Hiring Xamarin Developer? Specs and Skills you Should Look Out For

Nov 7, 2017 6:11:27 PM

Things to consider while hiring xamarin developer

Cross platform app development triumph over native app development in the matter of cost, time to market, logic sharing, code reusability, and performance. That is why cross platform app development frameworks and developers are in demand.

Xamarin, a cross platform native development framework offers some convincing reasons to develop mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Less complex development environment, addressing to the limitations of hybrid apps, a stable SDK, seamless integration with Azure cloud are to name a few.

By virtue of Xamarin's benefits, if building apps for multiple platforms using this technology is on your list, then hiring Xamarin developer must be your next move. To help you out, we share a list of specs and skills that will help you to choose a developer with right expertise.

1. C# and ASP.NET Proficiency

Xamarin enable developers to build Android, iOS, and Windows app using C#. Therefore, the base for any Xamarin developer would be his proficiency in C# language. You can develop a set of questions that can help you to examine their know-how (HTML based pages, XAML, UI controls, state management, data binding, web services) and experience over C#. Also, check out for .NET specific techniques like C# classes, methods, properties, lambda expressions, Async/Await etc.

Cross platform app development frameworks are based on Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM). This kind of software architecture pattern enable designers and developers to work collaboratively on a project. Make sure that the Xamarin developer you are hiring has an understanding of MVVM.  

2. Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio  

Xamarin facilitates developing mobile apps using Visual Studio, which is available for Mac and Windows. Familiarity with Visual Studio and requisites to run it for app development must be clear for seamless development.  Development, debugging, and deployment using Visual Studio should be known. 

3. Code Reusability Across Platforms

Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Xamarin.Mac are the tools that developers use for mobile application development. Once coding is done for one platform, how does the developer utilize the set of code on different platform.

4. API and Third Party Libraries

Xamarin offers an extensive support to third party libraries and APIs. While conducting an interview, ask the developer about their familiarity and usage of these help options in their previous projects.

5. Resources and Previous Work

To stay responsive to volatile technology, developers should keep learning to help themselves. Ask developers about their guiding resources when stuck while coding. This may include references like Q&A websites like StackOverflow, YouTube channels, books etc. In addition to this, you can have a look at the practical execution of developer’s knowledge through their previous work.

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