Home, Thermostat, FitBit, Smartlock, Coffee Pot!

All of these examples might seem different, but what puts them all into a single category is the Internet of Things (IoT). These everyday things and devices are connected to internet, are identified by other devices, and add up some kind of info to a database.

According to a research done by Gartner, over 6.4 billion connected devices were already in use by 2016, which is expected to reach 20.8 billion by 2020. Certainly, IoT brings in opportunity for endless connections, which we might not think of or fully understand today.

However, there are some predictions about IoT that define its future, benefits, and existence in the following years. This infographic below shares the same in numbers.

IoT and Mobile.jpg

Kartik Kakar

Written by Kartik Kakar

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