Samsung Launches Galaxy S4

Mar 19, 2013 11:15:08 AM

Samsung has just unveiled its latest addition to the flourishing range of smart phones with the brand new and intriguing Samsung Galaxy S4. The latest eye candy from the smart phone giant actually gives your eyes the ability to control the mobile screen? Marvelous, isn't it? Well it gets even better. Read ahead what we feel about the latest offering by Samsung.


The remote technology that allows you to control the 5 inch (12.7 cm) screen just with the movements of your eyes and wrist is definitely a winner. The sensational feature of Smart Scroll enables the users to read through their emails etc, without even having to touch the screen. The smarty pants S4 detects the movements of the eyes and wrist for the same. And that’s not all. You can change the music track or answer a call, just with the wave of your hand! And you would think that’s enough of the smart scroll and eye – wrist – magic trick, but there is more to it. While watching the video, you can also put it on pause, just by looking away from the screen. From smart scroll to smart pause, it is hell lot of smart features packed in “slimmer and stronger S4!”

And speaking about the videos, how can we fail to mention the dual camera function. During the product launch on the Radio City stage, a doting father clicked the pictures of his tap dancing son. The dual camera function allows you to click two photographs at a single time using the 13 mega pixel rear camera and a 2 mega pixel front camera simultaneously. The images are then blended together into one, and you can also record voice tags with them. The smart phone also generates story albums of photos and videos, which you can later synchronize with the device at home.

The other enticing features of Mr. Smarty S4 includes – a group play option, which allows you to enjoy music, games and photos with the set of friends around you, in built translator that translates texts or voice, enable command activation via voice while driving, measure temperature and humidity, and well, it also monitors your health. Wondering how it does that? Well why not book yourself one!

The device has currently been released in the New York, and will be up for sale in the UK starting from April 26. Through the network of 327 mobile operators, the phone will be made available in 155 countries. With the features considered to be the winners for the phone, the Samsung people are expecting a sale of 10 million per month. However, the swift challenge from the new range of products released by Sony, HTC, BlackBerry etc poses a threat to economic aspirations of the company.

If you are wondering what the technology critics have to say about the Smarty Boy S4, we should tell you that the reviews are interestingly very mixed. While the critics are not really smitten with the hardware of the phone, and the features does not seem to be too “revolutionary”, the others believe the software to be rather ground breaking and the best amongst the recently launched smart phones. It’s a bit too early to predict the future of S4, but lets lay back and watch the fun, as the brand new S4 begins to penetrate the local markets all around.

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